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  1. It's the same thing every year. During the off season it's dreams of the playoff and a championship. Immediately after the season it's fire everyone. A month later it's we'll get em next season.
  2. I'm happy for any player that finally wins a chip whether it's Primetime of Keith Armstrong. The Falcons have to win with the players they have. As long as he doesn't go to the Saints I have no ill will towards him.
  3. First there's denial. Then the anger. Next comes the bargaining
  4. Not if Julio and Sharpe have a "friendship" and he thought this was an off the record conversation.
  5. Still all focus is on the offense rather than the defense and for good reason. As far as Ryan having more freedom to call his own plays... Why hasn't that happened in the last 5 years? Could be because Ryan is no Peyton Manning. Just because a pigeon has wings that doesn't make it an eagle.
  6. I think if a trade cannot be made, which I doubt, then Julio will ball the same way he has for the past 10 years except he'll have no expectation of getting a ring.
  7. That's a fact. What he meant is only speculation.
  8. And yet Schefter and Rapoport never said anything and neither did Julio.
  9. I'm not sure about that. This is Shannon's reputation on the line. It's like the whistle blowers that talked to the Intercept and then ended in jail. Why trust them again?
  10. I think it was Jenny who said, I hope he is watching. That indicated it was an unusual and awkward situation. And still Shannon goes, hey what's going on? You going to Dallas? Not "I'm live on undisputed right now." That should have been the first thing after the greeting.
  11. Well wasn't Shannon reckless? Notifying Julio that the conversation was business not personal should have been the first thing he did. Right or wrong?
  12. Living in the same city equals calling someone while working live and asking a question before saying, "hey I'm on air right now, just so you know" is the same thing? As a reminder, Shannon only mentioned it seconds before hanging up. 😏
  13. Or it could be that Julio played for Smitty.... first time head coach. Then he played for Quinn.... first time head coach. Now he has Smith.... first time head coach. He's not getting any younger and his confidence in the team (sub par defense) hasn't gotten any better.
  14. Shannon and Skip really set Julio up on this one. If not for that call this would not be a discussion. I hope Shannon apologized.
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