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  1. Is it too early to be excited about bookends?
  2. and thus begins the revolt of the gurley supporters. this message board is about to be split in half ha
  3. Miko grimes did say we were a shady organization doe
  4. Y'all tripping bring ray ray in. He praised The lord and got a ring. And I know y'all heard hustle trillson praising God after that nfccg. TD, bring preacher mane home.
  5. Great post. Glad nolan likes to build from the back-end forward. He has a lot of options for the front 7 to contemplate on this off-season
  6. when i watch from home, i hear them playing gucci mane's "so icy" in the dome. awesome.

  7. who hurt you atlanta... who hurt you??

  8. whats atlanta like? i wanna meet that city