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  1. ...that place like the giants...saints(idiots overpaying coach and QB)....redskins(1 leg qb) are going to suck for next 5 years...good luck
  2. i am happy majority of ppl pick against atl.....just more motivation....
  3. we rarely lose at home...undefeated at home this year, we going to be healthy....bring whoever on
  4. no matter what happens this year or next 100 yrs...falcons for life......winning has become the norm now...no more winning record one year, and expect to suck the next...its just a matter time before we get that sb
  5. yes i love what BVG did w/ auburn....bring it to the ATL please
  6. we should have used jones as a running back..and pretend to run then toss it back to white and white throws it to ryan......game over...
  7. asante>mclain>grimes >dunta(no speed, but boy can he hit)>owens
  8. i would say the Special Teams(besides Franks) deserve some praise too...all i heard was how good Giants special team was...i didn't see them go past the 20
  9. 2 time world champs lose bradshaw and as a result the giants who are the only team to remember the newtown tragedy fall short to the nonplayoff winning falcons
  10. I think falcons will come out really good...feed off the crowd...2nd half giants are going to inch there way back...at the end giants by a field goal....that line around Manning, the best in the league imo
  11. i dont think we will get respect even if we get a superbowl...maybe if we win 3 superbowls in a row
  12. i love nolan as well, hope to see him replace mike smith if mike smith decides to step down...but he has ran some schemes that have confused me..abraham in the backfield? witherspoon chasing down sproles? i think the defense is good more b/c of the play makers and depth...and not particular Nolan...
  13. would you bench the players for last 2 games... if we get first round bye?
  14. anyone that can't watch on tv that wants to watch any football game go to http://www.thefirstrow.eu/ not the best quality but it does the trick...or they can just buy a apple tv 2 unlocked(kinda expensive but never have to pay for cable again)...
  15. if you believe refs could have blown the turner play dead or not, there is 4 points i would like to make about the game 1. turner rarely fumbles 2. the league is so inconsistent in there play calling, especially in plays like this...sometimes they call, sometimes not....name of the game, green bay early this year was robbed...and i could careless if they were fake officials....there are all the same in my book 3. i am a falcons fan but me being honest...2nd interception should have been called for PI on Robinson....as he was clearly boxing out 4. we won, on to cam
  16. my favorite was(not really a play) when brees tried to line up quickly to stop the clock before the half....the look on breeze face...priceless.......
  17. never was 'his house'...me lost respect for him a loong time ago
  18. best decision was getting JJ i dont care what anyone says...2nd Matt Ryan...3rd Smitty
  19. best thing about the little guy...under estimated...and defenses dont know whats coming..he has really step up...big reason we are 10-1
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