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  1. I know I am. Never been this anxious to get the season going.
  2. The Lions are pretty thin at LB. That pretty much hasn't changed. They do have a good secondary though, but Austin Hooper should feast in the middle of the field that game, along with Free and Teco being huge mismatches.
  3. It definitely seems like she's playing hardball. It's just one episode after another with her. Not even Julio's contract was this much of a headache, and we've known for awhile he's at least the 2nd best receiver in the league.
  4. Ryan is different. I believe he turned the corner in 2016 and he's not looking back. Can't see him producing less than 4500 passing yards, 30 TDs, and more than 11 INTs if everyone stays relatively healthy.
  5. Clickbait title. The roof is operational. They've already showed that. They're just tweaking and refining it so that it can open and close smoothly and in a timely fashion (roughly 10 min or less).
  6. You know where this is going, right? I've seen games where the Patriots were up 50-0 and Brady is still throwing the ball and finished the game. We already run a heavy rotation to keep players fresh. Let's not continue the habit of taking our foot off the gas for the sake of "preservation" or sportsmanship. Play ball, and play the way you're supposed to play for 60 min. If the other team can't or doesn't bother to stop you, that's on them, not us.
  7. You know what else is bizarre? Both the Falcons and Panthers lost to the Broncos and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Yes, both our franchises were the victims of two HOF QBs swan song in John Elway and then Peyton Manning. What's even funnier is that both teams wore their black home uniforms, and lost by double digits to Denver.
  8. Yeah right. Two billion dollars was just invested to build a new stadium in Atlanta, and another similar figure for the new stadium in Minnesota. Nevada just allocated $750 million for the Raiders to move in. The NFL isn't going away. Football is not going away. People aren't gonna stop watching. These owners will fight tooth and nail to keep that from happening. Stop fear mongering.
  9. I thought about TB, but then I decided that the Seahawks at full strength are a tougher match than TB. That being said, I don't think there's a team on the schedule we can't beat regardless of venue, but stuff happens. I could easily see us beating NE just because it's an important game from a pride standpoint, even if it means nothing in the way of playoff seeding. Seattle is a problem to me because of officiating. It seems as though once or twice a year there will be a primetime game there decided by a blown call going against the visiting team. I hope that isn't the case this time.
  10. If we are to lose (as much as I'd like to see us go undefeated), it would most likely be on the road against New England and Seattle.
  11. Great write up TDW, just wish guys wouldn't quote the whole thing just to give credit. My only comment is that the majority of NFL fans merely parrot what the media says about us. The term "Super Bowl hangover" wasn't actually coined until the Panthers fell on their collective butts last year. The Seahawks after their second consecutive Super Bowl continued to make the playoffs and last year won their division. Denver lost to the Seahawks in blowout fashion and returned two seasons later to avenge their loss with a dominant defensive effort of their own. While the Super Bowl loser hasn't returned to the big game the very next season since the Bills in the 90s, many still made the playoffs. In the last 10 seasons, literally only the Panthers failed to make the playoffs the following season, let alone post a winning regular season record. But because the media keeps putting this lie out there, people believe it to be a real thing.
  12. Wow what a shot by Tito. Guzan made some great saves that bailed us out, cause those were really good looks on goal.
  13. Honestly, Ryan outplayed Brady and didn't get a chance to prove it because the Patriots won the coin toss. Give him credit for the comeback, but we'll never know how the game shakes out if the Falcons won the toss or if NFL OT rules were like CFB rules and both teams are allowed at least one possession.
  14. That's a lot of potential star power that came out in this draft. It'll probably take a first year All-star nod to get ROY.
  15. Don't care when, just make sure he's 100% ready to unleash fury on opposing QBs.