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  1. There was a time when people believing trump and members of his cabinet weren’t racist could be considered naive or optimistic. They are now just liars and imo much worse. Overlooking bigotry is just as awful as being a bigot.
  2. From the same article……I guess last years tax cut helped as well. ”The minimum wage increase comes about a year after Walmart hiked hourly pay to at least $10 for most workers.”
  3. So trickle down is a one time bonus after decades of wage stagnation?
  4. They are not describing the wormhole theory, actually, something very different I’ve never heard of.
  5. NN was used to remove/manage some of the power that ISP monopolies have. The idea is that a network circuit is a pipe and ISP’s should not be allowed to restrict or change the way traffic flows. ISP’s will now be able to slow or even restrict traffic to sites depending on their choosing or business interests. You will not be able to shop around of course because their simply aren’t other options. To add insult to injury the government paid for most of the infrastructure ISP’s use via grants and special programs such as the connect America fund. ISP’s basically adhered to MLK’s “Socialize the pain privatize the gain”
  6. i would like to apologize to Pocahontas, trout, and any other native americans on this board for my use of a racial slur. i just noticed and unfortunately was unable to edit.
  7. Were you a contract or direct employee?
  8. When work was slow we would often get disco routes. I never did that sht, a disco only paid about 7 bucks and was often dangerous because you are dealing with people going through a rough time in life. I would get my route at 8 am, go home sleep until 12 and then hit a bar.
  9. Used to work for Cox in New Orleans for a couple of years. Ever had someone come out with AK because you are in the ROW?
  10. I often ask myself the same questions although I substitute black for white. I have noticed the good you do and certainly admire you for it, but maybe you can try to not overlook how the past has affected the present? Oppression has been a constant in America for all people. Acknowledging those wrongs does not amount to liberal/white guilt. The disregard you show towards oppression is the only thing associated to you.
  11. Seriously, you should check into this Moore character and you will see why wrong is wrong is actually wrong in this scenario. IIRC, one of the articles talk about Moore saying he first noticed his wife when she was 15 and coincidentally, the 14 yr old who is accusing Moore shared a class with his current wife. Think about that for a second.
  12. Jim Crow, war on drugs, human warehousing, black and indian farmers cheated by USDA, redlining, etc..All of which have taken place under the control of THIS generation. Sponge, there is a lot of info out there for you if you are interested.
  13. One side is accused of playing grab as and the other...pedophilia.. Also, everyone take a look at the bolded and bow. This is the greatness that Vicious and Marla could never achieve. "Stop putting words in my mouth" coming to a post near you.
  14. I am buying some PC part bundles and building gaming rigs with my sons'. Will be buying some HTC Vive's as well.
  15. Why is the owner of the top floors of the Mandalay Bay relevant to....anything?