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  1. So does this mean we have post June cuts?!
  2. Be careful with buying insurance and read the fine print.... a lot of the insurance for plane tickets are not covering corona virus as a reason to reimburse. It states to consult with airline for possible reimbursement or changing days
  3. Eh, This is simply a means to an end....
  4. Again... call directv and ask for retention services. Threaten to leave directv because other ppl are getting nfl Sunday ticket for free and me as a loyal customer isn’t getting it. They will explain why and blah blah. And you just keep telling them “what can you do for me or I’m gonna leave and go to some other company” and they will cut you deals or give it to you for free. Just gotta fake being a jerk and get what you want. Been doing this 6 years running now. My directv bill is under $50 a month with HBO and nfl Sunday ticket and it’s the package above basic.
  5. Then you are the man for the job! Hands down. Fit right in with Carpenter and Brown!!
  6. But... if there isn't an edge or IDL on the board worth 16th pick.... and Ruggs is sitting there in front of you.... (and no option to trade in this simulator) it was a no brainer.
  7. I don't see this happening, however if Ruggs is sitting in my face at 16 with no Edge or IDL on the board, I couldn't pass him up. 16 Henry Ruggs III, WR Alabama 47 Julian Okwara, EDGE Notre Dame 55 Trevon Diggs, CB Alabama 78 Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame 109 Zack Moss, RB Utah 139 Davon Hamilton, IDL Ohio State 205 Francis Bernard, LB Utah
  8. Take that amazing reasoning and deductive analytics elsewhere!! /purp
  9. Good news I think
  10. Have fun trying to wipe with your right hand... when I had labrum surgery on my dominant shoulder... wiping my *** with the off hand absolutely led to swamp *** often
  11. why not in the 1st round if he is such a beast? just curious...
  12. Speaking of Neal... does anyone know how his recovery is progressing? Has he posted anything twitter wise like he did with his 1st injury? If so, can you link it for me?
  13. Yup... so much... Ugh I was hoping it was one of those "fake celebrity deaths" they do every now and then... So sad. I like him as an actor
  14. Lucky for you I have not played sides. Please read my posts. if you allow the state of the falcons to affect your entire life, great. if you don’t allow the state of the falcons to affect your life, great. but do not force your personal allowance upon someone else’s thinking whichever way that is.
  15. It’s almost like you have a black and white view of things. Again I’ll restate, just because we do things a lot or 60,000 posts over a long period of time still does not demand that it has to impact our every facet of living. it might impact you one way and me another way. Forcing your way upon others and judging them on that false narrative is simply wrong.