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  1. NCAA is full of crap. They're getting rich off of collegiate athletes and don't want to share the profits. Many colleges can offer full scholarships to non sports students because of the revenue brought in by sports. They don't want to erase the line between amateur and professional.... What a hot pile of dog do do. They don't want to give up earnings made from their cash cows. That's what it is.
  2. It's not the hype videos. It's the lack of Championships. That's where it all starts.
  3. There are months of football left to play and anything can happen to any team. What happened 2 or 3 years ago doesn't matter for the 2019 season. Things change. Players, coaches, schemes. The Falcons have a very good roster. It's just a matter of everything coming together at the right time.
  4. Cam's arm strength wasn't a problem against the Bucs. He's never been the most accurate passer in the league. What made him dangerous was his running and that is something he hasn't shown in the first 2 games.
  5. Go 5 - 3 or better by the bye week and the chances are good to make the playoffs. Start 1 - 3 and I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about winning the division.
  6. I'm not sold on Wes either but at this point I doubt there will be an upgrade. Quinn or TD likes something about him.
  7. A 5 - 3 start is a good place to be with this schedule. This game against Philly isn't a must win. It would be a good win but not a must win.
  8. I totally agree. The Falcons have an abundance of players capable of setting the edge. More than I've seen in quite some time. This is about how DQ mix and match the players First game looked like a preseason game.
  9. The Patriots are one of the most disciplined teams year in and year out. It's not the talent level. It's not the fan base. On offense they identify a defensive weakness and work to exploit it. On defense every player knows where he is suppose to be. They adjust throughout the game to give themselves a chance to win. This makes that team a threat to win every year.
  10. You're not going to get any money back regardless of the snap count
  11. The Falcons first score came with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Down 28 - 6. They needed all the point they could possibly get.
  12. Pressure: When a QB only attempts 10 passes the entire game, pressure isn't the biggest problem. I'll give Freeman some slack. He hasn't played in almost one year. Need to get back to game speed. JJ11 - similar. He didn't have the entire off-season to train. He spent most of that time nursing the feet. Still he's not far off from being back to 100. Coaching - Start with the roster. Blank said before Free Agency that the team needs to be able to run the ball and stop the run. The O-line was beefed up and need a little time to gel. Davison is the most beef on the D-line. He and Grady has to hold it down since Senat will be inactive it seems and they did well. Grady did great. The others are Hybrid DE/DT players. I'm still waiting on that 330 - 350 d-lineman to come into the building to give a breather and man the middle. Which leads me to the outside runs. I think Takk was confused. Quinn told him all gas no brakes. Be aggressive and look to make plays. That's not Belichick-ish as in 'Do your job'. He did settle down when it was too late but I can't help but wonder if he thought he was doing the right thing in the beginning. What happened to the speedy LBers? Kenjon Barner looked good returning punts and on also on kick offs. I know some people complained but they also complained about Fair Catch Weems and Hardy. If you want to make something happen then you have to take chances.
  13. On the flip side, were the Falcons as good as teams that look like they are in mid season form? The Patriots don't need AB to reach the Superbowl. They have the rest of the season to try and get him up to speed. Did the Falcons look like that?
  14. When Matt Schaub is warming up to step in for a healthy Matt Ryan at the start of the 4th quarter, that means a blow out has taken place. When the opposing QB attempted only 10 passes and the guy who did the most damage against the Falcons defense gets to sit on the bench in the fourth quarter, a blow out has taken place. When you begin to wonder if the local police will rope off the field with yellow crime scene tape, a blow out has taken place.
  15. I can't buy that assumption. Surprised you made it.