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  1. I hope those leaks aren't the final design. I just can't bring myself to like them. They have some good ideas going with those, but those need more work.
  2. It does make sense, because Kubiak doesn't know that offense. It's the same nonsense like bringing Koetter in to run Kyle's offense. Say what you want about Kubiak, but his offense was humming with Osweiler under center, as they managed to deal the Patriots their first loss of the season. There is no difference. Ryan struggled in Kyle's first season, because he was unfamiliar with his offense and it's nuances. It was literally the exact same thing with Peyton Manning x2 (because he had been in the league about twice as long as Ryan has before working in Kubiak's offense). People hated Shanny and wondered why the offense needed to be changed. Then 2016 rolls around and the tune changed quickly when Ryan and co. started putting up record numbers. Peyton simply didn't have the luxury of time when Kubiak came, nor did it matter, because they ran the ball well enough and played great defense en route to winning the Super Bowl. Did you watch Aaron Rodgers last season? His numbers were down in his first season with LaFleur, for the exact same reason Ryan and Peyton Manning struggled their first season with their respective new coordinators. It has little to do with what they can do physically, but everything to do with processing and adjusting to a new offense and new play caller for the first time in years. It's just psychology and muscle memory dude--changing habits isn't easy.
  3. So what? It was the exact same thing people were complaining about here with Ryan and Shanny when he first arrived. Kyle never changed his scheme to suit Ryan, even if he did incorporate some of the plays Ryan liked. So why are you crapping on Kubiak for doing the same thing? Not to mention, Manning's arm was clearly shot. Dude was literally throwing ducks.
  4. Lol no it's not. Not even close.
  5. Oh please. I remember Julio talking about he might go for 2000 or 3000 receiving yards. It's not wrong to set personal goals. If it helps the team win, then by all means, go for it. Breaking Strahan's sack record would almost unequivocally help the team win, as he by himself would be accounting for more than two-thirds of the sacks the team generated last season.
  6. That's a team goal, which I'm sure being so close and not getting it in Super Bowl LIII must still be on his mind. How are you gonna put that all on one player, especially one that plays on defense?
  7. People in China are working again. That's about as close to normal as it gets. That said, this is following a "draconian" set of measures to curb the spread of the virus and get people well. People can crap on China all they want and say they can't be trusted. Truth of the matter is there is only so much you can hide. China is the most populous country on Earth--by comparison, its population is roughly 5x larger than that of the United States, and most of it is concentrated along the east coast. Plenty of opportunity for a virus as contagious as CoV2 to do a lot of damage, but that hasn't been the case.
  8. Depends. I can't stand the Japanese voice overs for anything Dragon Ball, especially for Goku. Gundam Wing: dub Outlaw Star: better dubbed Cowboy Bebop: better dubbed Yu Yu Hakusho: don't mind in dub Akame Ga Kill: would probably prefer subbed, but dub wasn't bad Naruto: sub all the way Bleach: sub all the way
  9. What's worse? Millions of people losing their jobs or millions of people dying?
  10. It makes plenty of sense considering there have been plenty of cases of people who tested positive for the virus and showed no symptoms. That's not much of a reprieve though, considering it's still highly infectious and could still mutate again as it continues to be transmitted. Fortunately the more restrictive policies starting to be put into effect are somewhat curbing the spread. Here in MD, lockdown is enforced now.
  11. It's not a flu bug. Influenza viruses cause the flu. The Coronavirus strain that causes COVID-19 is related to the family of viruses that cause the common cold, which has no known cure either.
  12. Was it really just a few though? Besides the Black Friday like spectacles at grocery stores, people were by and large conducting business as usual until about three weeks or so ago. At that point the number of known cases started doubling and tripling on an almost daily basis and the markets started tanking precipitously as a result, despite best efforts by leadership to downplay the severity of what we're dealing with.
  13. Yes it is, because they didn't take it seriously, much like policies (and public opinion) here didn't take it seriously until they were forced to. SARS-CoV2 has no vaccine, highly contagious, and right now killing people at a much higher rate than the flu. We still don't know exactly how many people have it because we don't have enough testing kits, among other things, and not all people are symptomatic. If people went about business like this was just the flu (which shouldn't be taken lightly either), things would be much worse. It's a perfect storm of ignorance and a highly infectious contagion.
  14. Case closed. Moving on.
  15. Because it's just a black border, which helps to distinguish the grey outline from the gray helmet.