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  1. I live in Cleveland now and got to tune into the last 5 minutes (no way am I paying for Sunday Ticket to watch this mess) and I got to see this BS. Quinn can't coach with a lead. They get a lead and they fall apart. It wouldn't be that bad but they can't seem to come from behind most of the time either.
  2. China isn't a good comparison. They don't have a populace that is accustomed to freedom of movement. Whatever happens there is probably like a crazy good scenario for the US. I don't know if the fan less game is a good idea but it might be the least bad idea they have. If they go away for a year all together that could seriously damage the brand. Have NFL players do ping pong tournaments or something... Otherwise a lot of people will just move on.
  3. Also, it can just be fun to talk smack sometimes. Doesn't make it a good idea, but if you're bored and tired of some fool's BS I could see how an otherwise we'll adjusted person might lower themselves to internet childishness.
  4. I remember HOF Bruce Smith telling a story of one time he walked into a restroom and heard a couple guys talking about how the team had too many black folks on it (they were obviously using less flattering language) and when they saw Bruce they were all "well, everybody except you buddy" and apologized profusely as they tucked tail and ran out of there. The lesson...If you're going to talk smack, talk trash about GMs and coaches like TATF.
  5. Well, we got until training camp to figure it all out. I will say that if the line is truly fixed... You're **** right we were better off getting Lindstrom and McGary.
  6. I think if the right side of the line is truly fixed... like we currently have a T and G that will give us rock solid play for 5+ years... and all we had to spend was a few early picks and two/three relatively inexpensive FAs... I think that's not a bad deal. If it ain't fixed, I think we can start talking about new GM and coaching candidates about week 8.
  7. I'm cool with it if this is the guy they wanted but it is a bit unexpected after signing two guards in FA.
  8. Didn't we sign two guards in FA?
  9. "And with the 14th pick, the Atlanta Falcons take Zion Williamson from Duke."
  10. If the marketing team can get Atlantans to not show up fashionably late to every game, AB needs to give the lot of them a nice raise. I'm all for it though. It's disheartening seeing the stadium 3/4 empty for every single kick off. And to echo everyone else, nicely done.
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