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  1. This team is going to kill me.
  2. NFL officiating seems to ebb and flow with narratives. I still watch the Falcons but it is a painful, frustrating experience. I know every one was giving Beasely grief for not getting sacks but he gets mugged 85% of the time and no calls. Part of that is his fault but go back and watch the Bengals game. It was awful. What makes it worse is that college games dont seem to have this issue. Yeah, they have bad calls occasionally but they rarely seem to have a clear bias.
  3. I live in Cleveland and had planned on attending the Browns game. Honestly, the Browns are playing better football right now. Not interested in seeing my team get beat by Baker Mayfield.
  4. I hate the patented "death by paper cut" defense as much as anybody but if you think Quinn and Manuel's response to losing starters is to get MORE aggressive... You're going to be very dissatisfied.
  5. The wasted opportunity before the half is criminally stupid coaching. It post this game.
  6. And their back...
  7. You mean Quinn's head.
  8. They are for Vegas... Not the fans.
  9. Outkast and Ludacris or GTFO.
  10. We talking about Mack or OBJ? Fwiw, Mack is unreal but that interior pass rush for the Bears is making him all the more impressive. Those DTs are putting in work.
  11. I know it's easy to hate Cam but if the shoe we're on the other foot (like when Vacarro landed the cheap shot on Ryan a while back) we'd want the book thrown at the offending player. I think Kazee was just playing hard and got caught up in the moment. That said, we should expect a fine and possibly a suspension out of this. It sucks but Cam is right... The game can't accept that kind of hit.
  12. We gave up a ton of yards to McCaffrey but they were all 10 yards or less. He was largely a nonfactor. Duke is an issue. Maybe Foye or Ishmael get more time next week. Perhaps we could take a moment to appreciate the great game Campbell had. He was getting pressure and chasing guys down all game.
  13. This ain't the first time Fitz has made people irrationally exuberant.
  14. Balanced. As all things should be.
  15. Wow. This is just getting ridiculous.