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  1. From Texas all my life. Best country in the world. Currently and for the past 15 years been in Waco, Tx. Yes I see chip and Joanna weekly in HEB and no I’m not a branch Davidian. became a falcons fan after watching Vick as a kid and swore I’d support the team that drafted him.
  2. Washington’s D line will present a couple of problems I foresee….
  3. We scored twice as many points as the Packers!
  4. Up at 8am with the 8 month old having to wait 4 hours for kickoff of his first football season…. Slower than slow lol but worth it!
  5. Dang it I wanted my first thread to be this! Beat me to it… 😩😭
  6. It's like the writer mentioned the huge 24mil dead money hit but only calculated a 2mil saving with 8mil in cap... my math might be off but that would put us in the hole.
  7. I felt ollison looked pretty good in his limited action on Saturday. He has some nice shiftiness and typically falls forward when getting tackled which is nice. I hope he gets a chance with the OL 1's in the next preseason game.
  8. I suppose my struggle with OP is he starts so many new threads or says one big thing on a thread not of his own and then rarely returns to that thread via responses to the responses he has received…. Big “click-bait attention seeking behavior” IMO
  9. What is your evaluation based off of since you haven't done the due diligence of watching tape?
  10. Going and taking my pops who has been a lifelong cowboy fan and never been to a game in the new jerry world stadium!!
  11. not to fully brag, but my job has 1/2 day (late arrival at 1pm) the day after the Super Bowl.
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