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  1. No. The writing was on the wall after the Giants MNF game. Tavecchio hit a 50-yarder and a clutch 56-yarder right down the middle (with the roof open) to ice the game. He has yet to miss a kick as a Falcon. He's kicked on dirt playing with the Raiders, and he was good for them as well. That should tell you all you need to know about whether or not he's a reliable kicker. Bryant is 42 years old, with mounting injuries, and a large salary. Regardless of what happened to similarly aged kickers, he was going to get cut after that season. The fact that the FO decided to keep Tavecchio on the roster even after Bryant returned should have been a heads up. I appreciate Bryant for all he did as a Falcon and I'm disappointed he didn't get a chance to win Super Bowl LI for us, but quite frankly, I don't miss him. Tavecchio is a capable kicker, and he's earned the opportunity he got.
  2. They won't. Fortunately for us, Doncic is too good. We'll gladly take their top 10 pick if they do decide to tank.
  3. Kinda ironic. That was Rick Pitino's thing.
  4. Whether he is or isn't doesn't matter. Sutton wasn't hired to coach. His role is something more akin to a project manager--making sure the overall operation on the field runs smoothly and that the team is making the best use of their time and resources (e.g. time outs).
  5. Happy birthday bro! Love your takes on football and life in general. Save some of that energy for Valentine's day lol.
  6. For sure. DQ isn't nearly as stubborn or passive as people make him out to be. I can't wait to see it all come together. This is a pretty incredible team of coaches DQ managed to assemble.
  7. That has more to do with Andy Reid than Sutton.
  8. Yeah, Zion would be a dream come true if we had a chance to pick him. Generational talent and would instantly turn this team into a championship contender in short order. He's such a versatile player like LeBron and Giannis that it doesn't matter much who you switch him on. He's either too big or too fast.
  9. Wow dude, I didn't even read past the first sentence because it's dead wrong. What team have you been watching?
  10. I think TP is gone. The top 2 targets in the 2019 draft (RJ Barrett and Zion) can play his position, and I think we're gonna get either one of them.
  11. Paul Pogba signing with any MLS squad would have broken the internet.
  12. This thread was poorly thought out. I would say OP was probably under the influence, but his math is actually good so idk.
  13. I wish him all the best. Somebody please tell her that this is hard on all of us.
  14. Then I'm an idiot too, because I strongly believe DQ will get ATL multiple Super Bowls. It's not a fluke that DQ consistently gives good offenses and QBs fits and that unknown FAs and late draft picks like Damontae Kazee, Sherrod Neasman and Jack Crawford keep emerging as solid contributors.
  15. Yup, rode that man defense with 4 rookies starting, no Trufant, and a bunch of second year guys (Jalen Collins played decent during that stretch) all the way to the Super Bowl. DQ lived and died with it and had we run the football three times and kicked a FG, we'd be talking about DQ's genius game planning.