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  1. My sons tub overflowed and it’s raining in my office right now. I’m thinking I should just snake out the closest toilet and I should be able to clear the drains. I’m worried about the septic pump being bad as well. @Sponge you have any advice?
  2. the we I spoke of doesn't pertain to anyone specific, just thing's I've noticed. Please, no one take offense.
  3. the dialog amongst the riders is particularly insightful when I reflected on the way we stereotype each other. The movie honestly changed the way I looked at people in my community. The lack of acceptance and comfort in the presence of those that you would expect to be at ease with hit home. In a country that can often feel hostile to one's presence, it's odd that I could feel out of place even when around people that are like me and that movie let me know that I'm not alone. the eerie tension and judgement that prevented the riders to just be themselves at the beginning was very familiar.
  4. Volatility up and stocks dumping. I grabbed some SIRI to play the increase in car sales last year.
  5. @lostone Have you ever come across either of the following? They're both pretty new to the exchanges. NCNO-cloud-based operating system for banks or SKLZ-mobile gaming
  6. I was wondering when you were going to create this thread. I rode BA, BBBY, and AMC up today for some quick profits. Still holding BBBY and KODK. I'm long the following ETF positions - XLE - energy ETF ICLN - similar to qcln XLF - financial ETF MSOS - US MSO based Cannibis ETF
  7. I definitely commenting on the cost of living being an issue for most. Being you live in the sticks, I agree, its possible. For people in the metro area, 15/hr is starvation and less is a bad day away from being homeless.
  8. 500 a week - taxes, props to those that can because I never could.
  9. I tried to stay away from anything recent. I'm honestly happier with the results from the time before I existed. I'll get some recommendations from my wife who has seen everything possible in the last 10 years.
  10. I'd add Lowndes in there as well to round out the top three. Your VP done got got in all three.
  11. That was Locust Grove and jackson for me. I got pulled over so many **** times one summer I refused to take a job in Butts county.
  12. Awesome, I'm really thankful you senior fellas jumped in. I'm going to watch and or read anything y'all recommend..
  13. That happened where I grew up. The local media here in Atlanta ran stories about the urbanization of Atlanta's suburbs. It's crazy to think how much blatantly racist stereotypes where just 20 years ago. I can't imagine how much @Andrews_31 has seen.
  14. My starter is an obvious choice. judas and the black messaih miracle at St. Anna Friday Dope Harlem Nights The Player's club Vampire in Brooklyn House Party Barbershop Sorry to Bother You Superfly 1972 Glass Shield
  15. You guys should check out MSOS. It's a combination of US providers in states where weed is legal. The canadian companies have been money pits for years. When/if American growers and retailers gain access to our banking system they will have the ability to expand and will likely gain far more value than Canadian based companies. They'll also be able to uplist to larger exchanges as they now exist as pink sheets only. They're both gambles, but I think if you're investing because you believe weed will be legalized, then anticipating the resolution of the safe bank act would cause US stocks t
  16. the reddit handles make this worth a read. sorry if already posted. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/02/01/gamestop-origins/
  17. Gamestop was never on the verge of bankruptcy. Also, yes, dude is a little guy. He also provided information freely that allowed other people to fight back against leeches that were trying to drive a company into the ground.
  18. Also, WallStreeBets didn't discover this. Michael Burry (the big short) posted his GME analysis about 2 years ago. Ryan Cohen (Chewy founder) jumped in last year and lit the spark that started the short sqeeze that I honestly don't think has started yet.
  19. This is essentially the lottery, although you'll likely lose.
  20. This has been happening since I've been actively investing. We all know about it because well connected people f**ked up and got caught slipping. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/absolute-insanity-retail-investors-flood-bankrupt-hertz-make-it-most-heavily-traded-us AMC ain't going bankrupt no time soon. Cheap money provided by to big to fail polices. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-25/amc-says-bankruptcy-off-the-table-after-raising-equity-loans The government created this issue by bailing out the same *** holes crying now mu
  21. Well, I'm caught up. Understand your position although I still hope you join the fight one day.
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