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  1. Quinn I would spend the whole time talking about the finer points of game management.
  2. Lots of "woe is me" talk in here. Alabama has been the number one team all season for a reason. The Bulldogs aren't cursed, they're in the best conference in college football. Moaning and complaining wont fix the problem and it won't make you feel better.
  3. Sure. He's going to need to bulk up to play DE or OG though.
  4. Row 24... I'll be there with my wife and son. If you see a skinny kid in a personalized number 10 Falcons jersey begging for autographs, that is most likely my son.
  5. Section 101 reporting in... right over the visitors entrance. As far as places to go in Cleveland... there are a few good restaurants near the stadium. Urban Farmer is one I like... pricey, but I've never had a bad meal there. The Butcher and The Brewer and Great Lakes Brewing Company are good spots for beer. Also, I know it's late to throw this out there but if you can fly into Akron/Canton and drive up, that's a much nicer experience than the Cleveland airport. You're off the plane and in your rental in about 10 minutes. There are regular flights from Atlanta to Canton. FWIW, I've been here for 4 years and Cleveland is a cool little city. They love the Browns but they aren't obnoxious about it (motions toward Pittsburgh).
  6. Same here. I'll be at the game in Cleveland. I'm doing my part.
  7. I live in Cleveland and listening to sports radio here during football season is one of the best things about living here. They have a regular segment called Browns Therapy Monday. It's like an audio version of these boards only more comfortable with the idea of knowing they aren't that great. The fans up here deserve better than what they have. At least they're good sports about it.
  8. They are getting clowned tonight. This is the worst they've looked so far this year.
  9. This team is going to kill me.
  10. NFL officiating seems to ebb and flow with narratives. I still watch the Falcons but it is a painful, frustrating experience. I know every one was giving Beasely grief for not getting sacks but he gets mugged 85% of the time and no calls. Part of that is his fault but go back and watch the Bengals game. It was awful. What makes it worse is that college games dont seem to have this issue. Yeah, they have bad calls occasionally but they rarely seem to have a clear bias.
  11. I live in Cleveland and had planned on attending the Browns game. Honestly, the Browns are playing better football right now. Not interested in seeing my team get beat by Baker Mayfield.
  12. I hate the patented "death by paper cut" defense as much as anybody but if you think Quinn and Manuel's response to losing starters is to get MORE aggressive... You're going to be very dissatisfied.
  13. The wasted opportunity before the half is criminally stupid coaching. It post this game.