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  1. Just talk to my sister who went to help in NY. They’re using Hydrochloroquine and experiencing some success. She didn’t know about the Z-pack usage. I’ll continue to update this thread as she feeds me info. I sent her the following link and asked if she was Familiar.
  2. I **** post mostly but if anyone believes the FDA they’re brain dead. The FDA is the most corrupt BS government agency and that’s pretty impressive in Washington.
  3. I do agree that the virus has likely been here for a while. No way the busiest airport in the world wasn't exposed around the same time as our larger urban centers. I'd guess that the way the virus ravaged a retirement home in Washington brought attention to it there first.
  4. Don't listen to this guy^. The UK was doing the same....
  5. It's a beast and ends with a bang, Ozarks that is.
  6. Convinced more than a few here would suck trump off if given the chance, hehehe
  7. Wow, it really is a cult
  8. Cashier at publix had a wrinkled as one on two days ago. Coughed in her hand before giving me the total. I gave her an intense long stare down, and walked tf outa there. Instacart with a heavy dose of Lysol after delivery for me now.
  9. My sister stated the same. She's a nurse here in Atlanta and she told me protocol for interaction with certain patients have completely changed although deviation was subject to discipline or termination prior to this crisis. She believes that hospitals are putting workers lives at risk so they don't have to weigh in on our political failure to ensure supplies are available.
  10. So I managed to get some fire power but now don't have anywhere to shoot or train. I bought two of your suggestions from a private party and one new. I really want to shoot the ones I got from a private party to ensure they actually work. Any recommendations?
  11. What about non-anime, City of God for example.
  12. Disable 5ghz on your PC and you’ll be fine.
  13. It's almost like reports that Matt Gaetz is a lying racist piece of poop who only wants to further his own career is ********
  14. Yes Covid-19 and the financial bailout that is coming. Also, the positions in the politico add directly contradict his past voting record and recent past debate rhetoric. Do you personally think Biden is doing a good job getting his message/ideas out right now?