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  1. I think that's why they didn't throw the flag, because by the time contact was made the ball was far behind the receiver.
  2. He lost his chance. The Falcons will be back with a vengeance next season.
  3. He didn't get in over Ryan. Ryan turned down the invitation.
  4. I'm not really sure how you got the idea that I believe that Ryan is a lesser QB because he wasn't perfect. I merely stated that he played a near flawless Super Bowl to reinforce the point that bad coaching ultimately lost that game. That Ryan to Julio connection put them in prime position to win the game and the coaches inexplicably refused to keep running the ball to burn clock and stay in FG range. I mean dude, he finished with a 146+ passer rating and for much of the game he had a perfect passer rating, so it's not even just an opinion, it's a statistical fact. In 2012, Ryan played great in the NFCCG, in the first half. Then it was three turnovers in the second half, and Ryan absolutely had to own the fumbled snap. That's an unforced error that showed a lack of focus. It's not just about how you start, but more importantly how you finish. The reason Brady is widely considered the GOAT is because the guy is a closer. Most teams have to play almost flawlessly against the Patriots (especially in the playoffs) because this guy just refuses to stay down. He can play like trash in the first half, but when the game is on the line the guy just gets in the zone and the team feeds off of that. Falcons fans remember the pick-6 he threw in the Super Bowl. Everyone else remembers how Brady led the offense to 31 unanswered points to win the game in OT (the irony of that number being had we kicked the FG, we likely win 31-28). Most people's criticism of Ryan, and Romo, Rivers, and Peyton Manning for that matter have little to do with their ability to put up numbers. It has more to do with the question of what did they do in crunch time when your team had to score to win the game. Playoffs are where legacies are made. Ryan to me proved in the Super Bowl that he could win the big game with that throw to Julio to put them at the 22 yard line. If we won that game, people wouldn't be talking about how Ryan's stats for the game. No, they would be talking about how Ryan stepped up in the clutch and fired a laser on the run to Julio to set up the game winning FG. What's Joe "Cool" Montana mostly known for? The games in which the 9ers demolished their opposition or the games in which he delivered in the clutch?
  5. Not many people, hence why they're the underdog. Although that's still a very conservative figure. It basically means if you're picking the Rams, it's as a straight up winner, because there's almost no way they're covering that in a loss.
  6. That's not true. Roddy was short of the line to gain, so even if he had caught the ball it would still have been a turnover on downs. Bad decision by Ryan, who on that play didn't seem like he was looking at anyone but Roddy. 2012 is just a bad comparison, because while Ryan wasn't solely to blame for the loss in the NFCCG, he made critical errors in key moments. The defense wasn't great, but they gave the offense multiple chances to put the game away. Zero points in the second half with three turnovers (one on downs) is just a bad look. 2016 on the other hand was definitely more the product of bad coaching than anything else. Ryan played a near flawless Super Bowl, and made what should have been the play of the game scrambling to the right and finding Julio for a heroic sideline catch. Ryan has come a long way. He's much better now than he was in 2012 (which is saying a lot). His decision making (particularly post snap), pocket presence and movement, and mechanics have all improved significantly and that's why we've seen a considerable jump in his numbers from 2016 onward. As @TheDirtyWordII pointed out in a thread, he's past the point of needing OCs to make all the decisions now. Ryan has always been a smart guy, but I think early on he was given too much autonomy. Kyle Shanahan did Matt a favor by dialing that back some which allowed Matt to, in a way, reinvent himself by seeing how a creative and extremely meticulous play caller attacks a defense. With that added experience, Ryan's skills have improved significantly. Now I've done all that rambling to really make the point that Brees will always be given the benefit of the doubt because he's a Super Bowl MVP. Up until last Sunday, Brees was undefeated in that dome in January. Ryan has been on the wrong end of too many historic playoff losses to be given that same consideration--unfair as it may be, that's just how it is.
  7. He's actually underrated. Routinely gets overshadowed by Rodgers.
  8. These cats are losing their minds lol.
  9. We're watching a living legend. The NFL is Brady and Belichick's world and everyone else is just living in it.
  10. 2012, Falcons and Patriots lost to Jim and John Harbaugh in the conference title games.
  11. Because 2016 didn't happen in a vacuum. Why is it okay to NOT use it as a measure when comparing QBs? Rivers and Romo were never MVPs and never went to the Super Bowl. Ryan was literally the closest to getting a ring and would have one if DQ and company didn't forget a football 101 rule of closing out games.
  12. Lol, the Pats are about to play a Super Bowl in Atlanta. This is their THIRD straight since 28-3. Until Tom Brady and Bill Belichick retire, we will keep reliving this.
  13. Like Super Bowl LI broke Falcons fans?
  14. I'm no Saints fan and I'm glad they lost, but I feel for him.
  15. That's everybody in Atlanta right now.