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  1. Lol no. Not at all.
  2. Sark was a rookie to the NFL. Koetter is a seasoned vet. I'm sure he's seen or is at least somewhat familiar with the concepts Kyle introduced. This isn't just about Koetter learning new terminology, which frankly is the easy part compared to learning the other nuances of a system. It's been 4 years since Ryan played in Koetter's original system. That transition back would be worse because of aforementioned nuances. We don't need Ryan and company going through wholesale system changes again--not at this stage in his career. Better Koetter learns new terminology than Ryan relearn an old system.
  3. Why scrap something that's worked very well and Ryan obviously likes very much? These guys aren't idiots. Koetter will be fine, and he'll be a better OC for it.
  4. Can you legitimately quote TD, Blank, or DQ saying anything about TO being a bad influence on Julio? Secondly, does it even matter? As I've already told you, the guy led the league in yards in 2018 with 1600+. He's posted 1400+ yards in 5 consecutive seasons. Ryan trusts him more than any other receiver on the field, and for good reason. Arthur Blank stated frankly that Julio "will be a Falcon for life." Point blank. Look at how the players (and the crowd for that matter) responded when Julio scored his first TD last year. I remember, I was was like we were back in Atlanta. All of what you're saying is nonsense. Get any player or coach's honest opinion about Julio, Falcon or otherwise, and I'd guarantee most if not all of them would say he's one of the best, hardest-working teammates a team could ask for. Bar none. Even rivals like Richard Sherman and Josh Norman have shown nothing but respect and admiration for Julio. Like what's your problem? Brady has skipped OTAs. Rodgers has skipped almost the entirety of preseason last year. If Ryan skipped OTAs would you be saying the same ish?
  5. OMG man, literally no one said it's okay that Julio skips training camp. Julio has NEVER held out of training camp which are mandatory.
  6. That's saying something, because I can tolerate Kellerman.
  7. It doesn't make a bit of difference. You really want this team to keep being in a position where they have to "come from behind?" Either the Falcons are a good football team or they're not. Media hype or expectations don't mean jack. What's gonna happen when this team starts stringing together wins and the offense performs similarly to how it did in 2016? Guess where the spotlight is going?
  8. Epic facepalm man. You do realize that playing WR puts far more wear and tear on the body than playing QB. A WR that led the league in yards again last year and posted a NFL record 5th straight season with 1400+ yards "needs as much work as he can get" and he's "lazy."
  9. Why would we want Aaron Gordon? I don't want anybody from the Magic except Vucevic, who is an unrestricted free agent.
  10. Remember when Colin Cowherd said that Ryan is closer to Andy Dalton than he is to Aaron Rodgers? Lol
  11. Yeah, I don't think the Lindstrom and McGary selections were as desperate or hasty as Choate implies in that statement. Especially the McGary selection. They saw an opportunity and pounced on it, and they still got a good haul in the rest of the draft. It's hard to find NFL-ready OL talent straight out of college nowadays, especially past the first two rounds. TD has echoed that time and again, so double-dipping at OL in the first round shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise. I'd call it more of a preemptive move than a desperate one, but time will tell if TD made the right choices.