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  1. Yeah, not a good look for the Falcons if they negotiate in bad faith. Don't make promises you can't keep.
  2. And who did they want? Bazemore? I doubt Schroder because they got Isaiah Thomas. I think the Lin deal was more about getting a solid vet to show Trae the ropes, and it's only for one year. In the end, it's less than what Schroder was going to cost. Like I said, 2018 is a throw away year. Unless the Hawks are trying to get someone else, doesn't really matter if the cap hit this year is $12.5mm or $5mm.
  3. Got the numbers slightly wrong, but what I said still stands. I understand what Schlenk said, however I think the key part of the statement was that the most important asset is cap space, and these trades created more of it. It may not materialize this year but it will the next year. Jeremy Lin won't net us a 1st rounder, but an additional $12.5mm in cap space can, if Schlenk chooses to go that route. EDIT: Plus, maybe Lin is who they wanted all along to show Young the ropes. It's still a win/win deal.
  4. The Hawks are playing the long game. 2018 is essentially a throw away year. What's the point of trying to save/create cap space for THIS upcoming season when you're not even trying to attract marquee free agents and you can get a lot more in the following years? That's what the Lin trade was about and that's what the Melo trade is about. I mean come on, are you really upset about losing a 2025 second rounder and the rights to Isaia Cordinier, who will probably never make an NBA game day roster? We get roughly $45mm in cap space next year, another first round pick, and another cheap veteran and all we had to do was give up a 2nd rounder that doesn't convert for 7 years, a player who's probably staying overseas, Schroder, and Muscala. That looks like solid bargaining to me.
  5. OKC must really have wanted to let go of Melo that they were willing to part ways with a first and Justin Anderson. Nice haul, plus a chunk of additional cap space next year.
  6. So what? How many different players have won league MVP in just the last 10 years? Brady x2, P. Manning x2, Rodgers x2, that's already 6. Ryan got his MVP competing against what was a tight race between him, Brady (who posted a 28:2 TD to INT ratio), and Rodgers (who threw 40 TDs to 7 INT and carried the Packers to the NFCCG). Saying that Ryan's HoF candidacy is so far influenced by his lone MVP season is implying that his other seasons weren't good and that he's essentially a one-hit wonder. He's not. Ryan is a proven winner. Most players will never win MVP. Ryan got his going up against the league's elite.
  7. I think in the grand scheme it works out for the Hawks, provided that this Schroder trade goes through. Getting Lin would be like shortening Schroder's cap hit to one year (in which the Hawks won't be playoff contenders anyway), and then getting an additional $30mm in cap room after Melo comes off the books after the upcoming season. Draft picks are just the cherry on top. Maybe there were cheaper options out there in free agency, but how many would be willing to sign 1-year deals?
  8. Plus Lin comes off the books next year too, which is another $15mm. Suddenly that trade doesn't look so bad, eh? Dedmon will be a UFA, I'm pretty sure Plumlee will be as well, so other than Bazemore I believe that leaves the Hawks with just rookies and players on rookie deals, which means they'll have a boatload of cap space and multiple first round draft picks.
  9. Calvin Johnson retired at 30. It's possible that Julio, at least at this point, realizes that betting on himself isn't the best course of action. He's played at an extremely high level over the past 4 seasons. It's tough to keep that up, especially if his body isn't cooperating.
  10. Who said they'll be retiring at the same time? Ryan is far and away the best QB of his draft class. He's a winner. He's consistent. Winston and Carr haven't even started in a playoff game, and they're not on a better pace than Ryan.
  11. The point is to move Schroder and his contract. The asset is probably a draft pick.
  12. I don't think so. We focus on the actual Super Bowl loss (a team failure) that we forget that Ryan had one of the greatest postseasons ever by a QB that year. He posted a passer rating of 144+ in the Super Bowl, which is one of the highest ever for a QB regardless of if whether his team won or not. His first five seasons in the league are still one of the most successful for a QB, and he's only gotten better since. Ryan has thrown for 4,000 yards in 7 consecutive seasons, which is tied for second most in league history. He's the fastest QB to 40,000 yards passing, beating Drew Brees, who is likely to own the career passing yards record, by one game. He has the most passing yards after 10 seasons, previously held by Peyton Manning. If Ryan keeps up his current trajectory, he'll be a first ballot HoF regardless of whether or not he wins a Super Bowl.
  13. That's not true, at all really. Julio routinely makes contested catches. Maybe not in the red zone, but he does every where else.
  14. I know Klay has a lightning fast trigger. He can make a shot without much room because he gets it off so fast. He's very good at using screens and getting open for the catch and shoot. Thing is, I don't see him score in isolation very often, not often enough to make me think that he could be the focal point of an offense on a championship contender. Even when it was just him and Curry I didn't really see it that often, and it's not like Curry is or was such a ball dominant guard like Westbrook or Harden.
  15. The Hawks don't need him now. Smart is a nice piece for a team competing for championships, not a team rebuilding. A guy like that you find in the draft if you don't already have him.