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  1. If the goal is to win a Super Bowl, which it is to me, then all the other hypothetical situations, coulda, shoulda, woulda, are irrelevant. True, Matt Ryan has won as many Super Bowls as all previous Falcon QBs combined. Facts. That says what? Oh but it's a team sport! So why talk about Matt Ryan? He's simply a part of team. Over paid, yes. A burden to the cap, yes. Results are still the same. And contrary to some thoughts, I don't think he's a great leader.
  2. I think Benkert could be a great pick up on another team and also prove that the QB market price is ridiculous.
  3. At this point there is no cut other than Jarrett, Terrell or the young linemen that will surprise me.
  4. Atlanta Ryan needs this. Atlanta Ryan needs that. Ryan would have won 15 Super Bowls in 13 seasons, if he HAD....
  5. You're suggesting that those OL were trash rather than the defenses being better? Do the Falcons need the all time greatest OL to win?
  6. It still amazes me that the Falcons haven't won a Super Bowl in 55 years and fans say what Matt Ryan needs. Not the team, not the Falcons but Matt Ryan. Well I'll play this game. Matt Ryan coulda thrown for 7000 yards, 70 TDs and 0 INTs... If he had... Matt Ryan coulda won 15 Super Bowls in 13 seasons... If he had...
  7. Falcons need to keep Ryan and eat the cap and not resign him. On the other hand, I think Ryan is worth two 3rd rounders and a fifth based on the Stafford trade. But if the Colts want to do something crazy and give up two 1st rounders, jump on it.
  8. Thoughts: Brady is a team leader and team builder. That's very important. It doesn't have to be the QB but someone or somebodies on the team have to be the alpha. Ray Lewis was the leader of his team. Sapp was the leader of his team. Brees, Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes, they are leaders. At the end of the 2015 season, Quinn told Ryan he needs to reach out to everyone on the team. Let that sink in. After the injuries in 2018, Quinn said he was expecting some players to step up, they didn't step up. Then he organized leadership training. For whatever reason Ryan didn't attend. Schau
  9. I think it's too late for that. Matt is a late bloomer. He bloomed in 2016 now that flower is closing.
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