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  1. Ours ends in an 69 yard TD given up for the L.. Lol
  2. No thanks, he's 8 points away from handing me my second ff loss.
  3. Too early to write him off but not to early to call his first season a big disappointment.
  4. *sigh* The NFC is so trash this year. Hate to say it but New Orleans is the best team by a mile.
  5. He's the best in the world and he's what 23, 24? I'd be pretty arrogant too.
  6. Would him throwing the ball away 12 times yesterday made a difference? Where was he supposed to go with the ball?
  7. We've seen Josh Freeman, Andrew Luck, Wentz, Robert Griffith, Derek Carr, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Cousins and many others I'm probably forgetting all called superior QBs at one point or another. Yet every single one of them would gladly take Matt Ryan's career as their own.
  8. Matt Ryan is a Hall of Fame QB and those don't fall from trees. Several generation of fans spoiled because they've never seen anyone else under center and think Rodgers is as good as his highlight reels.
  9. Then why do we rank top five in run defense and second to last in pass defense? 🤔
  10. Or it could be a smokescreen. Really, we have no idea what the Saints gameplan will be regardless of who starts, so this is Sean Payton taking advantage of the uncertainty by throwing another monkey wrentch in there to try to get any edge he can. Smart, to be honest.
  11. I think this is a troll. Jamies will throw 20 plus times, I guarantee it.
  12. Miami scores a whopping 0.9 points than the Falcons. Also Miami is ranked 4th in takeaways which is a big reason they are scoring. We are ranked 20th. So let's not act like that's a big difference. We can literally leap-frog them (along with l ike 3 other teams) with a good showing on Sunday. Outside of the Carolina game, where let's be honest here, the team wasn't even trying out there (thanks Quinn!) and the Green Bay game where both Calvin and Julio were banged up the offense has averaged over 30ppg while being top 5 in yards. So yes, Koetter isn't Shanahan or Andy Reid, he is certai
  13. I guess they are challenging because they were going to be taking a timeout here regardless.
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