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  1. He does. He slams his helmet and throws a little temper tantrum
  2. Some people have a very, very narrow view of what leadership is....
  3. Some fans actually thought the Falcons could win this game. They actually showed better than I thought they would. That's progress.
  4. Blank needs to give Arthur Smith 3 years and then decide if he's the right guy. Too early to make a judgement right now
  5. I don't even blame Ryan at this point. I think Ryan is just doing what he's told. AS is trying to figure it out as it goes along.
  6. All I know is that Smith told Ryan he wants him to move faster. If game one is any indication then Ryan's effort could be considered insubordination. Move it or lose it.
  7. All I know is Coach Smith told Ryan he wants him to move faster. Sunday Ryan looked like he was playing at his old speed. Either Ryan buys into the new program or he needs to step aside.
  8. We have to trust the process AS wants Ryan to move faster. Nothing can be a better motivator than seeing D-linemen charging up the middle. I say let's have patience and trust the process.
  9. This is a question for the people that predicted a 13 - 4 season. Still have that same energy?
  10. Give Matt Ryan credit for honesty "How do feel about this team going into the first game?" Dak Prescott: I think we're going to win this game Matt Ryan: I think we'll be better in October, November.
  11. People can talk down on the defense but that doesn't erase the redzone failures of the offense. Can't win just kicking FGs.
  12. Falcons Mount Rushmore. It has to be: Rankin Smith Sr. - 1st owner Tommy Nobis - 1st Falcon player Deion Sanders - 1st superstar Arthur Blank
  13. He's going to need that wingspan to catch those noodle powered passes.
  14. Every off season has the paper championships. Gurley > Freeman Hurst =/> Hooper Fowler > Beasley Throw in a bag full of "ifs" and you have a playoff team. But every fan base drinks the same off-season koolaid. So the question is why the Falcon base isn't fantasying the way others are? The reality is it's a first year HC. He's an unknown as a HC. No one knows how well the team will pick up the scheme or how well the team will bond and communicate with one another. Then there's the history of Falconing. So let's wait and see if the team can make the fans excited.
  15. The Falcons really should beat Philly but not giving the starters reps makes the game closer than it should be.
  16. I just hope Smith and Fontenot are given the time to construct the team with the players they want who fit the type of team they envision. Then they can be properly judged.
  17. If rainbow passes are easier for the WR to track, doesn't it make it easier for DBs to track also?
  18. I thought Cominsky"s best attribute was his non stop motor which is why he was better as a 275 DE than a 290 - 300 de/dt Bigger is not always better.
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