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  1. So the churches didn’t listen to God’s voice and punished the Falcons instead of the churches who didn’t listen to God’s voice in the first place....
  2. And actually, the churches got paid more than their asking price, the offers and deal for the churches were above property value.
  3. Maybe AB wants to be the outright #1 somewhere instead of all the talk about how smith-schuster is better than him by many board members over in Pittsburg ?
  4. Cam missed so many throws it’s pitiful. We should have picked off 2 more of his passes easy. I would hate to be a panthers fan with Cam at the helm...
  5. Or maybe we continue to watch how the year goes? We tend to overdo everything after one game week to week lol. I love Coleman and wanna keep him and trade freeman too but before I let that become something I say I’ll just wait to see more of the season as a whole
  6. Hardy is an idiot and needs to be replaced back there
  7. Defense better score for us because I don’t see our offense scoring for us
  8. This might have already been said but gosh I never wanna hear Fred Taylor announce another game with his monotonous tones
  9. Browns looking good vs a decent giants secondary. Tyrod in that up tempo looked scary good with some players wanting to prove something
  10. Eh I just call retention services every year and say I'm going to leave if I do not get NFL Sunday ticket. Have only paid for Sunday Ticket 1 time in 5 years.
  11. I live in Central Texas. It is not sunny and 80 Degrees in January. It is still pretty darn cold, (snowed 2 times in January this year, 1 time last year, 1 time in 2016) Just wanted to make sure the mis-perception was corrected here as well.
  12. Am I just ignorant (be nice lol) but who is josh Jackson? Do you mean Lamar?
  13. Hmm.. prick for asking questions. But you assuming you know more than professionals seems to be just a great way to live. I apologize for hurting your feelings, make sure and find a quiet room or counselor to cry to. I was simply saying that there are scouts and gms that are new to the browns and they have been methodical in their approach. Maybe we should not assume to know more.
  14. According to you? The professionals scout and GM? How’s that armchair?