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  1. Stopped Brees' TD streak at 54 and gave Brees his first 5 INT game. Nice job D!
  2. Sorry D, but you need to get another stop.
  3. Ol' Faithful John Abraham coming up in the clutch.
  4. True his delivery is awful, but I really like Arthur Brown as an NFL prospect.
  5. They obviously didn't want to see him dance in the locker room.
  6. We are officially the worst 8-0 team ever! I agree with Mr.Right /sarcasm
  7. So with this win do Resse and Pox show up?
  8. People look at stats for the MVP, but Ryan delivered an amazing MVP-Like perfomance against the Cowboys yesterday.
  9. Even the Cowboys players and coaches are getting tired of Jerry Jones http://profootballta...oom-after-game/
  10. It doesn't seem that bad, but who knows.
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