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  1. A new US focused MJ ETF is coming online today. MJUS should start trading some time today.
  2. The implications are quite enormous because it could be a possible explanation of phenoma such as mass hysteria and the self fulfilling prophecy.
  3. I've been following this guy for a few years. My favorite way to pull a monthly paycheck from my holdings that don't offer dividends.
  4. I'm currently hedging my XLE and SU (oil) options with SCO.
  5. have you ever looked at inverse ETF's? They don't track volatility, just certain sectors. I like the proshares for hedging. https://www.proshares.com/funds/geared/?gclid=CjwKCAjwhMmEBhBwEiwAXwFoEfivB9h_FVNM0cJQvFV2uUwHG_2s--Ph0gY60SNd4AlYKoWVdqnHPhoCXIQQAvD_BwE
  6. I'm not sure about VXX, but I know UVXY has rolling fees and it's long term value is negative. is there a rolling fee for holding VXX?
  7. I’ve dumped all tech stocks and I’m fully invested in reopen ETFs and stocks. In addition to my holdings that I stated before. I added to XLE and MSOS. These are both adds on any pullbacks. Started a substantial position in the following. TAP BUD FTI CPRI CLF
  8. I agree and it’s why I’m not happy with our draft. I hope I’m wrong, but a small corner and two additional targets for ryan is the type of draft that got us the high picks we had.
  9. this is pure propaganda. You're blaming unreasonable use of force by police on the victims when evidence suggests the prevalence of cameras is increasing awareness, not social media.
  10. That’s good info and a great way to grow an account. Many of my holdings don’t offer dividends so I use covered calls for consistent cash. If I’m eyeing a new holding I’ll generally by cash secured puts at my target price until it drops to my preferred level and take assignment on the shares. Selling covered calls on ETFs is a strategy I use as well.
  11. My sons tub overflowed and it’s raining in my office right now. I’m thinking I should just snake out the closest toilet and I should be able to clear the drains. I’m worried about the septic pump being bad as well. @Sponge you have any advice?
  12. the we I spoke of doesn't pertain to anyone specific, just thing's I've noticed. Please, no one take offense.
  13. the dialog amongst the riders is particularly insightful when I reflected on the way we stereotype each other. The movie honestly changed the way I looked at people in my community. The lack of acceptance and comfort in the presence of those that you would expect to be at ease with hit home. In a country that can often feel hostile to one's presence, it's odd that I could feel out of place even when around people that are like me and that movie let me know that I'm not alone. the eerie tension and judgement that prevented the riders to just be themselves at the beginning was very familiar.
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