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  1. How did this guy light us up so many times? Look at this footwork... looks literally like a parody video.
  2. Of course not, though it's not a stretch to say he is the closest to Barry-esque any QB has ever been. Maybe Randall Cunningham in his "running" prime.
  3. He'll be the number 2 WR but will be the third receiving option. He was good last year in that role.
  4. good guy Julio, taking the heat off the front office for the trade so we can sign our rookies.
  5. And of course that would pretty much guarantee he somehow ended up being a Falcon.
  6. Very funny how Mike Smith was basically the opposite and got so much ****. Everyone was so hyped when Dan Quinn came in and said "he would let players make plays and not worry about mistakes" or something along those lines. That didn't work out so well.
  7. He's a pro football player aparently.
  8. yup, I think really by next season it was close to a no brainer to look for a trade from the FO perspective. The risk reward of holding on to Julio at the price point just isn't worth it. Trading him now after the public trade request was not optimal, but also just an acceleration of something inevitable imo.
  9. I think what he did against NO had absolutely no bearing whatsoever in the decision. Probably moreso the fact he has an incredible cap hit, is 32, and the Falcons have a bunch of weapons on offense outside of Julio were the main drivers there.
  10. I think it was obvious we would trade him by next year at the latest, and Julio didn't want to stick around on a team he knew he wouldn't be playing for by next season and thus the parting was kind of mutual.
  11. Wanna keep any Hooker as far away from our backfield as possible.
  12. He'll surprise a lot of people. He ran great last year, but his stats were not thaaat impressive because his line was absolute garbage.
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