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  1. You guys just look at the end result and assume that the offense is fine because you saw 33 points on the scoreboard, or 32 last week. Do you remember at all when most of those points were scored? The second half, usually late into the third quarter going into the fourth after giving up a double digit lead. Which means there's something about the offense that it can't sustain drives and score points except when in full desperation mode late in games. That's not good no matter how you slice it.
  2. Honestly, I hope DQ can find a way to right the ship just enough to salvage a winning record, even if it doesn't result in a playoff berth. I still like DQ and think he can coach defense with the best of them. But AB has to realize that something has to give because we can't keep switching coaches like this. There can't be continuity just for the sake of familiarity--hiring retreads like Mularkey and Koetter were finesse moves and showed that the organization is clinging to a status quo that has never worked to begin with. That's why Kyle Shanahan was such a breath of fresh air. Not only did he completely revamp the offense into a scoring machine that could move the ball at will, he was a stickler for the details and, for better or for worse, got things done his way even if it meant butting heads with fan favorites (like Roddy, and the fanbase by and large hated Shanny for that even though Roddy clearly lost a step). Gotta give DQ credit for sticking with Kyle after all that drama and "trusting the process." But if DQ does stick around, he's going to have to learn to trust the guys on his staff and hire from within. You don't let a LaFleur or McDaniel walk out the door, ever, unless you can't stop them (for head coaching positions). That's the best way to maintain continuity. That's why the Patriots continue to have sustained success. Belichick has rarely hired anyone from outside the organization to key coordinator positions.
  3. That's extremely demoralizing. Any person who is dedicated to their craft and had resounding success in it knows the feeling well, and it sucks. I guarantee you it's affecting DQ psychologically. He can coach defense. Unfortunately, this is the hand he was dealt and he has to accept some responsibility for that, for better or for worse.
  4. Yeah, he said as much during the hiring process. DQ must have felt the pressure to put a good product on the field, but hiring Koetter was a terrible mistake. He would have been better off rolling the dice with a young, fresh OC like Mike McDaniel (since LeFleur got HC in Green Bay).
  5. Those passing numbers are taken completely out of context. Of course you're gonna be leading the league in several passing categories when 70% of the play calls are pass plays. That is not sustainable.
  6. Like, I don't understand why people are ****ting on Teddy Bridgewater. He's a good QB that started on a playoff team. Oh and he's 2-0 against the Falcons.
  7. Not LeFleur though.
  8. If I got a dollar for every post I saw that Ryan can't scramble or throw on the run, I'd have enough money to buy Super Bowl tickets.
  9. Then I suppose the next guy is gonna have to carry a big stick into AB's office and put his foot down and tell him that the only way this relationship is gonna work is if AB let's him do his job his way without interference.
  10. You're really gonna count 2014, when every team in the NFC South sucked and sent a team with a losing record to the playoffs for only the second time in NFL history? If only DQ got that luxury last year. We had a 4-2 record in the division last season, same as NO.
  11. Just like Mike Smith got burn out. And I suppose the next coach will get burnt out after 4 seasons as @JDaveG pointed out, so hopefully by then we'll have a Super Bowl. I guess third time's the charm, right? MS got us within 10 yards of the Super Bowl. DQ was one bad offensive series away from a Super Bowl win.
  12. So he made them accountable the first three seasons, I would even venture to say four because they won the last three games of 2018 with nothing to play for, and now inexplicably the players don't feel accountable to DQ? You lose a Super Bowl in heartbreaking fashion, become the only NFC team to return to the playoffs the following season and came within five yards of going to a second consecutive NFCCG, and now the players suddenly couldn't be bothered with DQ and whatever message he's putting out?
  13. Yeah, I think you're right. It's not fair on DQ if he's doing everything he possibly can to right the ship, and the players for whatever reason just refuse to perform to standard and then AB is micromanaging. I can't remember who said it, but DQ didn't just forget how to coach. All those people who claim 2016 was strictly Shanahan are dead wrong. They clearly forget that the defense, for its part, was making plays as well. DQ got the best out of a unit that mostly featured rookies and second year players. They remember 28-3, but forget that 7 of those 28 points was scored by the defense. They forget that there were only 4 or 5 rushing attempts total in the second half, which gave the defense little time to rest. Again, a defense with mostly rookies and second year players, was on the field for 90+ plays. I think DQ deserves another shot. If he gets fired, that will be the third coaching change in Ryan's career. Unless the next guy is just brilliant, we're not gonna get any kind of sustained success, let alone a Super Bowl, going through coaches like people switch phones.
  14. I'm not making anything of it. I just stated the facts--facts which you should be well aware of given Kyle Shanahan's tenure in Atlanta. What Green Bay is doing is what I, and most of us, expected the Falcons to be doing. Play physical on offense and defense. Instead, the defense has been highly inconsistent, looking above-average at best and historically putrid at worst, and the offense has been terribly one-dimensional in favor of the pass.
  15. Quite honestly, and I know I've been beating a dead horse with this, but Koetter has been part of the problem IMO. Ryan and co is just talented enough to somewhat mask the inefficiencies Koetter's scheme has. But we have a virtually nonexistent running game and it's not as if we have a horrible O-line like in 2013. We're not playing complementary football, and I think part of the reason is because players aren't confident in what the coaches are running. I'm sure the players know what works best for them--I can't imagine they were thrilled to see some of these coaching decisions.
  16. Mic drop. But I still wonder about the coaching assistant decisions. Why did DQ promote Manuel but none of the offensive coaches? Then double down and bring back Koetter? It's all bizarre.
  17. Kyle Shanahan has made many good defenses look bad.
  18. Omg I swear some of y'all need to see a therapist.
  19. Yeah, because of the system LeFleur implemented. You seem to forget that in Shanahan's first season in Atlanta, the passing offense lagged behind the rushing offense (and a whole bunch of people were crying for Koetter to come back lol). Once Ryan got the hang of it, his numbers jumped astronomically in 2016. Rodgers is still in the learning phase. Once he masters the offense, look out.
  20. Koetter wouldn't have done **** with him.
  21. Eric Bienemy Mike McDaniel (Kyle's assistant and my first choice since he's worked with Ryan before and is an excellent run game coordinator) Pete Carmicheal? Maybe give Jim Harbaugh a shot.
  22. It certainly wasn't a guarantee we'd win like many seem to believe.
  23. I'm not blaming Ryan, but if you're regularly attempting 45+ passes in a game, you're probably not winning.