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  1. I do not know if this is the proper venue, but I have 2 extra that I would sell. Just trying to help out a fan.
  2. To play the devil's advocate, based on this logic, if you are okay with Cam's celebrations, does that mean you are okay with him being in the end-zone? In all serious is is kind of unrealistic to expect any defense to stop all rushing first downs. Not to single you out. In fact, I would say that your opinion is in line with the majority of Falcons fans out there.
  3. If you are a Falcons or Alabama fan and do not like Cam's celebrations it is less likely to be about race or inconsistency and more about psychology. I think everyone would agree that when a bad thing happens and then it is followed by an action, people will learn to dislike the action. It is no surprise that a fans reaction to a rival's celebration would be more impactful than a celebration from a player on their favorite team or some other player up in New England. If Cam did a backflip every time he was sacked, I think we would love to see it.
  4. When Cam points and I guess I would dislike like Brady's celebration if I were a Jets fan.
  5. I think this video visually shows the problem people have with Cam's celebrations.
  6. I can live with a TD celebration, but I personally think the first down celebrations are over the top. Perhaps if he celebrated with his linemen instead of standing all by himself I would think differently.
  7. It is hard to ignore that the remaining schedule consists of six of seven games with either a playoff team or a team that has already beat the Falcons.
  8. Agreed, when Dion said that Tru and Alford needed to "step up" because of the Falcons pass defense ranking, I was thinking it is not on the CBs. I heard a stat today on the radio that ranked the Falcons pretty good on defending passes over 20 yards.
  9. I do not remember Vinny Testaverde being bad. At least not bad enough to be 2nd worst in TB. I always saw him as a decent QB on some really bad teams.
  10. As long as we get a blocking TE. I would much prefer a 6th lineman every play than a 5th target occasionally.
  11. Roddy is great. His mentoring of Julio has been impressive. I have seen the way he genuinely gets excited with Julio does well. I do not see him getting upset while the team and Julio are balling.
  12. Every Ryan's I know has been intercepted by a chinese buffet.
  13. I would not have thought that Matt would be the only disappointment.
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