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  1. Definitely one of the dumbest articles I've seen all year. So the GM and Coaches have put the majority of focus of surrounding Ryan with the best skill players and that alone makes Ryan better than his coaches? The Kool-aid is spiked.
  2. My first thought: How can a state which so many pollutants being generated be a great place to live? 2nd: Why did the producer make Black faces the image of all the ills like poverty and crime except for life expectancy?
  3. That was good! I'm noticing a trend here. If you watched Matt Ryan's interview, he answered the questioned but he bolted quickly after a "Thanks guys" Koetter looked totally annoyed during the entire Q&A session Mularkey has been the only person that looked like he was not bothered at all. This is different from previous years
  4. Will this be this year Matt Ryan makes a tackle?
  5. Not really. The society is built around predatory capitalism. A small group have most of the wealth and everyone else fight for scraps. Race is the preferred manner of keeping the underclass divided. See the laws created after Bacon's revolt to give privileges to whites over non whites. Before that British Common Law applied to all people. Also consider the U.S. has the most expensive health care system most expensive education system most expensive war agency (defense) most expensive political elections (pay to play) It's all about creating a feudal system and it's working very well
  6. To put it in perspective - Black College Student Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Kissing a White Girl Upshur County jury sentences Houston man to 80 years for drug charge Unfortunately, these are not exceptional cases.
  7. Belichick has proven for too many years that you don't need a top 10 pick to put a championship team together. Some of you guys just want to follow stats to compensate for the team not having a Lombardi.
  8. Michael Turner ran a 4.49 at the combine at 237 lbs. That's why he was the burner
  9. I know no ones a GM. I said it because some people seem to lose touch with reality and asking what's my plan made me pump the brakes. Anyhoo, the only thing for certain is that if Beasley remains on the team under the 5th year option he is guaranteed to make close to $13M. Quinn said he will spend a lot of time working with Beasley and if Beasley flops not only will the $13M be a loss but so will Quinn's time. That's a risky move for Quinn and Dimi.
  10. I'm not a GM so I don't make plans. I will look at scenarios and risks. Bruce Irvin signed a 4 yr deal with Oakland for $37M. Roughly 9M per season. Is he worth that today? I think a little less but the market will decide. He's played long enough that coaches know what they'll get with Irvin. Compare that to Beasley. He's a question mark at this stage. He's not a run stopper that sets the edge, so basically a situational pass rusher. Irvin can do that at a lesser price.
  11. Paying Beasley, who is a player Quinn considers a work in progress $13M is a huge gamble. $13M is money you pay for someone proven to be an impact player, not someone you hope can turn it around. Trufant who still has hands of stone is another head scratcher but at least in this case I realize the dead cap is too big to cut him. Beasley.....
  12. From a football fan perspective: Boring game, boring halftime show and dumb commercials (except the one of the present and former NFL players)))
  13. Sounds like a Saints fan making his best attempt at speaking proper English.
  14. Brees looked very nervous around the Falcon fans
  15. I remember in 2010 the Falcons had a need for a defensive tackle and selected Corey Peters from Kentucky in the 3rd rather than the Georgia player Geno Atkins who went in the fourth. Many fans wanted Atkins
  16. That loss by the Saints is the gift that keeps on giving. Let them cry! I love it!!!
  17. I think the point of the thread is to point out that people are revered even after they have done bad things. The problem is when using examples like Jim Brown, Ray Rice, Vick and Tyreek Hill, it doesn't look at the whole of society and it's puts, intentionally or unintentionally a black face on domestic violence. There are no angels in the U.S.A and certain industries such as Hollywood are ripe with criminal acts. As pointed out it's not only celebrities and athletes. It's politicians, business people, teachers, military personnel and Jim Bob at the local bar.
  18. Well that was quick...
  19. With Koetter, Quinn can focus on the defense which is why he was brought in. Kubiak to me seems like a one or two year rental. In two years the Falcons will be looking for another OC.
  20. I have no problem with Koetter being OC. Many people thought, myself included, that the offense was doing fine with Koetter as OC when Smitty was fired. The OL and DL is another story. That falls on Dimi and Quinn. Now if Quinn wants Koetter to keep Shanny's playbook that might be a problem. But I think Ryan and Koetter can figure out what works best.
  21. Well into the gutter we go. The biggest problem chatting on boards is people can't hold the topic. They want to mix and match and try to distract because they don't have a strong argument, i.e. trying to make it a Michael Vick argument when no one was discussing Vick. I'll take the blame for giving the benefit of of the doubt that people can stay on point. My bad. Matt Ryan has decent numbers (stats) but has he set the bar? People brought up HOF players. Marino set a standard with his passing yardage in one season. Doesn't matter that he didn't win the Lombardi. Others set the bar thru longevity and amass big numbers. The point was that Ryan would elevate his status if he had a Lombardi. Do you follow? This is like the kids who go back and forth about whose Daddy is best. I understand some people have a Bromance with Ryan and get defensive when others don't share that Bromance. You need a athlete to look up to as a hero, fine. More power to you. You twisted the words by saying I said he is not elite because of the Superbowl. You're tinkering with libel. I did say he wasn't perfect because he didn't throw the ball away in the 4th qtr when the team was still in FG range. He should know not to take a sack in that situation Here again you are mixing and matching arguments. It's not your fault. I'll to clear it up for you. Wins and loses given to a QB, any QB, I disagree with. But it is what it is, for entertainment value. Is he considered "Elite" or will he be inducted into the HOF. Elite is a subjective term. There really isn't a "universal" standard. It's like an opinion or butt hole, everyone has one. Refer back to my first point about winning a Lombardi. Win a team wins the Superbowl, the Owner of team receives the Lombardi trophy and the players and coaches get individual rings to that signify that they were on that winning team. (See I'm not making assumptions now) When the committee decides who enters the HOF and who does not, having played on a Superbowl winning team is also a factor. I said I don't like wins and loses added to a QB record The original statement made by another poster was that Ryan made Douglas a 1000 yard receiver. Did Ryan make Douglas great as you say? Anyone who knows that Douglas had a 1000 yard season also knows the state of the team at that time. Again I didn't think I needed to spell that out for you but then again I wasn't responding to you at the time. For you -- Roddy was playing thru injuries the beginning of the season. (That why Roddy was crap as you say) Julio was unavailable. If teams focused on Roddy that left single coverage on Douglas. The other guys, Drew Davis, Kevin Cone, D. Johnson didn't make much of an impact. Maybe you would say Ryan chose not to make them 1000 yard receivers. My ending was to satisfy those of you who need to defend Daddy. Your bromance is set...God bless you. I stand by what I said, Ryan is good enough.
  22. Okay it's late here. Ryan is the best thing since slice bread. He made an unknown guy named Douglas a 1000 yard receiver and he'll do the same with Russell Gage if wants to. Put him on the Saints and he'll make people forget about Drew Brees. Put him on the Packers team and he'll lead that team to a Lombardi. Happy now?
  23. Insider information?
  24. I'm flip flopping but not you? He said Ryan MADE Harry Douglas a 1000 yard receiver. Where was Roddy? Where was Julio? How many options did he have to throw to? Was Ryan calling all the plays? Stick to the discussion.... Ryan made Douglas a 1000 yard receiver.
  25. Based on..........