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  1. im in the DMV too..we have a ocean house in ocean city md hopefully it holds up,**** hopefully our regular house holds up
  2. umm sometimes i question if this board is pathetic as it seems and this right here answers that...grow the f*** up and talk about the falcons and football in general instead of forming little conspiracy groups who try to take over message boards..smh..truely pathetic..and none of yall would call out one another in real life but yall wont think twice over a computer...pathetic smh...anyways heres to a 7-0 start and a vick concussion!!
  3. -Vick will cough it up 7 times 4 interceptions 3 fumbles..asante takes one to the house..decoud takes one too..moore grabs 2 picks...ryan 345 yds 3 tds no picks..julio 140yds 2 tds..gonzo grabs his 1000th..turner 65 yds and 1td
  4. love the show as well..taco is the man...is there new ones on netflix??
  5. Larry fitz grabbed jenkins facemask...how the miss it I have no idea..kinda like romo throw to his recievers Monday night
  6. Ill be there too sect.448..pretty sure its nosebleeds but oh well ill be screaming loud enough lol..I think julio and roddy both have huge games
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