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  1. Hope it isn't for a significant amount of money. Surprised it was a three year deal. Decent depth that I hope doesn't have to start too many games the next few years.
  2. I imagine it could be glorious. Have you seen Atlanta United Playoff game footage? Georgia Dome was also notoriously not sold out during regular season games with a pretty luckluster atmosphere during the vast majority of its existence. Truth is, outside of what Atlanta United did this year, Atlanta teams have always struggled to fill seats during the regular season only to then have amazing attendance and atmosphere during the playoffs.
  3. We need to have our first playoff game in the new stadium before we can really judge it as a playoff venue.
  4. Yea, I have some experience with call centers and call systems today are more and more becoming 100% automated.
  5. All that matters is that he looks good throwing them. / Purple
  6. Actually this may not be such a bad move by the Broncos. Sure Flacco's stats are terrible the last 7 years or so, but... dat deep ball though. His arm is definitely not made out of noodles. I mean it's not as teste tingling as an Aaron Rodgers or Patrik Mahomes deep ball, but it does make me question my sexuality a bit when he lets it rip.
  7. Dumb *** Broncos. Don't they know how easy it is to find a franchise QB? Wish we could get rid of Matt Ryan so we can make them look silly by immediately signing the next 4 time pro bowl, 46,000 yard throwing , MVP and Offensive Player of the year winning, 8 straight 4,000 + yard season tossing, most yards in NFL history through first 11 seasons amassing, miss less than .01% of games played due to injury sure fire Hall of Fame QB right off the street. Not only will we make the 15 or so NFL franchises who have been scrambling for decades trying to find a QB look stupid, but we'll save SO much cap room!!!
  8. Yea, but the XFL had a bevy of issues that hopefully the AAF will continue to avoid. For one the league was rushed and teams had not been together save for a few weeks before games began so the play on the field was pathetic. Secondly the marketing was waaay over the top and they tried to sell it like a WWF version of football and it was just a misguided focus that didn't satisfy either fanbase. AAF seems like it's a more serious league that is focusing a little more on the product than the packaging, and is coming along at a time when a lot of fans are not completely satisfied with the NFL product due to rule changes and the politicizing, so I think it has a legitimate shot at sticking around.
  9. I'm sure he is also among the top in lowest INT%, along with every other QB stat of any significance for that matter.
  10. It helped for sure, but scheme was a bigger culprit. Matt Ryan showed he could sling it downfield his rookie year with Roddy and Michael Jenkins posting a super impressive 7.9 YpA as a rookie. I think Mike Smith's philosophy of "let's not beat ourselves" had a lot to do with how conservative our offense became after that first season. After the Green Bay embarassment we course corrected and got rid of Mularkey and brought in Julio Jones. Since then we have been an explosive passing offense virtually every season.
  11. I think it will depend on who ends up as our RBs... If we move on from Teco and it's just Freeman and Ito I'm pretty sure we won't get more than 500 yards from our RBs in the pass game.
  12. Ok, well how many impact trades where made last year? Name them. Most of them are minor moves in the NFL, just like the Levitre trade... which actually was a pretty grade trade now that you bring it up.
  13. With Koetter calling the plays and our weapons on offense a fully expect a 5,000 yard season from Matt Ryan and our passing offense. I think Ridley eats up some of Sanu's production next year though... probably see something like Julio = 1,600-1,800 yards, Ridley = 1,000 - 1,100 yards and Sanu and Hoop each around 600 -700
  14. We traded for Tonny Gonzalez and Abraham. Two of the best trades any team has ever done btw.
  15. Ridley is a lock (barring injury) for 1000 yards. Not sure about the TDs, but anywhere from 6-10 seems like a given.