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  1. Of course there will be examples that are obvious, I'm not saying it's impossible to grade linemen, just that there are a lot of judgments calls when grading them based on looking at film over an entire year.
  2. The reason that linemen are hard to evaluate is that you have to guess at times what their assignments and responsibilities are. Mayfield may allow a preassure but what if the mistake was made when Henny was making the calls at the line? You can't know that. Same thing with CBs playing zone for example, a man may allow a completion but it's possible he was out of position because he was covering for another player that had misplayed his zone etc. etc.
  3. It's not that they are a joke, it's just that at the end of the day many times they are just giving subjective opinions and attaching a grade to them to sound like it's analytical when it really isn't. Of cours for certain positions it's much easier to be objective, like you mention, pass rushers are actually fairly easy to evaluate compared to say offensive linemen or CBs.
  4. Surprised Brown is still available, I know last year he struggled with injuries but he has been quality for a long time before that.
  5. Good protection, lethal running game... these things help.
  6. Well, we haven't played the Giants in NY since like 2015 where both teams were almost completely different so I have no idea how that has any bearing. Liftime Falcons are 8-4 in NY. With the state of the team, no game will be "easy" but the Falcons will have a good chance in every single one of these games.
  7. We have to pray he can keep it up because without a consistent threat on the edge our defense will continue to get destroyed.
  8. That's what he gets paid for man, if he did it consistently he would be a pro bowler.
  9. It was a lot better after those awful first few drives. Also you can't just look at the playcalling and divorce it from the line play. A lot of plays that look awful may very well not be if the blocking was executed. It's all speculation, we can't know what the assignments are and how they are being executed and who is messing up all of the time, but at the very least things looked better than they did in week 1 all around including the playcalling. By the end of the season we'll be able to judge much more accurately whether AS is a good offensive coordinator or not.
  10. He's had his ups and downs but was starting to string together a few great plays and in true Falcons fashion of course he gets injured.
  11. Well he had a strip sack which resulted in a turnover was the single biggest defensive play in the game as far as potential impact. If he did that every game he'd be an DPOY candidate.
  12. After the calamity that was week 1 all I wanted to see was some progress. Art made some better calles after an abysmal start, Ryan showed he can still get it done until Bucs started bringing the house and our playcalling and our line couldn't hold up, Defense also looked stingy at times holding the Bucs to like 120-140 yards in the second half. A step up from last week where the team looked completely incapable of getting a first down or getting a stop. If we can continue to improve we'll have a chance to rattle of some wins in the upcoming weeks.
  13. Let's solve the line and then bring in a QB. Anyone wanting to throw a young player behind this line is a sadist.
  14. Yea but at least the Bucs are the best team in the NFC on the road as opposed to the probably a fringe playoff team Eagles at home? And we were in this game into the fourth? Not anything to be overjoyed about but it's sone type of progress at least.
  15. Receivers need time too. If the defense knows they are getting pressure they will play zone which requires at least a few seconds for the Receivers to find open spots.
  16. It wasn't a good throw but he was getting pile driven into the ground as he let go.
  17. Our line is too trash though... Thankfully we got two of our worst match ups out of the way. Mayfield and Henny are making their first starts so they hope can get better. Much less bullish on McGary though, he hasn't shown he can cut it and it's year three.
  18. There were so many un blocked free rushers. It's amazing they didn't get 10 sacks.
  19. There were some signs of life. The offense on the whole looked a lot better, the defense made some stops when the game was close. Still a work in progress.
  20. These guys don't watch football outside of Falcons and highlights. Put Trevor Lawrence behind this line and see how he does, heck he has looked like crap and the Jacksonville line has blocked a lot better than the Falcons line. The times Ryan had time to throw he made plays, heck his two best plays of the day came having to juke Devin freaking White with a free run at him. Arthur Smith should have adapted when Tampa began to bring the heavy blitzing.
  21. Hmm.. that's really not even true. Most of their team was brought in via Free Agency.
  22. It must be nice to have guys completely wide open in the end zone to throw to.
  23. The line has blocked and held up a hole **** of a lot better than I was expecting. That's a positive sign.
  24. Team has been cursed since they had to tear down a Church to build the abomination of a stadium.
  25. At least my Sunday schedule is going to be freed up for the rest of the year. Hope we trade Ryan to a team with a competent team and staff so he gets a shot at the HoF. Clean house top to bottom from McKay down... Keep TF, and no one else.
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