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  1. Going and taking my pops who has been a lifelong cowboy fan and never been to a game in the new jerry world stadium!!
  2. not to fully brag, but my job has 1/2 day (late arrival at 1pm) the day after the Super Bowl.
  3. Sorry... had to. It's been a bit slow on the boards as of late and I quit one job and don't start the next one until next week.... I'm running out of things to do
  4. And when he drops a ball or misses a blocking assignment or gets hurt for the season in 1st game, we will all say "life is the pitts" man....
  5. Unless a new pandemic is introduced to stop some political gain in this country. (not a political post I promise)
  6. I wanna see if tannehill has a big arm and also if the Titans agreed to take on any extra money
  7. 4 TD's (as in his spot he was drafted.) Fixed it for you!
  8. So many effing commercials on NFL network like holy **** I’m sick of it. Give me the analysis
  9. We should pick the TE from penn state and run 4 TE sets /purp
  10. I mean if we can get JOK or Moerhig with 35 I’d be stoked
  11. Wow... should be interesting now. Please get a good haul to trade down TF!!
  12. Draft starts at 7pm... that was determined to be a lie
  13. I'm hoping we find out in the future about what kind of capital was being offered to us by these teams...
  14. Nope it is not possible. The recent rules committee met and said Falcons are unable to win the super bowl in 2021-2022 season even if they score more points in the super bowl. This is known. /purple.
  15. I have epilepsy - albeit all have been while I sleep at night (grand mal)and I take trileptal 2 times a day and haven’t had a seizure in 3 years now. I had them originally when I was 11 and Dr said it would go away with puberty but I couldn’t play football until high school. They went away and came back 10 years later due to high stress. Been on meds ever since. My medicine has some side effects such as sluggishness, tiredness, low metabolism and low T levels at times. Since I’m from Texas, medical marijuana isn’t allowed yet but my Dr said that will be the way to go for me (capsule form) as it won’t have the negative side effects. I guess being in medical sales for a profession doesn’t help my stress levels and a 3 month old just adds to it lol i say all this to essentially say we have no clue what type of epilepsy Fields has nor the side effects of his meds.
  16. So who on the Falcons do we see making a switch of numbers?!
  17. Awesome! I figured that is what you meant I was just a bit confused. I don't support Vick over the Falcons either. I became a Falcons fan because I didn't have a team in 2000 (I was 12 years old then) but I did like this crazy awesome Virginia Tech QB who I said I will become a fan of the team that picks him up! Voila, Falcons Fan. I definitely share similar sentiments you do in regards to how I feel about him today, especially since he has shown rather than "said" his sincere apologies and turned his life around. He did awful things. I feel he was punished for the sins of others and future others on top of his own sins however and he was punished even more than those who have abused humans which I find to be unfortunate. However he was justified in his sentencing, over-justified in his service, and now is a shining example of what our system should be, restorative and able to join society through means of being restored.
  18. Najee Harris coming in at pick 4 to surprise us all!!! /purple
  19. Gosh this feels like the Rocky Movie series.... just keeps making another one with the same plot just different idiosyncrasies here and there....
  20. Ugh... how one simple “f” left off a word changes the whole meaning of your sentence... I don’t know anyone who wants to take a load of koo
  21. Honestly, I see plenty of professionals mess up big time with drugs, rape, murder, alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, (and in this case, dog abuse) and I've seen and heard their "sorry for doing this" stories. Michael Vick did worse time in jail than people who have done worse crimes under the law, was reprimanded and reduced to nothing in the media, etc... His apology together with his partnering to assist dogs and other animals nowadays is one of the most sincere with actions and complete turnarounds that I have seen in any other case. I can forgive him because it shows day after day in his recovery of what he did.
  22. or 4th and 300 with Jameis winston running for a 1st down? or Drew Brees juking out 2 of our athletic defenders for a TD??
  23. I could be totally wrong, but I feel like I heard or read somewhere that for replay the officials only have access to a certain amount of views and not the entirety of the cameras in the game? Am I crazy or is this something ya'll have heard as well? If true, then it doesn't matter if it is a big market/small market; all would be equal in the sense of the same amount of replay camera angles.
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