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  1. Any bets on half the board losing their minds if we lose tonight?
  2. Bunch of message board drama queens fussing about somebody else being a diva without a hint of irony. Good grief. It frickin minicamp. Let's hold off on lighting up an effigy of our best player until he misses snaps in a meaningful game like week three of the preseason ok guys?
  3. This decision seems to have 40% approval, 40% disapproval, and 20% couldn't care less. Well played NFL.
  4. The only thing that stops Cleveland from going crazy maybe the fact they got a new GM (Dorsey from the Chiefs) and maybe, just maybe, he doesn't pull a Cleveland in his first year and do something foolish.
  5. I live in Cleveland. There hasn't been a day since Thanksgiving where they haven't been talking about getting Cousins or Smith. Some one will throw a ton of money at him, deserving or not.
  6. If this team can figure out red zone offense next year, we're set. We have superior talent on the offense. You only need solid play calling (not spectacular) to win on that side of the ball.
  7. Are you saying that the Patriots haven't received favorable calls over the last decade and a half? I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it doesn't smell right that they're almost always on the right side of penalties does it?
  8. I don't care what anyone says... That TD before the half was an abomination.
  9. NE gets gifted a TD before the half and only win by 3. If it ain't rigged it sure looks that way.
  10. Are you 12?
  11. I'm not hanging out on an opposing teams boards. If anyone here is living in the past it is you.
  12. You can't challenge PI genius. Takes a real low life to hang out on an opposing teams boards when we're not even playing.
  13. Don't you have a ref to go thank?
  14. Why don't you go back to the Patriots board?
  15. Holding on their line. They've been getting mugged.