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  1. Yeah, he does looked like he bulked up a bit.
  2. He won't (at least publicly), but I think his mindset on these questions is genuine. One might say that Ryan declaring himself to be the best QB in the NFC South right now is "saying the wrong thing" because of how accomplished Brady and Brees are, but I don't think it is. Ryan is clearly confident in his ability and preparation to play well enough week in and week out to win games. I know I am. Not so sure about some of the guys on the O-line or the guy calling plays, but it's a team effort. A team is only as good as its weakest link. Everybody on the team needs to be dialed in. If everyone puts in at least 50% of the work guys like Ryan, Grady, and Julio do, they will win a lot of games.
  3. I mean, he still threw for 30+ TDs and 5000+ yards. Turnovers killed that offense, but they could still move the ball well. DK won't get another shot though. Not unless he majorly adapts his playcalling and system.
  4. Yuck. I mean good for him, but if that's what it's going to take to keep or get a premiere pass rusher, it's gonna be tough sledding trying to build and maintain a good defense.
  5. No, Mahomes should be No. 1. This guy is having a Dan Marino impact on the game right now.
  6. Lol, by accident. Stop me if you've heard this before. "I didn't mean to kill him..." Then you got Marlon Davidson who announced during the draft he loves football because it allows him to legally assault guys on the field.
  7. The real Mr. Big Chest just stood up. Dude looks like he could bench press a car...with people in it.
  8. Mr.11

    Trae Young

    It's even more remarkable that Trae was averaging over 9 assists a game despite the team as a whole shooting poorly.
  9. I don't think he has to be a Latino. Heck, I'd give Xavi Hernandez a courtesy call.
  10. Well, I'm not surprised. The players looked absolutely uninterested and frustrated and that's an indictment on the coaching staff. Management wasn't going to let that go on and risk losing the image they have built up as being a quality club that has been a stepping stone for those who aspire to play in Europe. It's either FdB goes or players bail, and they weren't gonna let the latter happen.
  11. Mr.11


    Now I really can't wait to watch Hawks basketball. It's hard to pick a favorite uni, they all look great in their own way. But if I had to pick a fave it would be the red one.
  12. I avoid high school animes like the plague, although I recently watched Tenjho Tenge and liked it for the first couple episodes before it turned into melodramatic trash. I generally avoid those with teenage protagonists now as well, with very few exceptions (like Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans).
  13. I somewhat liked Megalobox (on Netflix). It has something of a Samurai Champloo urban contemporary theme to it (also helped along by the main character who's a lot like Mugen). In that regard though, it gets a little cringey at times but nothing overwhelming. Anyway, the plot involves boxing with strength enhancing exoskeletons, which is a cool concept, but rather unrealistic. I know, it's fiction, but with sports, like a story that's centered around sports, I need some degree of realism to vibe with it. Especially in combat sports, where supposedly we're dealing with normal humans but they can take multiple hits (to the head) and all these guys can hit as hard as Mike Tyson. Nevertheless, I liked the plot overall.
  14. True. I know a lot of those cats were young and relatively inexperienced, but it was still painful to watch chance after chance get shanked right in front of goal. Like they couldn't even put it on target. Pity put a lot of great passes into the box that, with just a quality touch, should have been tap in goals. That was very frustrating to watch (then the next day I had to watch Arsenal lose to Spurs in a similar frustrating fashion but at least they've since made up for it).
  15. Mr.11


    I don't know man. The funny thing is that they kept the original throwbacks. They could have just slightly updated those. I don't mind the ATL typeface, just don't make it so big. I don't hate the concept, but it's just appalling to me that those unis made it through the vetting process. They just look incomplete--like they were rushed to decide on a design and they just said screw it, let's go with what we've got.
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