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  1. China isn't a good comparison. They don't have a populace that is accustomed to freedom of movement. Whatever happens there is probably like a crazy good scenario for the US. I don't know if the fan less game is a good idea but it might be the least bad idea they have. If they go away for a year all together that could seriously damage the brand. Have NFL players do ping pong tournaments or something... Otherwise a lot of people will just move on.
  2. He may have gone 4-12 but he did that with what is generally considered one of the 3 worst rosters in the NFL. Like it or not Rex is one of the best defensive minds in the game. If he can get our defense into the top half of the league next year (and a decent thumper for a running back) we're legit contenders for the SB IMHO. He has his faults but he is the closest thing to a sure thing out there.
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