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  1. Ok, go be a Cardinals fan. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
  2. I don't know about a convincing win, but at the very least I'm predicting the offense starts to find its footing and AS opens a little more of the playbook. Hopefully the defense also finds their groove.
  3. Almost like people are looking for negativity...👀
  4. I gotta believe that the players, at least some of them, had to have felt some relief that TD and DQ were sent packing and that the Falcons entire coaching and FO staff was overhauled. When you keep losing, especially in the creative ways the Falcons did under DQ, it would be totally human to just mentally check out and want change. I know I would. They may never publicly admit it, but I think the players wanted it as much, if not more than the fans because they're the ones actually having to put their bodies on the line out on the field.
  5. It was a really aggressive, risky throw. On the play the commentators criticized it but Ryan fit that ball into a keyhole and Pitts made a play on it. Great effort by both players.
  6. Honestly, I was gonna say that as a legitimate thing. To paraphrase Ryan, Smith has been consistent and, as far as I can tell, authentic in his evaluations of where he thinks the team is at and how far they can go. There really are no sacred cows with him. I believe that if he sees an opportunity to upgrade a position, he and Fontenot will get it done. That being said, he's not so quick to give up on a player either, as we've seen with Mayfield. So it's a good balance.
  7. Gosh if the O-line could actually earn their paycheck Pitts would probably have more of an impact than we've seen. I hope Andrews and Gono can get back on the field sooner than later and/or Mayfield has an epiphany over the next couple of weeks and doesn't become a total liability. McGary has to step it up too. Granted, they did improve from Week 1, but man Week 2 showed that if the line could hold their blocks for three seconds consistently this offense will be a force to be reckoned with.
  8. He can't do two people's jobs. Fake news! I have it on good authority that Ryan was laughing and cutting up on the sidelines. Dude is regressing bro.
  9. Yeah, he kept looking back under his legs right before snapping the ball.
  10. He started playing with more confidence in the second half, but yeah, the O-line needs to help him out. I think we finally saw flashes of what the offense is capable of when everybody is doing their job well, and I'd say it made the Bucs sweat for a minute.
  11. Good to see Freeman back on the field with Baltimore and looking good. Impressive win by the Ravens being down by multiple possessions twice. Lamar played an outstanding game and showed improvement as a passer. He made some bad decisions trying to force the issue, but then went out swinging and showed his full complement of skills as a runner and passer. Jackson v Mahomes is the new Brady v Manning. Highly entertaining game.
  12. After the first quarter, I stopped caring about winning the game. I just wanted to see improvement, and I saw it. The team fought back. The offense came to life and Arthur Smith seemed to open up the playbook a little more. Ryan was playing with a lot more confidence in the second half. The defense made plays and fought to keep it close. But yeah, the punter needs to go. Whatever hope we had of the Falcons getting back in the game and possibly winning it was shanked with that pathetic effort of a punt when the Falcons finally came within an earshot of tying the game.
  13. Please let the Falcons win this game so I can say... The BUCS were up 28-10
  14. Let's see if the offense can string together another TD drive
  15. Ryan appeared to start directing traffic and getting guys in the right position. But AS still calling plays haha
  16. Yeah, it's just pathetic now. They don't even look like a professional football team right now.
  17. Looks like the players haven't grasped the offense. It's 2015 all over again.
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