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  1. Apparently neither does Tyler Lockett but that didn't stop him from ripping off 40 yard returns every time he touched the ball in that game.
  2. Yeah I heard all of them. Like I said, I'm not making conclusive statements one way or the other until due process is finished. I'm not being sarcastic. There's a lot at stake here so I'm not gonna let silly sports vendettas get in the way of better judgment.
  3. Why don't we wait until it's determined whether or not these allegations are actually true before asserting these kinds of statements.
  4. Because the Patriots won.
  5. Even if we do get the division title, the best we can get is the 3rd seed, which means we only get one guaranteed home playoff game.
  6. Provided that Carolina and NO win all their other games, it's possible that all three teams make the playoffs with an 11-5 record with the Falcons winning the division. This, however, would mean that we would have to play the Saints a third time in the WC round. However, if the Seahawks also win all their remaining games they win their division at 11-5, sending the Rams to the 5th seed (11-5; only loss to SEA and H2H tiebreaker over Saints) and the Saints to the 6th and knocking out the Panthers. In that scenario we'd finish with the 3rd seed in the NFC, which again means that we'd have to play the Saints (6th seed) a third time in the WC round. I'd rather not have to play the Saints three times this season only because I don't think any team has ever beaten another three straight times in the same season, and we're already on a 3-game winning streak against NO.
  7. Was that always your belief or did you just read that in one of @PeytonMannings Forehead posts? You say it doesn't, and yet you just described a real scenario in which teams are adjusting their coverages to deal with the things that made our offense so successful last year. Defensive coordinators have a job too--to watch film and devise gameplans to slow offenses down. All these factors and others (e.g. lack of execution) contribute to a "regression to the mean."
  8. I think you're smarter than this. We were told the offense wouldn't change, and it didn't. The only things that have changed is how it's being called and how it's been executed. All you've repeatedly asserted is that the offense isn't executing at the level it did last year, and point to Sark as the scapegoat. You're reaching for every reason to affirm your viewpoint without ever considering all the factors that goes into offensive performance, which PMF just displayed again. Honestly it's like a parent who keeps blaming teachers for his/her kid's bad grades. I bet that none of the players actually have a problem with Sark so much so that they want him gone.
  9. Maybe so, but this is the third time Big Ben has passed for 500+ yards.
  10. Even so we have as good a chance as any.
  11. 66 to be exact.
  12. Didn't matter. Flacco taking the sack effectively ended the game by itself.
  13. Yeah, that's my cue to check out of this thread.
  14. Nah I don't think so. Agree to disagree, because Ryan never has been or will be that athletic. Doesn't make him less of a QB, but I'm not about to claim he could or would even attempt to make a play like Cam did in that game.
  15. Ryan completed a pass to Roddy that traveled about 40 yards in the air backpedaling? Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it.