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  1. ^lol, Trump's been a racist for decades. Not knowing isn't that same as not existing.
  2. i've been waiting on an armed million man march since i became an adult.
  3. i know i still owe you an explanation @andrew31
  4. essence is the black bourgeoisie crowd
  5. I kept trying to remind myself to come on the boards and ask BO how many episodes i should skip. No better death scene in the show imo. felt like i busted one.
  6. The guy who wants to be famous didn't comment on the superbowl halftime show, but should hold a press conference to offer his views about the superbowl halftime show because he is an attention whore? Anyone watching this without racial animus towards Kap and his cause does not think he is the attention whore here.
  7. All non kid friendly except the second Handsome rambler with hannibal buress This week in startups In the past lane final level with ice t kickass news
  8. CYA is in motion. Sheriff states he sees nothing criminal happen in the video and someone left a ticket at the victims house. No has been held accountable so far.
  9. I’m at a rather large VAR now that has a growing MSP for companies that want to offload infrastructure and service desk work.
  10. So a language along with AWS or are you recommending AWS as a stand-alone skill as well? Also, do you ever stand up applications in AZURE?
  11. We are in the process of migrating our services to the cloud. Moved our DBA as well, along with reducing the sys admin staff. Network team hanging on but SD-WAN and SDN has come for many of our clients already.
  12. working on an AS400 which is still used in healthcare and burying fiber qualifies. You likely have more knowledge than some already working their first help-desk or technician positions.
  13. I dont care how much you make, you need a ******* raise.
  14. Location is important due to the size and amount of helpdesk MSP’s, and NOC’s. These will be where you get your foot in the door as Optimus stated. Do you have any IT experience at all? Cable, wiring, almost anything should qualify as long as it plugs into a network somewhere? Great advice mentioned here. The important thing now is to build a lab and gain hands on experience to go along with any theory or instruction you have learned. Get a resume created ASAP and get it posted on all major job boards. Projects and planning for 2019 are done and will be ramping up, job listings will sky rocket in the next three months. Take all calls from any recruiter and be polite, if you’re not qualified tell them to reach out if come across anything else. Lab, lab, lab, now is the time to focus on your CCNP, and also begin PYTHON studies as well. Only place better is CA, NJ, and maybe CHI. Head hunters are your best friend at the beginning stages of any IT career. Six months of work while studying hard for the first two years. Don’t stay longer than six months if you are not promoted, given a raise, or moved to a permanent position. If you do, you’re leaving a boatload of money on the table. You could wait five years for the same fifteen percent raise you can get with a job hop. Some training sites I use for networking are, narbiks micro training, udemy, and cbt. Pm for any other info, I did this in 2011 and you can too, be persistent, and confident in your abilities, everything else will work itself out if you put in the effort.
  15. Atlanta area is great for IT. I’ll reply with more info tomorrow.