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  1. A refrigerator would be better than Mayfield
  2. I wish we could simulate next week's game against the Bucs
  3. Me either....it's really embarrassing....glad I'm by myself... I'd probably get into a fight if I was at a bar
  4. I can't remember....but I believe this might be the worst offensive game plan I've ever seen
  5. It seems like they're running the same plays over and over again ... with no results
  6. Some of y'all shouldn't even be allowed to celebrate when something good happens...
  7. I don't know if I've ever been this excited about a regular season game
  8. My phone just crashed....lol..jk Thanks man....I'm doing it right now
  9. A Dan Quinn's defense is always fast and physically able to give up points
  10. I got cha...I came in late...if you expressed that.... maybe I missed it...... either Way....we don't know what this team actually is until the season starts...
  11. I think you're making a mistake by assuming he knows what rhetorical means
  12. Don't worry....I'm gearing up.....oh wait...I thought you said red snapper
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