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  1. Good catch by sanu but man why do we have 3 guys in one area... just don’t like that
  2. Wow... almost too easy...
  3. Easily the most underrated post of the topic convo.... with a good d line, our corners and safeties will automatically look better.... with a good o line, our running game will set up endless possibilities to our passing/screen game. Tevin Coleman averaged what 7 ypc last game and only got 8 carries?
  4. Now we can pay Beasley a huge contract!! /p
  5. Same.... sad times
  6. This is where mods usually block every topic outside of the game thread... not today I guess because this guy keeps posting stupid ish
  7. Julio’s block there was AMAZING
  8. Gosh but then you see our stadium is just barren... sigh
  9. So the churches didn’t listen to God’s voice and punished the Falcons instead of the churches who didn’t listen to God’s voice in the first place....
  10. And actually, the churches got paid more than their asking price, the offers and deal for the churches were above property value.
  11. Maybe AB wants to be the outright #1 somewhere instead of all the talk about how smith-schuster is better than him by many board members over in Pittsburg ?
  12. Cam missed so many throws it’s pitiful. We should have picked off 2 more of his passes easy. I would hate to be a panthers fan with Cam at the helm...
  13. Or maybe we continue to watch how the year goes? We tend to overdo everything after one game week to week lol. I love Coleman and wanna keep him and trade freeman too but before I let that become something I say I’ll just wait to see more of the season as a whole
  14. Hardy is an idiot and needs to be replaced back there
  15. Defense better score for us because I don’t see our offense scoring for us