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  1. It's too early to say if he has any kind of shot. Let's revisit this after 5 more seasons of 1,400 yards.
  2. It was pretty obvious during the off-season that Takk's head was not in the right place. Hopefully he looks back on this year and realizes how bad he has played and that if he wants to be an impact player on this league he can't give himself the luxury of taking an entire month or two off during the offseason. The greats work their ***** off 12 months a year in this league.
  3. There was plenty of hubris in our coaching decisions after our 2016 super bowl run. I think more than anything that is why we have fallen off a cliff. I think injuries have been a blessing in desguise because even fully healthy this team wasn't going to make a deep playoff run. At least now we have seen how poorly coached we are on offense and we will get the help of some high draft picks to fill out some of the key areas where we are thin or outright lacking.
  4. It all depends at what price. Vic is a servicable 3rd down rusher... if we can pay him according to his impact I have no problem keeping him. I think it is a given at this point that we won't take up his option, so it will all depend on what his demand is on the open market. Unfortunately with pass rushers being in such high demand it is very likely someone will offer him a big contract in hopes he can regain his 2016 form.
  5. And if we had drafted an OG and DT we would be in exactly the same position we are now. Which plus starting caliber OG and DT did we pass on this draft?
  6. Yes. We didn't ignore the trenches. Our plan just failed completely. You can blame the result but not the lack of intent. Hindsight is 20-20 looking back after everything goes wrong.
  7. NFL would be hands down funner than soccer if it wasn't stopped every 10 minutes for 2 minutes. I've seen more commercials during football games than possibly the rest of my life combined. If you are actually a fan of soccer then there is really no comparison between the World Cup soccer and anything else. If your reference for soccer is the MLS though... well yeah, NFL football is a million times better, but that's because the MLS is a third tier legue. You are comparing the premiere league of a sport in the world in the NFL against a league that isn't even in the top 10 leagues in the world. It's like comparing Major League Baseball to High School ball. There are plenty of nuances to soccer that will go unappreciated by the casual fan... same for any sport really. To say there's mroe to football than soccer is relative.
  8. I think they are doing just fine with their marketing decisions so far lol. Basically breaking every MLS record there is to break as far as attendance and revenue.
  9. points per drive adjusts for this though.
  10. No QB has done more with a bad line the Rodgers. Ryan has had mostly below average lines with a couple of dreadful ones sprinkled in... Rodgers has had mostly dreadful lines with a few below average ones sprinkled in. One thing they both have in common is that neither has really had a great line; ever. Ryan's rookie season line and the 2016 were probably the best but neither was more than top 15 in pass protection. Breese, Brady, Roethlisberger, and especially Manning played behind some dominant lines during nice stretches in their career.
  11. Actually, we averaged 27.83 points the first six games with Fusco... also worth noting that out of those 6 games 4 of them were against bottom six passing defenses. More interesting split is our numbers vs top 20 passing defenses We've only played 4 teams with a top 20 pass -d this year - Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Cowboys, and in those games we have averaged 308 ypg and 18.75 ppg. Even if we take out the Baltimore game we are averaging just 19.66 points and 367 ypg against decent defenses this year... with and without Fusco we struggle against any decent defense. We gave up 17 sacks first 6 games and 19 since, so preassure has been around the same, we were just lucky Ryan didn't fumble more during the first half of the season.
  12. The Sark experiment needs to end. Even if we start from scratch with an incredibly complex scheme to adapt (which doesn't have to be the case whatsoever) we aren't gonna get much worse than we currently have been the last two years. Shanahan's learning curve made sense. The team needed to adapt an incredibly complex verbiage and Matt was tasked with not only making all of those calls to the skill position players but had to make the line calls as well because we were playing without a centert the whole season. Sark's huge drop off last year was excused by the fact that he had been trying to copy Shanahan instead of being his own OC, and this year when we got off to the fast start (against all of the worst passing defenses in the league) all of the "pro" Sarkers where shoving it in our face that Sark was always a "genius" that just needed to do his own thing. Now, after 4-8 and our worst offensive performance in 20 years it should be pretty evident that Sark is just not a good OC. I don't think there is any excuse whatsoever under the sun of why we can't run the ball at all. Even without Freeman our players should be good enough to at least crack 100 yards consistently. Defense has been getting all of the blame, and I'm not saying they shouldn't get most of the blame, but the truth is in 2016 with very comparable talent on offense we were still in the thick of playoff contention with our defense playing every bit as terribly as our defense has played this year.
  13. Thank god for that. I shudder to think where Matt Ryan would be without Mathews right now. Probably in a casket.
  14. 23 sacks on the year vs 36 sacks against. What would our record be if this number was backwards? Undefeated is not out of the question. For reference: The Saints are at 37 sacks / 17 given up Rams with 33 / 26
  15. The funniest thing about the Dan Quinn regime is that every single problem we had with Mike Smith when we fired him (not hanging on to leads, bad time and game management, bad play from our defense and the line) has actually been WORSE under Dan Quinn. Mike Smith teams get a lot of flack for bad defense, but outside of last year our defense has been easily worse with Quinn. If sark had been our OC from day one, there is no question Dan Quinn would probably be either out of a job or in the burning hot seat by now.