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  1. Well, I'm caught up. Understand your position although I still hope you join the fight one day.
  2. I love you and really hope you pursue management one day. I'm trying to be the change that i think is needed. I really hope you feel compelled one day.
  3. These **** suckers just realized it's no longer safe to show their true colors.
  4. @Mr. Hoopah! Has SilentBob started calling the bestest president ever a liberal yet?
  5. This is also why I think it's highly likely that cryptocurrency will be snuffed out eventually.
  6. I used to think bitcoin was ******** and honestly still kind of do. The only thing that makes me thinks something like bitcoin could achieve anything close to permanence would be third world citizens removing the ability of their leaders/CIA to devalue their currency.
  7. I understand guys. I felt the same about Roddy. It's time fellas, just let my boy Ryan go in peace. You fools are ready to drag this out another 10 years. We should try and get 2 years out of him with a top pick learning on the bench. then, have Schaub pass the clipboard over.
  8. it felt like 2013 -2014 all over again. 1. We get embarrased offensively all game. 2. ryan goes no huddle and brings us back withing a few points of the lead. 3. On the fiinal drive we get to the 10-20 yard line, Dirk calls for huddle and proceeds to **** us. I was ashamed of myself for putting my mind through it.
  9. I always thought of the situation as commitment to giving Ryan everything he needed. Triple down on the OL and the coach he preferred, and we'll finally get to the promised land. Honestly, no different than 'Let's get explosive' after our GB beating.
  10. Yea, dude should have stayed hidden. Like many of our conservative posters, my memory of him is much better than reality.
  11. Anything is excusable for republicans. They only need to raise the shield of an omipotent, liberally biased media to justify whatever they choose.
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