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  1. Huh? our 2012 team was fantastic, they won 13 games, fourth highest SRS in franchise history, one blown lead away from the superbowl. Not sure how we surprised teams when that Falcons squad had won an average of over 11 games a season the four years prior.
  2. Dennard will be a slot corner. AJ Terrell is an outside corner. This is depth/insurance for Sheffield.
  3. You think if you trade Donald with Mahomes last year Kansas City wins a superbowl??? I'd guarantee you the rams would make the playoffs last year with Mahomes at QB and no Donald. Don't underestimate the value of a QB in this league, even the most dominant defensive player is not in the same league as the most dominant QB... hence the salaries.
  4. And WTH did the rams achieve last year? lol. Mahomes was leading massive comebacks in the playoffs game in game out while rams were sitting at home after one of the most dissapointing seasons in the NFL. Mahomes deserves #1 no doubt about it.
  5. I remember being called names when I suggested the season might not be played a few months ago. Seems more and more likely every day.
  6. I wouldn't read too much into it pertaining to Neal. When he says he is going to be playing all 4 downs, I don't think that means he will be the starter and get all the snaps from day 1.
  7. Julio is a lock barring some horrific injury that makes his career practically end abruptly this year. Even then he probably gets in.
  8. TBF it happens a lot with linemen in general. When you mess up everyone is on your *** all week, but have a gret game and it's crickets.
  9. Had a slow start and then was pretty much pro bowl level the last 11 games or so. People just remember his few bad games and never give him credit when he is balling which is most of the time.
  10. Gotcha. Yea, I think Matt and Julio have connected on those more often than the fades.
  11. And way easier to result in an interception. The reason the fade had appeal was because theoretically if your guy didn't catch it no one was catching it.
  12. Yup. I remember the main argument for keepig Quinn was to have continuity. "No good team keeps firing and hiring HCs" or something along those lines. But I kept thinking, what the heck kind of continuity have we had with our coaching since Dan Quinn took over? I can't think of a HC regime with so many coaching changes, we literally have not had a coach keep his assignment for longer than two years. Most have not lasted longer than one season before being fired or moved to another unit.
  13. Ryan looked as uncomfortable as I've ever seen him last year, very reminiscent of Sark's first season.
  14. If he gets a superbowl he could retire that second and would be a shoo in first ballot HOFer. If he doesn't, he'll still get in but maybe not on the first go.
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