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  1. Case closed. Moving on.
  2. Because it's just a black border, which helps to distinguish the grey outline from the gray helmet.
  3. Well, I will say the logos really pop on them with the glossy finish and black border. If those are legit, then what color facemask should go with them? I think red would look nice, but black might be better.
  4. Have those even been painted? They look fresh out of the oven.
  5. Oh yeah? Well since you wanna start talking other variables carrying weight, how about cap space savings? Too insignificant to cherry pick in this case, huh?
  6. As others said, could easily be construed as implicitly throwing shade on TD.
  7. People love to hate TD around here.
  8. Dude, this is literally how the Patriots have operated and been successful for years.
  9. Eh, probably shouldn't wait to draft one, unless you're confident someone already on the roster can fill the position.
  10. Provided most of them stay relatively healthy over the season, Koetter has ZERO excuses not to produce at least a top 10 rush and pass offense. DQ better make sure he does, because his job is on the line too.
  11. Happy birthday!
  12. It's no joke at any point in time. It's only a concern if he starts to withdraw. Otherwise, you only make things worse by treating him like he has the plague and threatening to take away probably one of the few things that keeps him sane.
  13. As I said, they just weren't willing to roll the dice anymore with a QB well into his 40s. Brady's "down year" wasn't because his skills were in decline, but because he had no friggin help.
  14. It's not that crazy considering it's already happened before, on more than one occasion. Heck, it happened in 2017, in our own division, and then the Saints played the Panthers for the third time in the wildcard round. 2017 NFC South Saints: 11-5 Panthers: 11-5 Falcons: 10-6
  15. The Patriots offered him a contract. Brady didn't like it. New England didn't let him go because they didn't think he was any good. Belichick just wasn't willing to roll the dice anymore with a 40+-year-old QB.