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  1. The Knicks literally have 1 player...its gone be a long season for them
  2. D@mn Marshawn jacked up the ref...lol
  3. Im spot watching....im watching okc and knicks....thats why i asked....thanks for your answer
  4. Is Crabapple tree playing...i dont think ive seen him..
  5. Lets hope the other Alabama receiver didn't forget either..
  6. Well look .....your friend just showed up Lol
  7. Well dont take it out on us....
  8. I was being sarcastic....
  9. Bowman with the tackle.. I knew it!!!!
  10. The way our defense has been playing and lack of tackling...i would have at least made an offer....at least i know he can tackle...plus his leadership is priceless...he could have served the same role to the linebackers as Dwight Freeney did for the D Line...his knowledge would have benefited all the linebackers..and thats what this young group needs...Bowman was a long shot anyway...but i do believe we need a vet linebacker
  11. Collins looking good
  12. Gruesome injury.....prayers for Hayward.. D@mn
  13. This has been an unpredictable season so far...look at what the Giants are doing to Denver...
  14. No I will not