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  1. I live in Central Texas. It is not sunny and 80 Degrees in January. It is still pretty darn cold, (snowed 2 times in January this year, 1 time last year, 1 time in 2016) Just wanted to make sure the mis-perception was corrected here as well.
  2. Am I just ignorant (be nice lol) but who is josh Jackson? Do you mean Lamar?
  3. Hmm.. prick for asking questions. But you assuming you know more than professionals seems to be just a great way to live. I apologize for hurting your feelings, make sure and find a quiet room or counselor to cry to. I was simply saying that there are scouts and gms that are new to the browns and they have been methodical in their approach. Maybe we should not assume to know more.
  4. According to you? The professionals scout and GM? How’s that armchair?
  5. At least Kiper got 2012 correct.
  6. I don't see this happening really... Turbo is and will continue to be immaculate with his route running to shield his smaller frame to get open. Looking back to the 2016 season I see technical genius from Turbo.
  7. Being a huge Texas Tech fan, I like this idea somewhat. However, I am always weary of Texas Tech WR's for the "system" argument. He does have some talent, but I do not see him being able to stick to a team due to him being behind in the Route Running, route tree categories.
  8. Same arguments are made about Matt Ryan and his extension. Should we be worried with giving up too much money blah blah blah. TD has done an excellent job continually with his contracts minus a few, but we should definitely have faith that TD will do what he always does to help out our team.
  9. I took this bet but forgot to tell you. Want my paypal?
  10. Due to the trade with Denver for Sambrailo (sp?)
  11. we don't have a 5th if I'm not mistaken...
  12. And his playcalling and his nature as the OC gave many of us fans drinking problems...
  13. I think Sark is an issue, just not as bad as this board has crucified him for entirely. Yes he has "questionable calls like all OC's do" but I feel he had many more of those than other OC's. Unfortunately his questionable calls were more like "WTF calls" in my book. This would make them much worse than questionable which overshadows some of the normal/good things he did as an OC. I struggle with Sark because of his predictability. Multiple teams suggested knowing the plays or formations that led to a certain play. This bothers me much more than some of his actual "toss right" plays. I loved Shannahan's lack of predictability. I would sit there watching and telling my wife "watch this is about to be the play" and the play would totally be opposite and surprise me. Sark just seems to lack that portion of playcalling.
  14. Anyone else remember Taylor Gabriel of 2016 where he would have some amazing comeback routes and amazing contested, difficult catches that he would haul in for a 1st down on a key 3rd down play? I mean, he was more than just the screen guy, (which he excels at don't get me wrong), but man I miss that execution and deliberate attention we gave to him....and this year he seemed like a bum. I doubt he comes back just because of how he might feel about never being used. It is sad.