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  1. Happy Easter, everyone https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HhzGSQwVa9I
  2. 17-0 staring us in the face! I think it's reasonable to expect either a winning record or a losing record this upcoming season. I'm optimistic, because why not?
  3. Trade down or take Pitts. These QBs can go bust on another team.
  4. 1000 yards and 10Tds confirmed for Pitts.
  5. Thank you. Love some Archer:D didn't even realize she had just passed. That's terrible. Show definitely not gonna be the same. New Mallory won't be able to scold ole' sterling the same way I've come to love.
  6. The kind of guy who could jack you up against your locker from across the hall. little feet just dangling and wondering wth just happened to you.
  7. Really love this signing. Even running DKs offense last season, if we had Davis instead of Gurley I think we could have finished in a lot of the close games we lost. The defense may not be great next season, but I hope it is and I know they are working hard to rebuild it, but if Davis can bring to the falcons what he brought to the panthers, than it's gonna help the team a lot by just keeping our defense off the field and fresh in the 4th quarter. That's something we have really been lacking.
  8. Clowney's issue may be he lacks the ability to bend around the OTs and thus gets washed out on the rush. He does generate pressure he just can't finish. He would be a great addition to the team, but I think he is going to find someone willing to overpay for his services and I don't think it will be us.
  9. Not better than Turner, but the best since Turner. That was 13 whole years ago now. Turner was a FA. Chargers had tried to trade him at some point, though, but never did.
  10. I don't know about all this lol. Let's make this man a RB! He can get his rocks off laying the wood on the defense.
  11. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. I'm going to go back through about 69,420 threads and express my extreme disapproval of some of y'all's sorry *** posts. I've been waiting for this my whole life.
  12. Ideally you try to find a gem late in the draft or an UDFA and see if he develops behind Ryan. Kaep sucks. I wouldn't hire him to wash jock straps.
  13. Hey, you get off Rings' sack!
  14. Not sure why he is flip-flopping on #4. If we have "more than 50% of the roster to fill" and are currently over the cap, I'm not sure why trading back for more draft capital isnt always the right choice.
  15. Never winning doesn't = can't win one. Any team can win any year. You speak so absolutely about things that are uncertain. Honestly surprised you're still a falcons fan lol.
  16. We are watching the saints, day by day, dig out of a seemingly insurmountable cap situation and people are still worried about our cap situation. If Brees could still push the ball down field and the Saints managed a superbowl within the last few years, how would people's view on the cap change?
  17. Pitts is being to compared to Calvin Johnson. If he plays like Megatron than getting him at 4 is fine. It's BPA for sure, but adding a reciever to a stacked recieving core is definitely not ideal considering we have alot of other needs. A trade down would certainly be better for us, but Pitts would definitely make an immediate impact on the field.
  18. Why would we wanna trade for a 4'9" QB who thinks the world is conspiring against his dream to be the next Gordon Ramsay? This man has to have Ciara open the pickle jars for him, for Christ sake.
  19. I would rather focus on the secondary more than the front 7. I think that's our biggest weakness.
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