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  1. He's not starting Huerter for the very reason you just said--Solo offers nothing in the way of scoring and he's more of a liability on defense. Coach Nate is, at least, trying to even things out by having a scoring punch off the bench with Huerter and Lou. Make no mistake though, even if he comes off the bench, Huerter is an X-factor.
  2. Yet somehow Marvin Hall impressed enough that the Pats signed him.
  3. I'd take the latter every Sunday. No slight against Julio, but a Smith coached offense would run a Koetter offense off the field. If we still had Julio it would just be Madden level unfair, which is why he asked for a trade of course...
  4. The Hawks haven't been able to adjust to how the Sixers are defending them. That's really been the difference maker in this series. The Sixers have taken away the pick and roll for the most part. Simmons' size and length is bothering Trae and he's turning over the ball much more often. The offense looks discombobulated. There's no flow, no rhythm, just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Right now though, the players just gotta get locked in. Bogi needs to be more aggressive shooting the ball, because right now he's been the most consistent in that department. If he has space, le
  5. Learn what exactly? Are you implying that Ryan was a bust of a pick 13 years ago because he isn't "physically gifted?" What's your boy Watson done that Ryan hasn't? Well, besides messing around with massage therapists... I'll wait...
  6. Sixers adjusted and gave the Hawks starters fits. Trae is having to play off the ball more. That's fine. Just got to get into a rhythm. Started to see some of it towards the end of the second quarter.
  7. We got the Sixers best shot, and we're only down 2 at the half. Bury these bamas in the second half
  8. Yup, which was the exact same situation with Bud in Atlanta. That team that won 60 games and made the conference finals only to get swept by Bron's Cavs definitely overachieved. But the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Bud ran to Milwaukee to get his superstar player in Giannis when the Hawks decided to hit the reset button (we knew darn well we weren't even close to title contenders when Dennis Schroeder is your starting PG). Now you could argue that the Hawks are ascending and the Bucks are descending, cause like I said, they're a fairly old team (which was the same si
  9. Kinda reminds me more of Smitty. His teams were good enough to rip through the regular season, but would fall apart in the postseason. DQ's teams, at the very least, by and large did well in the postseason because he was able to motivate them to play with a sense of urgency and just go for broke. Both coaches lost their way as far as having a concrete vision and plan for the team. Honestly I'm shocked at what the Nets are doing to the Bucks, considering the way they ran Miami out of town. Coach Bud has no excuse. He's got the Greak Freak, one of the best 3 players in the league not n
  10. It's kinda funny though, because all these debates about how the Sixers are/should defend the Hawks is really just a compliment to the Hawks. SAS said that Trae Young is a superstar in the making. I say he's already there. He's causing the #1 seed with the #2 defense in the NBA to go scrambling for answers as to how to defend him, and it really is pick your poison. If you leave Simmons on him: 1) Trae will get him in foul trouble 2) He takes Simmons out of the paint, leaving JC and Capela more room to do damage down low. 3) Creates mismatches literally everywhere else
  11. That's why I'm a little adamant that Hurst gets a new deal. I think he's gonna impress this coming season, and it's only a matter of time before TEs get paid like WRs so now's the time to get max value out of them.
  12. Haha yeah, just had that same thought. If I ever had the chance, I'd still ask Julio to autograph my jersey and then frame it to keep as a collectors item. It's a throwback limited jersey, so you know how much I spent. Definitely can't toss it...last game I wore it at was in 2018 when Julio scored his first TD of the season vs Washington, which was a pretty special moment. Who knows, might fetch a high price one day.
  13. Nope, at least I don't. I get that sounds harsh, but that's just how it is. Wish Julio all the best in Tennessee, but quite honestly, I think he's gonna regret asking for a trade, and much sooner than later if the idea was trying to get on a championship contender. Anyway, I guess recent events in my life have prompted me to stop being that concerned about people who are, for all intents and purposes, outside of my circle now. So seeing the news of Julio finally being traded didn't affect me in the slightest (it was also the same day the Hawks beat Philly in Game 1), which is saying something
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