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  1. It's not just Snak, there is another one here that is just as bad. I guess the Mall employees stating Moore was banned is just those pesky agitators fishing for reasons to denigrate an honest god fearing christian.
  2. If you believe the timing of these accusations are suspect, and/or that this is just "fishing" then you are either an uninformed dumas or a POS. Regardless, no one should be reasoning or trying to not offend you.
  3. Dude is a POS, you called it. Kelly also doubled down on the bs Wilson claim.
  4. What is service based economy gonna do when machines perform the services? If you think a machine can build houses, cars, clothing, and automobiles, WTH makes you think it can't also build other machines or compile code.
  5. Optimus, being the last to lose does not make you a winner. Neural networks is gonna put a hurtin on the labor market. My opinion, but land and learn to farm or you are going to be SOL.
  6. Cappy is the best of them all.
  7. So trump finally insuinuated the widow is a liar. Dude is awful. Has to always be right.
  8. Are we missing Hageman?
  9. C0cksuckers like TGA are the reason why running is always a better option than complying and why being judged by 12 don't mean sht for the police.
  10. I don't consider slavery being relevant to the issues in the black community. I believe racial prejudice and ignorance has had a much larger role in getting us where we are today. I'm busy now but will provide a better answer tomorrow.
  11. Are you seriously talking about the video above. Please point out the scared people. Also, Ohio is open carry.……
  12. Sponge what you got for a three year old boy? That kart looks perfect.
  13. Pzummo I'm staying out of this because I get triggered often when discussing race as I'm sure you already know. Anyways please address the difference between true racism, racial ignorance, and racial prejudice when you return. They are in fact different, but once applied on a large scale they are all just as damaging.
  14. Remember when the creators of the culture war told us Trump was elected because people are tired of identity politics....good times.
  15. John Crawford should have ran.