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  1. Rogers for sure, Wilson’s wind up is a large part of his deep ball beauty and I’m unsure if he would have enough time to get it. But Rogers and Mahomes have that quick trigger
  2. I mean not many QBs can right now either... Mahomes is unreal. Glad I saw him in high school and college multiple times, I knew he would be good but I’m unsure if I thought he would be this good.
  3. Even the pass 3 plays earlier to Sammy Watkins... great route great play call... like why can’t we have good play calling... shanahan made me enjoy watching football because of the way he called the offense... ugh if only
  4. I wonder why the falcons can’t have easy touchdowns like that...
  5. I did a free trial with FUBO.TV to stream the falcons, but it won't let me watch anything but the Fox Channel in my area. I tried changing the zip code to an Atlanta Zip code, but still, only can watch the Browns vs. Washington.. .Any one have some tips/help on how to circumvent this issue?
  6. I do not know how to feel about this game. As I watched it I felt we did some amazing things. We counter punched when Dallas scored all but 1 time I believe. We stuck with the run far better than in past games/seasons. Our young corners did some amazing things as well. Cominsky looked disruptive as ever, Senat flashing was fun as well. Our safety play is simply abysmal and the coaching/lack of in-game adjustments is mind-boggling. Honestly, up until we lost I felt good about the game overall. I watched Sunday Night's game and felt the Seahawks were in the same boat as us, they sim
  7. Schlotzky's Jalapeno Bread Chicken Bacon Smokecheesy with Jalapeno Chips and a tall water.
  8. I agree with you however from a business standpoint I’ve seen the best not get paid the most or able to say/do what they want with little to no repercussions... I’ve been pretty darn good at a job and felt I wasn’t being paid my worth and still feared throwing a tantrum would cause me to lose my job. I mean aren’t our jobs the same as theirs in the sense if we should get all the money we can? this is where I’m torn because football is a business but it’s also something else
  9. I think the biggest struggle we have is not being able to see that the NFL is a business and the owners are like a boss to the players who are like workers. It must be difficult to continue to run this as a business knowing it’s a sport as well. I for one wouldn’t act a fool demanding a pay raise or a transfer to my boss as they probably would let me go from my contract and I would be out of work. but then again it’s hard to compare working as a healthcare professional to a sports professional. If you look at it strictly from a business lens, the owners are doing
  10. Being from Texas, I am so glad the Falcons play in Dallas so I’ll try to go that game if my wife lets me....
  11. 0 trades so far... very strange but expected I suppose with the virtual aspect of it all...
  12. Ya this was the game which was obviously rigged for the Saints. Easy money was exchanged to get the Saints a win.
  13. I traded 2 times in the first before making a pick. 1 time with Miami (Tua was still available at pick 16) and the 2nd time with the Vikings. 22. K’Lavon Chaisson OLB LSU 47. Joshua Uche OLB Michigan 78. J.K.
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