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  1. ...and while you're at it, bend him over the knee for good measure.
  2. If you start pushing rope it's time to head home. Avatar related
  3. Let's sign him and break the record for the most trick plays attempted in a single season.
  4. Draft a rookie, sign Cam, a former MVP to help mentor, and run a lot of 2 Qb sets with the wildcat.
  5. Wether you think MR2 is done or not, this is what we have to be excited about. Let's hope Ice is tearing it up this upcoming season and is still the guy most of us think he is.
  6. Good defense, good running game, and competent coaching goes a long way. A good QB will lose alot without it and an average QB can win it all with it. Give me a defense and give me wrecking ball in the back field. Especially now with defenses fielding smaller and quicker players to defend the pass.
  7. I would be fine with Gurley coming back. Waterboys are underated and we need one
  8. It's easier than that; we just need to figure out which mcdonalds jake locker is working at and offer him a contract. He is better than Ryan straight up and will sign for cheap
  9. Somewhere, in louisiana, there is a 12 year old running 10 accounts here who loves to stir the pot 🤣
  10. I heard he rides through the ghetto in his bently and yells yo momma jokes out the window to people walking down the street!
  11. The next time you watch the Seahawks play, count the number of passes wilson attempts around the middle of the field from the pocket.
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