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  1. I'd be fine w whether he stayed or was traded. Hes one of the better players in the league, but he isn't a touchdown machine. if some team gave us 2 - 3 very good/great D and Olinemen and the FO wanted to pull the trigger, I wouldnt cry.
  2. FA dollars need to be spent on a true pass rush talent. We don't need to draft another project. Pair Beasley with someone that is proven. Who are some upcoming, free agent pass rushers? But yes: FA = oline, DE/pass rusher, TE. Draft = LBs, Safety, WR
  3. I think the team and quinn will take the game very, very seriously . And we execute well enough to ATLEAST beat them once, narrowly
  4. Smitty does seem to have the upper hand when it comes to preparing us for rivals so far. But I can see a reverse of last year happening under quinn We may lose to bucs/saints, but I see our team rising to the occasion vs panthers.
  5. Im not questioning the beasley pick in any way. I like him, but im just curious. I haven't been able to follow the other rookies how I'd like to, and i know the "which pass rusher to take" debate was rather polarizing on these boards. Ray, kikaha, and dupree have sacks, but is it due more to talent, scheme, or team?
  6. Just curious. Because I attended the charger game in 2012 and was completely surprised by how many falcon fans were in attendance.
  7. it's being torn down after NEXT season right? If it's after this season, I'm coming to ATL in the fall. I have to see a game in the dome. While I'm in town, I may Invent a new dance move and cash out at zaxbys. Where is Ayana angel?
  8. Getting ahead of myself and not sure if it's been posted, but do you guys think we win or lose this game? And why? a friend of mine showed me an article from an sb nation site for eagles fans, similar to our falcoholic. And it discussed why the eagles will begin their season 7-0. the writer seemed pretty knowledgable of us, but gave the eagles defense a bit too much credit IMO. Their D wasn't necessarily lights out, we'll be at home, and Matt have carried us with far less talent than what was brought in this off-season. either way, I think it will be a good game, but we take the opportunity to put the rest of the league on notice. We get the W 27-24.
  9. I am extremely excited for this upcoming season as well, but the past two years have taught to taper my excitement . You never know what hiccups may occur. I was thinking of how every years there's an injury (or injuries) to a pivotal player(s) and I'm bracing myself for it whilst knocking on wood. But nonetheless, still a very exciting time to be a falcon fan
  10. He needs a visor... And some sleeves and gloves Oh and a cape.
  11. and thus begins the revolt of the gurley supporters. this message board is about to be split in half ha
  12. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/4/20/8459489/free-agency-rumor-falcons-in-the-mix-for-vikings-rb-adrian-peterson Im afraid of how many picks we would have to surrender.
  13. As much as I want a MLB in the 2nd, safety is a bigger need
  14. Brandon Schwurf in the first and Gregory in the 2nd after his stock plummets ridiculously . Quinn'd
  15. If shelton was still available and beasley (clearly a favorite) was gone at 8, would you guys pass on shelton? Theres a high chance the top pass rushers will be gone by the time we pick. Do we still pass on an impact player? Even though he may not be a scheme fit, quinn can find a way to integrate him. If that DID happen, would eli harold be around for us in the 2nd round?
  16. Draft picks can be hit or miss, more so miss when you get to the 5th and even 4th round. I'd pick low-risk, high reward players at those rounds, like a big NT or a runningback or a WR with good hands or a linebacker... not someone who is going to have a hard time transitioning to their position or have to complete a tough task like guarding the QB or shutting down a good WR
  17. Thanks for completing the epic saints sweep of 2014
  18. Ah yes, sounds like a case of the decoud syndrome
  19. My guy started the message with "nh" lmao
  20. Miko grimes did say we were a shady organization doe
  21. Is it TD or Quinn that has final say over draft trades? I feel like we may trade up In order to get our guy, whoever that may be at the time. also starting to feel like the pass rushers will be snatched up faster than a lot of people think
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