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  1. I was being somewhat sarcastic at the general OP's questions and beating of dead horses around here with my response. However to respond to your statement. There were plenty of times our coverage in secondary was phenomenal and yet our rush was non-existent. Who in the world on our line would you feel could get to the QB consistently week in and week out? I dont have an answer to that in good faith.
  2. Yes i feel there are people to help our pass rush. We need to improve upon our pass rush to our d-line in 2021
  3. Dude... I see you edited this after you posted. Can you edit it again with a translation we can understand? Appreciate it!
  4. I agree and will add a caveat however; this is correct as long as it fits the national narrative of the time.
  5. The plan will be thus; How - through free agency or draft ; When - before he retires.
  6. I struggle to see the Dolphins trade down (unless its still within the top 8 ) as they already have so much draft capital and are in need of a WR of dynamic proportions. I mean they were very nearly a playoff team and that defense looked amazing. They have some good cap room to add in some players of merit and get some help for Tua.
  7. with all these BS topics, I think the apt question is does Henry need a Ford to cut through all the crap
  8. I tried to get back into that sweet spot 10-15 (went to 16) on PFN mock and this is what I was able to get. (I know, its just a mock and won't be likely, still fun) 16. Najee Harris RB Alabama 35. Joseph Ossai EDGE Texas 49. Ronnie Perkins EDGE Oklahoma 68.
  9. Gotta love how DraftNut was able to find a loophole in his own rule of "this is my last mock I promise" and from now on he will post his "last mock" with revisions each week, or every other day. lol Draftnut, you must be a politician! Good work.
  10. Can it be "Impose THY Will" because it has old english in it and screams fervor!
  11. Yea but that 1 year I saw some serious potential and upside paired with defenses focusing on JJ, I truly thought he would open the top off everytime.... sigh...good coordinators
  12. Honestly, I thought Aldrick Robinson was gonna dominate for years to come.
  13. I think you also have to think big picture in why Tom Brady only had 4 pressures on him. He rarely held onto the ball long. Rarely had 7 step drops. The gameplan was very obvious in quick throws, dink, dump, punch the rock. Why does it seem Matt Ryan is pressured all the time this past season? Look at the route tree combined with 7 step drops frequently.... Now look at the Titans and how Arthur Smith utilized Ryan T. with quick to medium pass routes frequently and punching the rock. Now the defense isn't smelling blood in the water which allows more possibilities within play actio
  14. Yup... my Memories on Facebook allowed me to remember this day 4 years ago...
  15. Eh... I want to say that college players keeping their grades up is a farce. Plenty of them have "assistants" who "help" them with homework, papers, grades, etc... the more "star player" you are, the more assistance you get. This is not for every single player of course, but just what I have noticed at Baylor, Texas Tech and even a smaller school in Sam Houston State university.
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