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  1. I still think its demoralizing.....and will set in when they lose a few.... To know you've played your best baseball for 2 weeks and you're in the same spot...
  2. **** yall....I thought yall done went crazy...16 pages before the game...lol Chop the **** on!!!!.
  3. I have been working like a dog and have not been keyed in like in the past... Can he really play that role?
  4. Thats exactly how I see him...
  5. Or something they've read..
  6. Keep your indecent fantasies to yourself
  7. Sorry for your loss.... Im ignorant to this disease....I need to do some research...
  8. I love football....but thats some real **** you just spoke
  9. And just to piggyback off @HASHBROWN3 @Peteshweddy I want all our players to shine...but a couple of preseason plays aint enough to wash the bad taste out.... I aint giving him no props until he changes my mind when it counts..
  10. Lol....its all good brother....You know I come here for entertainment not to brawl... Im an observer....thats what allows me to not engage with certain people...we good ..you know that...
  11. My man....
  12. Riley....lol I told yall what I saw in Riley and I was made to look like I didn't know what I was talking about by some of the same people in this thread....its all good...I dont care enough about this to get in a pissing contest.... Fast forward and the same people still waiting to be proven right... SMH... Good luck with that...
  13. Seems like we cant catch a break with these umps Lets score some more runs and take it out of their hands
  14. Looks good.....feels good.... And **** the Dodgers
  15. I heard them say something about JD's back swing hitting someone in the head.. Was that last night??
  16. Lets do this ****
  17. Lets go bats.....Im tired
  18. That was close.....
  19. ****..... Hopefully he gets on point when the season starts.... Considering what he's done in preseason....if it carries over into the season...he might not last long But I think he will be ok...
  20. How many did he miss
  21. Good to get the win but **** Soroka cant buy a win