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  1. Great news....
  2. Hey man....ive been in the dark a while....why is he out at least 4 games
  3. What are you talking about....The Braves are.....are..... Ok.....they suck..
  4. My bad....i been away for a while
  5. http://mobile.atlantafalcons.com/s/31310/embeddedNewsPath?itemUri=1582242282/111390145211510561810136143
  6. Nothing like a great mock to start the morning... I love it..
  7. Then why aren't you celebrating with YOUR people.....
  8. All i got to say is D@mn Dawg....lol This would be great...
  9. Kendricks is 240 and runs a 4.44...and is a play making pro bowl type linebacker If they did trade for him....he definitely won't be a backup. . Campbell will be the backup
  10. I'm over it.....the one question I have is why do so many writers still refer to him as Seattle's ex defensive coordinator. .. He is the Head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. .this can't be this hard to write..
  11. Hasn't said yet....hope it's with us
  12. Walker is the truth. .I don't like to speed ends...in my opinion it comprises the run game...Walker is the perfect complement to Beasley.
  13. Moved and permanently banned...
  14. Yeah ...i thought the same thing at the time....i couldn't believe we didn't get into that especially with our pass rush deficiencies...and with Thomas's New England connections...he could have convinced them....do you think Arizona will Tag him?