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  1. The way this virus is going the uniform release may be the biggest thing we have to look forward to this year NFL-wise
  2. They got Sanders to pair with Michael Thomas. That's a move.
  3. Who the **** knows is the correct answer here.
  4. Remember how we were bragging about how we were gonna be starting all first round picks on the line last year? Yea. None of this means anything.
  5. For whatever it's worth. Hooper PFF grade last year: 78 Hurst's grade: 74
  6. A 2nd round pick has about a 35% chance of becoming a long term starter. A third round pick is around 25-30%. We were gonna need to spend one of those two picks to fill in our starting TE spot in a Koetter offense that has featured high volume to TEs for the last 10 years. This trade makes sense and we STILL have a 2nd round pick. Hurst was absolutely solid both pass catching and blocking last year and has a very high ceiling. We absolutely weren't going to find a better TE in 2020 in the 2nd or 3rd round this year.
  7. We don't need to give Gurly more than 10-15 touches a game to be a gamechanger for us, especially if the bulk of those happen near the goal-line.
  8. 5 Mil was the sweetspot for me where we couldn't afford to pass the up the chance to bring him in. Yes, Gurley is damaged goods to an extent and he will have to be on limited workload, but if you look at our offense we aren't going to be doing a lot of running in between the 20s anyway. Gurley's upside as a goal-line threat are worth 5 million. Having him, Jones, Ridley and Hurst all in at the same time gives the defense too many weapons to cover and if Koetter can take advantage we can become a deadly red-zone offense. That's worth 5 mill. We have enough competent RBs to nab enough carries to keep Gurley fresh and hopefully off of the injured list. We still need to address RB long term but now it isn't an urgent need heading into next season and we can load up on defense early in the draft and take a stab at RB in the later rounds where we've had luck in the recent past.
  9. And was pretty solid.
  10. I think 5 is the number. If we can get him for 5 or less the upside is worth the risk.
  11. We need a RB. That's a fact. Our core is not young, that is also a fact. Wasting an early pick on a RB that could take a couple of years to hit his stride is not that of an appealing notion to me, not with all of the holes we still need to fill on defense. If we can get Gurley for cheap we should pull the trigger. He may not be the all-pro bell cow any longer but we have capable bodies to give him rest and ration his carries.
  12. The assumption is he'll come very cheap. The Rams just gave him 20 million to go away.
  13. Didn't think we could pull this off but glad to be wrong. Seems like we let go all the bad attitude guys (not counting Hoop in that group of course, but everyone else) and are bringing in some young talent that is thrilled to be here. The division is ripe for the taking so if we can nail this draft we should be back contending barring major injuries.