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  1. He's not exactly wrong. Nevertheless, to Brady's credit, he embraced the system he was placed in and ran with it, for all intents and purposes of the game, to perfection. So it's not just the system, which I don't know if that's what @Knight of God meant. A tool is only as good as the person who uses it. It's like with Ryan and Kyle Shanahan. Some say Ryan's MVP season was more the product of Kyle Shanahan and his system, and some say things to the contrary. It's both. Kyle Shanahan had a system that he likes to run, which is effective, but we didn't know how good it actually was until Ryan ran it at a high level. Same goes with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. Alex Smith ran Reid's offense well. Mahomes just does it better.
  2. Zimmer still calls the plays.
  3. What-if-isms are also an exercise in futility. The point being made was that systems and structure are critical to success. Ryan may have won a couple Super Bowls if he was in New England with Belichick. Maybe not. Belichick has a system and a style of coaching that not everyone may be well suited to or respond to as well as Tom Brady has throughout his career. If reports are to be believed, Belichick still coaches Brady hard like every other player on his roster, and Brady still responds the same way by turning in solid performances week to week. Remember, Belichick was head coach in Cleveland prior to New England. Bernie Kosar wasn't a bad QB. But he never had the success with Kosar as he did with Brady. The same goes for Brady. Where would he be if Belichick never decided to take a flyer on him, actually bother developing him, and then retain him as his long-term starter after Bledsoe recovered? Bledsoe had just signed a 10-year contract. Twenty years later he's facing the same situation with Brady and Garropollo and Belichick does the opposite--instead of cutting ties with his aging veteran he decides to trade the young buck. Brady and Belichick was/is a perfect storm of player and coach. The same can be said for Brees and Payton. What if the Dolphins decided to take the risk and sign Brees? Would Brees have been as successful, breaking one passing record after another, with another coach rather than Sean Payton? We are seeing the same unfold with Patrick Mahomes II and Andy Reid. Perfect storm of player and coach/system. You can't separate the player from the coach. Being a great player and being, in essence, a product of a system are not mutually exclusive. Every player is a product of a system, for better or for worse. Stephen Curry is a great player, but he played his best ball when coached by Steve Kerr. Giannis Antetokoumpo is a uber talented player, but he's clearly playing his best ball now that he's being coached by Mike Budenholzer. Ryan has succeeded in multiple systems, but clearly he has played his best football in a WCO/WCO-inspired system. Kyle Shanahan was instrumental in Ryan reaching his full potential. I think we can call that an objective truth. I think DQ and his generally aggressive brand of football has also played a part in Ryan's development, not just as a player within a system, but also as a competitor. It's the same in life in general. You may get along with most people, but there are certain people, or a certain person, that you just mesh with the best. You may be able to produce good work doing things in several different ways, but there's a certain way, or method, that you can perform your absolute best in.
  4. So we agree it's not a stat now, but just an opinion. Okay, good talk.
  5. That guy is putting up Madden-on-easy-difficulty numbers on a weekly basis. You figure through just two seasons of starting, Mahomes will already be approaching 100 passing TDs AND 10,000 passing yards.
  6. That's not a stat though. That's just some guy's opinion, which I don't disagree with.
  7. Do circumstances mean anything to you? This was 2015. The players were learning a brand new offense and adjusting to life under a new head coach. That won't be the case, at least not entirely, this time around.
  8. That looked like an RPO that Ryan just scrambled on.
  9. Well, our defense had a lot to do with that.
  10. Wrong choice of word there, but true. Looking back at that throw to Hardy downfield, he had a pocket to step into but let it go early like he had pressure in his face. Ryan just needs to settle down, go through his reads, and take what the defense gives him. He does that, he'll be putting up numbers like it was 2016 or 2018 again.
  11. Yeah, one game, the one on Sunday night. And even that one isn't a good sample because we won and Ryan threw the game-winning TD to Julio on 4th and 3. Everything certainly wasn't perfect around him. Jim Schwartz was sending blitzes all game. Ryan threw 3 picks. Eagles pulled ahead late. Ryan responded with the brilliant audible to release Julio on a screen with an all out blitz coming. That's what great QBs do.
  12. You're not being objective. This is just a silly hot take based on a one game sample size. So what? Tom Brady couldn't make that throw regardless of how old he is. Neither could Drew Brees. Doesn't stop them from being great. If pure athleticism was a major predictor of success at the QB position, most of the league's elite throughout history would be busts.
  13. Honestly, a better throw from Ryan and he has a 99 yard TD the first time the Eagles ran cover-0.
  14. I like Brissett, but if we can slow the run and create relentless pressure like we did on Wentz, he's in for a long day, in a really bad way.