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  1. My favorite you have to earn it guy went on for a few pages before admitting his grandma paid for his car and let him live with her during college. My experience is that most of the “you have to EARN it like me” guys just don’t want to compete with others. America is full of role players hating on and playing defense against people that may be more deserving.
  2. Millennials like me are automating fools like you into early retirement.
  3. To start, I think children under 16 (age may be higher)have to attend school. Secondary education is a privilege and I’m sure it would continue to be, even if paid for by the government.
  4. That’s me, and Bdog stated quite clearly he’s an immigrant. I on the other hand want my 40 and a mule, so.………I ain’t paying ****. To be completely honest, the best reason to support free tuition is so that our countries intellectual talent isn’t restricted by only what they can afford. The lack of ability to get an education that matches a young adults capability has to be considered a failure in a capitalist society. How can upward mobility be possible for those most deserving if it’s dictated by what you can afford? You support making our smartest poor kids draw straws for a chance at an elite education, why?
  5. Charge it to the **** game? Who’s gonna pay for the free labor that made this country the wealthiest nation in known history?
  6. Tell everyone else I’m sorry. Should have voted for bernie
  7. This black man ain't paying ****. I'll go cash gang for the rest of my life before I fork over a dime towards my student loans.
  8. hehehe, gonna get some use out of this one.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1275914587708276737
  10. Oh, my favorite is when I was home for the weekend and the cops raided me and my white roommates place. They found our stash and pipes but told my friends to just keep the doors and windows shut when they smoked. Me and a black friend in our clique got arrested that same month, at the same dm house.
  11. I could write a book. Most amazing I heard of was a party where a vacant house was used. Police showed up and everyone threw their weed in a toilet but it wouldnt flush because the water was off. No one went to jail because the police stated they couldn't prove who the weed belonged to. Parents were called and everyone went home without a trespassing, burglary, underage consumption charge. Most of my black friends got the usual, when no one claims the smoke, everyone goes in.
  12. Just to clarify my stance because i dont explain much on here in detail. It's possible to contract trace with STI's because you can identify exactly who you've had sexual relations with. You can't contact trace for Covid without a way to monitor movement. We're dealing with a disease thats spread via air droplets. Unless everyone at every location your cousin and others who spent time at was tested, its not contact tracing. Thats the reason I was for a full lockdown until case numbers plateau to single digits. Americans would never consent to be traced by the government, and thats why we're ******.
  13. So he had only been around his family, friends, and employees? Did he spend any time in the public at all?
  14. Do you know anyone who tested positive? i do, and no contact tracing was done. I repeat, no contact tracing is being done.
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