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  1. Maybe your just not aware of the origin of wtd. WTD originally claimed Fields did not murder anyone and recited Stormfront talking points when discussing the case. He now absolves Fields ideology from his actions, while also equating them to be that of a conservative. We are way past poor wording being an explanation for his views. Dude is a Nazi.
  2. Ok, why does WTD describe a Nazi murderer as a white conservative?
  3. So the left made conservatives align their beliefs with actual Nazis?
  4. Was fields a conservative or nazi?
  5. Most people call this dude a murderer and or evil Nazi. Interesting how you view this dude though, I hope most conservatives would disavow the beliefs of this "white nationalist".
  6. hmmmmmmmmm
  7. That’s badas definitely grabbing that, thx.
  8. I thought so.
  9. How is deer meat compared to beef? Is it gamy like goat meat?
  10. I’m two tablets and a couple diy computer builds in so far. I’ll be grabbing some gaming rigs and htc vives in a few weeks as well.
  11. Yea, rhetoric, but, while PD's nationwide treat BLM as a terrorist organization, right wing extremists have taken over federal buildings, commited mass murder and elected nationally recognized politicians.
  12. The falcons limp into the playoffs this year on a wildcard and go on to win their first bowl. Send it!