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  1. We non dum dums need them test dummys. Praise allah for all the dum dums who make sure the vaccine I take is safe.
  2. The majority of engineering being remote has exposed the office hustlers They’re everywhere and often quickly moved to management so they can keep the hustle going.
  3. Cable days were an improvement to the **** world I was living in at the time.
  4. I was a college dropout around 2005 working for some bigots in South Georgia in 100 degree heat. The worst part of the job was listening to Herman Cain shuck and jive on the radio every morning with the crew.
  5. I agree, ****em, but if herman didn’t murk himself I’d gladly swap his *** out for Bundy in the race draft. Any firm believer in f*** the police is a friend of mine.
  6. Dude won a Darwin Award. Spiking the ball by observers is the American way. Unless your some kind of PC self hating……
  7. Just came to post this. Your chances of being right are rising, it sounds like they're preparing us with slow leaks. Or, maybe it's the only distraction the government can create to keep our minds off how ****** up society is at this time.
  8. I switched to dino bones last year when i got my smoker. I'm much better at smoking them now. No wrap just rub and let them do their thang at 225.
  9. Breaking news - The US COVID-19 testing process is ****** up.
  10. CNN is lying. Black sports figures and actors get canceled all the time for being anti Semitic. Nick Canon is not the first.
  11. I have an issue i need to group source a solution for. I'm pretty good at chicken. My family likes theirs extra done, so I often shoot for 185-190. Fried hard, extra crispy and light lemon pepper (if youre familiar you know they'll give you high blood pressure) when we're JR Crickets. I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong though. How can I get the skin crispy without coming off in one bite. Do you go low and slow and then crank it up. Or, should I just drop it in at 400? If I do a whole bird, I can get crispy skin in an oven at 475 for about an hour and a half. I'm not sure how to do a whole bird or thighs and breast. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  12. Tony's meat market has always good quality beef ribs, atleast for a novice like myself. I'll have to check out restaurant depot. Do you spritz your beef ribs? Also, what do you recommend for a good beef rub?
  13. RG, hope your family stays safe. Please drop some new work when you have time. You have the ability to heal all wounds, real or imagined with food my friend. see you soon. Please include the recipe with the pic.
  14. I wouldn’t trust that **** AT ALL. Parents send their kids to school **** near half dead so that they won’t have to take off work. Someone’s definitely gonna send some COVID sniffles to the school. Worse, where the **** will the student go if they develop a fever in the middle of the day after the aspirin their parents gave them wears off?
  15. Did the same with my son a few weeks ago. My recipe called for mixing the flour and buttermilk but it would always fall off that way. It’s much better to Clare with buttermilk first, then flour. Also, don’t forget the pickles.
  16. My favorite you have to earn it guy went on for a few pages before admitting his grandma paid for his car and let him live with her during college. My experience is that most of the “you have to EARN it like me” guys just don’t want to compete with others. America is full of role players hating on and playing defense against people that may be more deserving.
  17. Millennials like me are automating fools like you into early retirement.
  18. To start, I think children under 16 (age may be higher)have to attend school. Secondary education is a privilege and I’m sure it would continue to be, even if paid for by the government.
  19. That’s me, and Bdog stated quite clearly he’s an immigrant. I on the other hand want my 40 and a mule, so.………I ain’t paying ****. To be completely honest, the best reason to support free tuition is so that our countries intellectual talent isn’t restricted by only what they can afford. The lack of ability to get an education that matches a young adults capability has to be considered a failure in a capitalist society. How can upward mobility be possible for those most deserving if it’s dictated by what you can afford? You support making our smartest poor kids draw straws for a chance at an elite education, why?
  20. Charge it to the **** game? Who’s gonna pay for the free labor that made this country the wealthiest nation in known history?
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