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  1. If we could move Ryan without destroying our chances to field a team this year than it would make sense. Makes no sense to spend such a high draft pick on a player that will sit on the bench for 1-2 years. Zero sense.
  2. Or laid off the triple whoppers with cheese.
  3. Yea, but I think he will command more money than people think.
  4. The question is whether giving up three early round picks is worth drafting Lance over Mac Jones or Justin Fields, one of which is probably available at 9. Fairly certain from a pick value perspective the price is too high, but I like the idea for sure. Something along those lines should be the goal.
  5. I like it but I don't think we'll be able to fleece the Broncos thaaat bad. Take away next year's first and it's more plausible.
  6. I like Washington at 19 or maybe San Fran at 12... each should net us a couple of early round picks plus maybe a later round pick.
  7. Gus is a stud IMO. I know we don't put a lot of stock into it but his PFF ratings are always fantastic. His raw stats back it up though he gets overlooked because everyone credits the Ravens run blocking, and J. K. Dobbins overshadowed him last year. 3.5 is more or less what I figured but won't be surprised if he gets a little more than that. If he falls to the 2 million range it might be worth sacrificing some of our oh so valuable and scarce cap room to pick him up.
  8. Well Gus was on his rookie deal, safe to say he'll make more than that on his next deal after averaging 700 yards on 5.0 ypc in a backup role the last three seasons. If he ends up being in our price range, which I doubt, he would be a no brainer. Burkhead signed a deal that was a head scratcher at the time and he didn't exactly live up to it. Add in the fact he's thirty and has missed time and it's a safe bet he'll be laying around in the bargain bin imo,which is all we can afford at the moment
  9. Mike Glennon might make the most of sense. He's a homeless man's Matt Ryan, but his similarities in style could make him be a guy that we plug in and hold down the fort in short spurts or perhaps the odd chance Ryan misses a game.
  10. What these guys made last year is irrelevant. Gus Edwards is definitely getting starter money from someone, Burkhead is going to be cheap coming off of injury and being 30 years old, he gives us a pass catcher out of the backfield which we lack.
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