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  1. physically intimidate shouldnt be the question....physically dominate might be better usage. i think that roddy-julio and tony should have their way with em.
  2. taco macs are a great place to watch games, you can watch 4 or 5 taco mac locations celebrating the final kick on youtube. Im going to the downtown decatur taco mac. Ill be getting there around 145 to guarantee a solid seat, and maybe pregame over a bucket of ice cold brew-hahas
  3. I watched this yesterday with my work friends, thats funny. PS you called him at the end.
  4. we tried screens, they went for nothing. i think we can screen on SF more. they are more aggresive with their pass rush. for a screen to be successful you need people to be overly aggresive. Matt Ryan is one of the best in the league at getting the ball out of his hand and avoiding hits. If he can find an open Roddy, Julio, Tony we should be fine.
  5. we played the opposite of smitty ball this whole game. on soundfx did you hear mike smith tell roddy, keep it up-we are going to stay aggressive all game. and they did.
  6. lol-think of the last few superbowl coaches and then go find me some clips of them pumping up players. this isn't college. pro players and coaches don't fraternize like that....it may fall on the coaching staff as a whole but not on mike smith.
  7. yeah thanks torris for complete 100% copyright infringment
  8. this isnt high school or college where its a coaches job to keep the spirits high. he isnt hired to be a cheerleader. this falls on 50 something 20-40 year old men who are rich from playing the game. If they get lazy-its on them. coaches in the NFL arent hype guys-the ones that try are back in college the next year.
  9. if they could barely hear his calls then next year they should go silent because thats when they did pretty well.
  10. i loved the red codoroy blazer he wore the other day. i had one just like it
  11. http://www.11alive.com/sports/article/272604/534/Rise-Up-Atlanta-Fan-Rally
  12. if you go to the friday night pep rally they are giving red rally towels.
  13. http://www.examiner.com/article/v103-and-wxia-join-forces-for-rise-up-atlanta-falcons-pep-rally
  14. lol- have you ever tried calling the bert show? pretty much impossible.
  15. we didn't try an onside kick....it's called a squib kick...he didn't kick it as hard as he should and the 1st line guy made a play on it. Smith said in the interview it was supposed to bounce to the guys at the 15-20.....he just really hit it soft.
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