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  1. A smooth, non confrontational way of saying he'll be back to eat crow. I like that!
  2. 294 days between Falcon wins. I almost forgot what it feels like.
  3. Morris body language doesn't speak of a confident guy but he's honest to say he and the staff has to find what works. Quinn in my opinion is over confident and that's why things didn't carry over from one year to the next. He comes up with a scheme that takes the defense half a season to be confident with then the next year he has a brand new scheme. No wonder they start slow.
  4. There's a lot to unpack in this article but it's all wait and see. Using the search team: The search team brought Quinn and Quinn brought Shanahan. The search team didn't recognize Shanny was better. No rebuild coming: Will the new GM and HC have actually say in the philosophy and direction of the team or do they keep sailing to the waterfall? Julio and Ryan: Forget trade and draft picks, send cash!!! Turning this season around: Stop. Just stop. If the food has too much salt, throw it out and start over. Don't keep adding more water and more ingredients. Rebuild.
  5. Yes he's the equipment guy responsible for having jerseys ready, cleats, transporting equipment from state to state etc. He's still there because he's good at what he does. No complaints. If you want to find a miscellaneous dude to fire, what about Freddie Falcon?
  6. It's way too early to bring in a good/great HC. Too many embrace the suck stains splattered on the walls of Flowery Branch. Need to deep clean the building and sanitize the place first. That might take a couple of years.
  7. Quinn and TD are gone. But the suck remains. I don't want a good coach to come in right away. Get a good GM who can manage the cap and not make any crazy contracts. Then two or three years from now let the new coach bring in his system and players.
  8. A Hall of Famer who was dull and bland and never won a Super Bowl. Doesn't sound right.
  9. To put it another way, you hear young players say I admired and studied Deion Sanders, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady etc. When have you ever heard a young QB say I admired and studied Matt Ryan?
  10. A better question should be, has the standard to enter the Hall of Fame been watered down? To that I would say YES. This question has been brought up in the past and for good reason. If to be a Hall of Famer meant the player or coach met at least one of three criteria: 1. Did he dominate the position 2. Did he change the way the game is played. 3. Did he elevate the sport. Then it's clear that many people inducted into the HOF should be removed. It's also why when people mention some HOF players the response is "who?" Pull up the highlights of some HOFers and you go WOW!!
  11. He also could use a stronger arm, more mobility, better vision, better comprehension of what the defense is doing, better decision making and more calmness under pressure. Other than that he's a HOF QB. Oh, and a better connection with his team mates.
  12. In my opinion it's not the players, it's the scheme and coaching
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