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  1. The falcons limp into the playoffs this year on a wildcard and go on to win their first bowl. Send it!
  2. Did you know there are rape cases where people actually ended up going to prison due to false allegations?
  3. This is what happens when you lose your defensive QB. The guys don't trust each other and are trying to cover everything instead of just doing their dm jobs.
  4. JDave's nastygram's are paying off.
  5. no, it's essentially a video of NRATV host discussing the Bell curve..........
  6. The notion that the organization that employed Bill wittle is not racist is bs, and anyone claiming that should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, just admit you don't care about their racist tendencies.
  7. Why does the NRA care about diversity?
  8. trolling the world by pretending to be a white supremacist......totally pwning.
  9. ^This is the worst type of identity politics to me. How do you take a obvious issue for all american's and make it about race. This is how you get 4 more years of trump.
  10. That's my experience with cops. My teens and early 20's were countless stops, just like that. I didn't realize just how wrong it was until a few years ago, which is honestly terrifying.
  11. Is that what welfare for farmers is called now?
  12. I left for only a couple of hours and this thread added about 10 pages. I am not running Peyton and whoever else but forget it.
  13. The falcons just drafted the best WR in the 2018 draft, and people think an injury prone #1 WR is going to play without at least trying to get some more guranteed money??????
  14. Most players are blindsided by their FO's. Julio read the writing on the wall and is acting on it. You think Roddy thought he would be cut when he was? Abraham?