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  1. People who abuse a system created for people with real needs suck.
  2. Airplanes aren’t zoo’s or doggy parks.
  3. That was sarcasm, right?
  4. I understand people love their pets, but what happen to common decency. I traveled out of town this week and at the airport there were animals everywhere. In the food court, in the dm chairs slicking their sacks, bathroom, I am talking every fkin where. I read an article a week or so ago and didn't think much of it but this is getting out of hand. How will airlines handle the first case of Anaphylaxis due to the last aswhole having their dog on the flight before? My neighborhood has always been bad about people being conscious of imposing with their animals, but now the airports too?
  5. Did that dude list Alamo, enterprise, and National on seperate rows to make his list longer?
  6. Feels good having another brother on this site. There are three of us now with @pzummo. Are you picking up some dev skills as well?
  7. So breaking ties with the NRA is going after conservatives and deserving of legislative action? The authoritative streak @Leon TroutskyTrout spoke of is getting a little scary now.
  8. CNN just proved the storyline of children being given questions to be false. Now CNN has to prove via email that it told students to not deviate from their questions?
  9. Could gun control be considered charges for careless gun owners?
  10. Of course but fbi agents can suck and keep their jobs like all other types of American law enforcement.
  11. The life of free cars and housing from grandma..............FOH. Do you really believe the lies you tell to other people?
  12. I would appreciate it if you removed this post. The article you linked is very offensive.
  13. I mean she is proven wrong and leaves immediately, pretty sure she’s trolling guys.
  14. Over/under on Marla avoiding fine people comment next time she posts?
  15. Dammm Julian is racist as fk