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  1. No, not really. The Patriots record with Brady and Belichick against the AFC in general is stellar, especially at home, where I believe they've only lost twice to AFC teams. I believe they've only lost once to the Steelers in nine or 10 games, regularly handled Peyton Manning teams, and had regular success against the AFC's best throughout their tenure, which have included teams in their own division. Let's not act like the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills were always terrible. Even when they were good they just couldn't top the Patriots except for 2008 in which Brady tore his ACL at the beginning of the season, and that was only because of a tiebreaker. So no, it's not "pure luck." You don't win the AFC eight times because of luck. You don't win the Super Bowl five times in that same span because of luck. "But what if they played in the NFC South or [insert division]?" You can't make a conclusive statement because division games carry much more significance than non-conference games. So while Brady and Belichick may have a losing record against Newton and just broke even with Brees, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really blemish their legacy because those were insignificant games. It would likely be much different if the Patriots did play in the NFCS or any other division. The only non-conference game that does matter is the Super Bowl, in which Brady and Belichick are 5-3, though two of those losses are to the same team (NY Giants) and the other to a team they've beaten before (Philadelphia Eagles).
  2. @FalconAge It really isn't that simple. First of all, the NFL never actually proved that Brady or anyone in the Patriots organization knowingly and purposely tampered with footballs. Secondly, Brady's company isn't just some shell company used to funnel money to his account by circumventing certain regulations. TB12 is a real brand that sells real merchandise and offers real services that real people other than Brady use, including other NFL players such as Aaron Rodgers. Thus it also generates real profit, which I'm pretty sure Under Armour (who sponsors Brady) has a stake in. It is a win/win situation for Brady and the Patriots--more so Brady because Brady's company can still retain the services of the Patriots organization and/or players even after he retires or leaves.
  3. You're probably right, but I was surprised to see Brady getting enough time to launch the ball deep in the Super Bowl. I mean, every time I saw Brady wind up and throw it long I thought he was throwing it away and then bam, he's hitting a receiver for a huge gain. It looked like there were a few busted coverages, but nevertheless Brady was getting time to throw. I mean, Brady threw for 505 yards on just 48 attempts against the Eagles for a YPA of 10.5, and midway through the third quarter he was over 400 yards on roughly 30 or so attempts. I don't know if the Patriots O-line just caught fire or what, but other than the late sack the Eagles pass rush wasn't getting to Brady very often. For comparison, Brady last year threw for 466 yards on 62 pass attempts (7.5 YPA) against the Falcons in a game that went to overtime.
  4. I think the elephant in the room that most seem to be ignoring is that the defense according these analytics wasn't nearly as good as advertised. 22nd in defensive efficiency. That is not good.
  5. What about that Pro-Bowl kick returner for the Rams who fumbled twice in the wildcard game?
  6. Should make for some interesting formations and play designs if Sark and co. can get their creative juices flowing.
  7. Do you understand what the word "assert" means? The part "the offense has gone conservative under Sarkisian..." is a declarative sentence, or a statement. You didn't include any words or phrases such as "I believe," "I think," or "it seems that" to confirm that it was merely your thoughts or a speculative statement. So to any reader it appears as a "matter of fact" statement. Yeah I know it's your opinion, but you can assert an opinion as if it were a fact, which is what you did. Like I said, there's plenty of evidence to substantiate the position that the offense didn't actually change in its approach (e.g. identical pass/rush attempt ratio from 2016 to 2017), it was just by and large execution that was the problem.
  8. Lol what the Eagles did with Foles has only been done three times prior in the history of the NFL, and ironically they were all accomplished by NFC East teams. If it was so easy to replicate, then why hasn't it been done more often?
  9. Look at the Giants last year. They had a ton of WR talent, but the O-line was so bad that Eli didn't even have time to find them.
  10. This is the reason why you keep getting flamed a lot man--you post erroneous information and assert it as fact. This isn't a fact, and it's easy to confirm that. The only significant factors that changed from 2016 to 2017 in terms of offensive production can be summed up in the fact that explosive plays (20 yards or more) were down considerably as well as red zone efficiency. Everything else (passing attempts, rushing attempts, rushing YPC) is identical to last season.
  11. Nah, it isn't probably, he's nowhere close to that figure. Even Tom Brady isn't close to that net worth, even with endorsements. For comparison, Gisele Bundchen's net worth is approximately $360 million. I don't know how much you think endorsements are worth, but they aren't that much, especially on a year-to-year basis. NFL players do not make that much money (well, compared to their NBA and MLB counterparts). I don't know why some of yall have that impression, but they don't. Their money isn't fully guaranteed and very rarely, if ever, will you see a player who earns 100% of what his contract was worth. That's why "guaranteed money" is the buzz term that only exists when discussing NFL player contracts as opposed to NBA and MLB players, whose money is fully guaranteed regardless. They also don't make nearly as much money in endorsements as their NBA counterparts. For example, in 2016, "Brady earned an estimated $44 million between his football contract and various endorsements (Orfanides, 2018." Kevin Durant, for comparison, makes $30 million yearly from his Nike deal alone (Manfred, 2014). Finally, what are these endorsements that Ryan has? Really, Ryan hasn't exactly marketed himself up until recently, so I'm not sure how you got the idea that he's made so much from endorsements. So no, Matt Ryan is not worth $300 million or anywhere close to that. This information is readily available so I don't know why you're just haphazardly throwing figures out there.
  12. Right, as if Wilson is the same player now as he was in just his second season starting, and even then he was very good. Stop judging players based on factors completely outside of the realm they even operate in. We're picking players, not teams. Russ the last three seasons has played at a very high level despite shoddy protection and an almost nonexistent running game besides himself. He was the Seahawks leading rusher in 2017 and still passed for 4000+ yards and 30+ TDs (the second time in three seasons). And somehow he still hasn't missed a game. I'll take his skills, durability, and leadership any day.
  13. Really? Where did the other roughly $270 million come from? Secondly, Jimmy G is 7-0 as a starter. He only started two games for NE during Brady's suspension before injuring his shoulder in the second game. Jacob Brissett played the next two games.
  14. Stopped at Tyrod Taylor. Wanted to stop after "diminishing returns." Sigh. The guy doesn't throw many picks, but he also doesn't throw many TDs either. Buffalo routinely finished in the bottom half in PPG with Taylor as a starter. You know why? Because he's gun shy. He's a poor man's version of Alex Smith, only Smith can read defenses far better and he's far better at throwing the short to intermediate routes. The only reason Taylor hasn't flamed out as a passer is because of his running ability.