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  1. His play calling in the superbowl after half time was an abomination and cost us the game.
  2. I've had the worst luck so far lol. Was the second highest scoring team last week and lost by less than 1 point to the highest scoring team. The difference in the game? Missed extra point by my kicker. Was also comfortably ahead until he passed me with OBJs 89 yard TD
  3. Started Titans defense and my matchup in fantasy has Fortnite starting. Could have done without that 69 yard garbage time run there. Thanks for nothing Titans , really hope we crush them now lol.
  4. Yea, that's going a bit too far. I think Brady would have been a great QB anywhere, but a 6 time super bowl champ? Yea, only in NE. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously kidding themselves.
  5. Bigger arm, not as accurate though. But I agree 100%, he is a very good QB, better than the Kirk Cousins, Dalton's and Flaccos of the league that's for sure. One of the few things the Lions didn't screw up on is extending him with a nice contract.
  6. It's really not his fault though, his team's management is garbage. I still think Matt is a better QB all things considered, but give Stafford the weapons and the gap would seem a lot closer than it does atm.
  7. Yea I pretty much have blocked out most of that season. Just remember a string of shotgun snaps flying over Matt's head and untimely fumbles lol.
  8. He isn't used to holding penalties since they are never called against the Pats.
  9. Both teams look like cheeks to me. Well, not totally accurate, Jags can play some really good defense, but that's all that is impressive so far.
  10. I actually have forgotten that game. Have literally no recollection of it which is rare for me lol.
  11. He's been the worst player on this team on either side
  12. I still believe in Free. He was getting hit five and six yards in the backfield last game, no RB is going to have a good game in those circumstances.
  13. And then pairing this up with fantastic speed on the edges... I like the potential of this Quinn defense.
  14. You need guys like this to have a good defense. We don't often have them so yes, lock him up!
  15. Look, we can argue about this all day, I see you aren't budging. If you think Quinn is flipping through the total yards given up numbers when evaluating the defense right now, then go right ahead. But my opinion, as someone who analyses metrics for a living, is that it's the dumbest possible way to assess anything pertaining to the quality of the team's defensive performance right now. Quinn has said in the past that the single metric they put the most weight on is turnovers. Never mentioned yards.