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  1. The defense in the past 2 seasons would have made the qb's we faced look like Manning and Rodgers. At least this defense makes them look like what they are; which is average to below average qbs.
  2. It definitely has exceeded my expectations . The run game is a sight for sore eyes, and the defense is looking good enough to keep us in games. Matt Ryan will get it together, and this team will be set for the playoff run.
  3. I think that Ryan isnt used to all the help. He still feels like he has to make every play, and that puts unnecessary pressure on him. We need to simplify the offense; allow Devonta to get going, and then let Matt pick the defense apart.
  4. Agree completely. The team finally has a decent defense and the offense will get there **** together.
  5. Untalented? So, you're telling me that devonta, julio, and matt are not talented. The defense is doing enough to keep the Falcons in the game, that's more than we could've said last year.
  6. They actually do. Once we stop beating ourselves there are few teams that can beat us.
  7. I am dissapointed, but these problems are fixable. Ryan has played poorly, but today he looked like old Matt Ryan again. He completed over 80% of his passes and threw for over 360 yards. The team will be fine in my opinion.
  8. 100% agree. We just have to get hot at the right time.
  9. Yes I do, but I find it hard to believe that this string of bad luck will keep happening. The fact that we are moving the ball easily and then shooting ourselves in the foot; gives me reason to believe that once the turnovers stop this team will be a team to look out for.
  10. You guys/girls act like the Falcons are completely being dominated by the oppostion. If it wasn't for the turnovers this team would be undefeated right now. Of course there are holes on both sides of the ball, but to be at 6-2 while still figuring things out is not a bad position to be in. I think that after the bye the team starts rolling and we'll go into the playoffs with some momentum.
  11. I think 10 wins is very reasonable
  12. Amen! I think that barring injury this defense can really show a lot of improvement. I expect goodman, hageman, and maponga to really shine this upcoming season.
  13. Idk about you guys, but I personally love the way Weems plays the game. I would take Weems experience and toughness over a rookie that may only have speed.
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