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  1. I think that's the better question here than why Julio did anything related to his social media accounts. Julio could have deleted all his social media accounts and I wouldn't care--heck I'd probably applaud him for having the cojones (no pun intended) to do it.
  2. Well if they're offering him control over personnel much like what he had pre-Schlenk, then I can understand why he'd be strongly interested. It is what is. If Bud does end up leaving, I just hope Schlenk can find a viable, long-term replacement, preferably someone young and relatively inexperienced who can grow with the guys (like Brad Stevens).
  3. Nah, I think he'll hold onto Prince, unless they draft Michael Porter who I think has a higher ceiling. That being said, TP could possibly play the 2, but it's possible that if Bud goes to, say, the Knicks (who have no wing depth), he'd likely recruit TP who is one of the last players he drafted.
  4. Dude, they played in Atlanta in 2015 in DQ's first season. Rico had the game sealing INT.
  5. That put a smile on my face.
  6. Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Whoever made the schedule apparently thinks those are great matchups deserving of primetime slots. Whether they're 1pm games or primetime doesn't make much difference--the games still have to be played. I like it. I've never seen the Falcons play on opening night and it's been a decade and a half since they played on Thanksgiving.
  7. That interview might have vaulted him to the 2nd round. He made a very compelling point and I think a few teams that are in need of all the positions he listed (like the Falcons) may be looking at this guy and changing their draft strategy. That being said, I love Hamilton and wouldn't be mad if we snagged him instead. Character wise, he reminds me of Julio.
  8. It's gonna be funny if the Hawks get the #1 pick anyway. I'm sorry, but this is at the height of being ridiculous. Y'all forget where Bud came from? Seventeen years of winning with the Spurs that included 4 titles. Winning is in his DNA. How exactly did you think telling him to lose (no matter what the end game is) was gonna go over with him? I don't blame him. For that matter, I'm happy Bud didn't lose his competitive edge during this past season. I'm happy the players didn't lose their competitive edge. I get why teams do it, but I hate tanking. I would never tell anyone to lose on purpose, much less pro athletes. Let the chips fall where they may. FO needs to do their due diligence and not rely on high draft picks to draft good players. Getting the #1 pick doesn't guarantee a team is getting the best player. Exhibit A: Michael Jordan. Exhibit B: Kevin Durant. Exhibit C: Kawhi Leonard.
  9. His wife, Erin, passed away yesterday at age 67. May the Lord grant him and his family peace and comfort during their time of grief.
  10. You need to get checked for dementia.
  11. One of the worst losses in sports history, 10-6, road playoff win, went toe-to-toe with the Super Bowl champs in Philly, and this team is soft?
  12. Michael Porter Jr. would still be on the board. If he never got injured he'd probably be the consensus #1 pick of the draft. That kid has KD/AD talent. It's rare you see 6'10" guys that move so fluidly, have ball handling skills, and can shoot. He's not even being talked about which would work out perfectly because he would drop right into the Hawks laps.
  13. I'm not sure that's entirely true. For example, I can only think of 3 of Ryan's interceptions which were actually his fault. All the others were tip drills. I thought Ryan was by and large better in the pocket and better at evading pressure. I also thought he got better at throwing guys open and hitting them in stride. Better routes and hands would have resulted in big plays. The numbers don't show it but Ryan did improve his game.