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  1. midway through episode 2. Just speeding up and getting interesting. I'm still witholding my opinion of Chris Rock's performance.
  2. While we're fighting over whether or not a racist is racist. Palantir is going public today. If you don't know who they are, you will very soon.
  3. Do you believe the groups are equal? I mean, white supremacist groups have a larger body count than all other criminal organizations in the history of the US.
  4. Apologies if this isn't directed at me, but, I wanted to point out how much anger goes into Trumps response to BLM and his nonchalance towards hate groups. I don't think either is the same of course.
  5. Trump on Kap. Trump on David Duke Trump on BLM Trump condemns White Supremacy
  6. Have you noticed the difference in tone when he discusses BLM and the proud boys? Or, Antifa, and white supremacist?
  7. It's going to get ugly either way. Getchu some of that VIX homie. I'd also pass on any new IT certs and add a class or two in Mandarin.
  8. @Corn PopOct 12 - 30th for early voting in my district. The precinct is fairly close so ill provide updates on the lines. 7AM - 7PM
  9. Why the **** is there an age minimum but not maximum for being president?
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