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  1. Not to mention this team has scored 40+ points twice in the 6 games Morris has been HC and 30+ in half of them. The Falcons have more 40+ point games than the 9-2 Saints. Just goes to show how wildly inconsistent the team is, and most of it is on the offense.
  2. Ryan threw 39 passes for 185 yards. Dude hasn't cracked 200 yards passing in two consecutive games now, not to mention has 2 TDs to 3 INTs, and the Raiders were down two of their starting DBs at one point. Also he's been hit and sacked a ton, and it's not because the O line is giving up pressure quickly.
  3. And Andy Reid flamed out in Philadelphia when the QB situation went sour, then went to KC. How did that work out?
  4. It's pretty sad especially when watching a team like the Chiefs. Mahomes has the arm to consistently challenge teams down field, but Andy Reid has enough sense to know that teams will try to take that away. Now they're gashing defenses with quick RPO passes and what not where Mahomes barely holds the ball for one second before firing a pass for a big YAC gain. Even Mahomes in Koetter's offense would struggle.
  5. This offense only scores points in bunches when the defense gives them a short field. When it doesn't happen, you get a 24-9 beat down to a TE playing QB.
  6. Now they just need one in the gradients and then they'll have that monkey off their back.
  7. We needed to exorcise whatever that **** was in New Orleans.
  8. Don't get used to it. He's going back in the cellar to collect dust when Gurley is healthy enough to play.
  9. I hate to say this but Gurley getting injured was a blessing in disguise, because it forced DK to go down the depth chart and utilize more of what we have.
  10. That's really all I've been thinking this whole time. DKs offense only works after turnovers and garbage time when the defense is playing soft coverages or gave up. I don't usually call for terminations, but he needed to be fired a week ago. I can't stand watching his stale as 6 month old cereal offense wasting all the talent we have.
  11. Thank you Debo, cause the offense **** sure wasn't scoring points in awhile.
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