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  1. Mack got like twice the amount of guaranteed money JJ did. We got JJ at a bargain.
  2. Well, after all that chatter and adversity they went through, they're probably tight like bros now.
  3. Love Mack, but are you guys gonna make a new "what if" thread everytime he has a good game? Hopefully this is Chicago's last primetime game. He's never going to be in a Falcons' uniform.
  4. It's rather ironic this happens right when it seems the offense is rounding into form. I know people are reluctant to believe that the offense can be what it was in 2016, but at this rate, they have no choice if they want to keep winning games. The offense is gonna have to average 30+ points again in order for this team to stay in Super Bowl contention.
  5. True, although for me I thought it was the TD to Ridley that really got them going, and I believe that was on 1st and goal. I mean the offense, and Ryan particularly, just looked so much better after that. You could see the confidence. Ryan's passes were much sharper and had more zip. He stopped second-guessing himself, trying to not make a mistake. The O-line was getting a push every time. The backs were finishing off runs with determination. Like the burden of redzone issues was finally lifted and they could just go out and play freely.
  6. I'm not comparing players. Why does that even matter when we agree that it was a foul?
  7. It also means we wouldn't have Jake Matthews. I'll take Jake and Free over Gurley any day.
  8. No, they went in the same draft (2014). That was the year Jake Matthews was drafted with the first round pick.
  9. He never looked this good with Winston.
  10. Ditto. They played an outstanding game today.
  11. The Oline opened up big holes today. They didn't a week ago. How is that on Freeman? Coleman needs big holes to be successful. He's a sprinter. Free can get tough yards and needs only the slightest of cracks to get yards.
  12. I'm expecting a shootout next week. Don't expect the defense to slow down Drew Brees and company much. Thankfully, it looks like the offense is finally up to the task.
  13. You don't know that for sure. Whether or not he embellished the hit, it shouldn't have happened.
  14. He didn't though. He just said cheap shots like that shouldn't be in the game. If that's all he said, then I don't see how this qualifies as calling out the player.
  15. It was kind of a cheap shot. If it was the other way around and Ryan was hit like that while SLIDING, you'd want Kazee fined and suspended.