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  1. That's all you want to talk about. The rioting and looting is not because of George Floyd. The cause of unrest is the continual hypocrisy in the way white and black Americans are treated by law enforcement. Also, Trump did not put his foot in his mouth. He's showing the difference in the way people are treated with his statements. No shade meant for you.
  2. @wartownfalcon Remember when trump pardoned people who burned some **** down and pulled guns on police?
  3. I mean people tried to peacefully kneel right?
  4. No one cares what’s happening until people are pissed and burning **** down. Stop treating people like animals.
  5. Okay, they got the others after. Someone must have said, Ay man, we gotta get the white one too 😝
  6. They did that **** on live TV. Just arrested a black dude for no reason, but left the camera guy, WTH.
  7. Watching the arrest now. The anchor stated several times he’ll go we’re they want him to go. He was completely calm. They’re wildin
  8. The Oregon standoff seems like a decade ago. ****, totally forgot about it. What trumps doing is sinister, no other way to explain it. Maybe, and a big maybe is possible ignorance.
  9. One tweet from trump condemning the protesters and black folk are gonna line up no matter how bad covid gets.
  10. You're explaining to me why millions of people who stood in line for hours in 08 should be happy why the people they elected failed to act. Punting a decision they were elected to make is not something to celebrate nor reward. Not only is it completely cowardly and fraudulent, it's also hypocritical. (Congress not your) You can't be outraged at the Judicial branch now but champion it's legislating for your team. Also, Joe has promised even less than Obama. What do you expect from him? I refuse to be apart of the captured electorate. Your reasoning is why the Dems would rather go after suburban republicans.
  11. Instead of writing a wall of text that contains a bunch of info that I’m sure you’re aware of, I’ll just ask you a few questions. Was same sex marriage a Supreme Court decision, or did the Dems actually Fight for legislation? Did the Obama admin pass any immigration laws? Is DACA still preventing the deportation of people brought to this country as children? Did the Obama administration address the war on drugs or its affect on minorities? how will Obamacare get us to universal healthcare? Will Joe Biden actual go further than his predecessor on any of the issues you mentioned above? If you’re aware of Biden’s record, I’m sure your answer will be not a chance in ****.
  12. Also, you........................voted for Trump dude.
  13. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm also not saying I have the answer. I'm just saying voting for Biden will change absolutely nothing. Our last attempt at change got us nothing. I'm currently leaning towards Biden after swearing it off, but honestly, I'm also considering that maybe, just maybe, people need to feel the consequences of their actions. Economic pain causes people who have totally different goals to join sides. And when they join sides, ours is the one always ******* settling.
  14. What did Democrats do when they had power. You know, we were all here the last time the Dems controlled both branches of government right? Please, list their accomplishments? Particularly for minority issues, what did Obama and congress do?
  15. So you're going for the continuous cycle of no step forward and then two steps backwards every 8 years? Why not say **** it?
  16. They aint stopping nobody either. What's the difference?
  17. HM, you going to vote Dem this election? If so, how likely is it that you regret your voting choice again?
  18. I guess you guys are right, it's a death cult. They will sacrifice us all for the market.
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