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  1. Who knows it could be a MRI to make sure everything is healed properly before they put him out there in camp
  2. What's with the Roddy hate? This man has been ballin in ATL for years. And he has stuck with us through the ruff times also. Even if he has never taken over a game (in my mind he has done it on numerous occasions) the man has always had production.
  3. Why are you not our GM? Oh that's right NFL organizations don't hire guys that hide behind keyboards to manage their teams....
  4. Good job Drew Davis looking good son
  5. Man I feel you but they have no control over that and they are just the next man up and are trying to show out
  6. Looking solid makes me look forward to when Roddy actually does retire that we have a chance of one of these guys coming in and not missing a beat.
  7. That's not what I said. That is the average attendence. Not average ticket sales. So you are just pulling **** out of your *** trying to prove your point. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303649504577497252043420624.html?dsk=y This is awkward...
  8. Please tell me you are joking. Or can I just not see purple on my phone?
  9. That is no where close to being true. Thru 4 home games this season they average 98 percent attendence which is the same for Atlanta. Since 2009 they have been below a average attendence of 90 percent 3 years. The falcons on the other hand 0 years below 90 percent since 2009
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000235499/article/super-bowl-xlviii-prediction-atlanta-falconshouston-texans Didn't see it posted so sorry if it is
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSNm8zmKcDw&feature=youtu.be I enjoyed this video hope you guys do to.
  12. The way is see it is minicamp is a skill position thing as OL and DL because they are just in shorts and helmets. You will be able to tell more about these big guys once the pads are on. I am not saying Theo is good or bad its just hard for someone to make a judgement on him right now. As for all the talk about Banks it is because they see him picking up the defense and thats what you want to see in a skill player.
  13. Thats why they post dude. None of them have the balls to say any of this to his face. And alot of them wish they could be him lol
  14. There alot of other players with less red flags I would rather see drafted.
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