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  1. Sheesh... Props to this dude for sure... I love that grit mentality.
  2. So.... do you care?
  3. ^^^^This is how I would explain why your 3,119 posts/replies has only garnered you 391 reputation....
  4. And the fact that we lost this type of game last year to the Eagles speaks volumes to our improvement this year in finishing the game and our defense actually making a stop when we needed one (Even though stopping them on 4th and 14 would've been much nicer to my now chewed down fingernails)
  5. Our running game is just questionable...
  6. Well I want to watch the Falcons every week. That is why I push for free NFL Sunday Ticket. I also record it so I can go back and watch it or if I am at a church function and miss the beginning I can always still watch it from the beginning and not miss anything. Plus with so many TV Timeouts, it gets annoying watching it live.
  7. I call Retention Services at DirecTV and threaten to leave every year if I do not get NFL Sunday Ticket for free. I tell them that all these people who never had DirecTV are getting it for free but me, a loyal customer of 11 years can't get it for free?! Going on 5 years in a row with free NFL Sunday Ticket and they lower my bill for 12 months haha.
  8. It really hurt my fantasy team because I have Matt Bryant and he got me a nice goose egg because of Quinn!
  9. It is good to stay positive but not be totally blinded by that positivity which I think you are doing well at. Ryan's throw in the end zone was on the TE who stopped running.... I thought the OL minus Jake Matthews looked better (not great) but better. The return game was much improved contrary to your thoughts. I felt like Barner did much more than our past 2 years of suckage. My only issue would be this; In-game adjustments. Their outside zone killed us in the 1st half and our players kept diving in despite getting beat like a drum before that.... It should be obvious to make an adjustment not at half-time but as soon as we notice gashing runs on the same outside zone plays. But that's just me I suppose.
  10. The shot by Keanu should not have been called a penalty. He started hitting him while he was in bounds. Even the announcers agreed on that one but it is not a reviewable play unfortunately.
  11. Lidstrom not in there at the end of the game
  12. Why does it seem we never come prepared
  13. That skol chant and horn blowing is pretty cool though
  14. I'm not talking about what is or isn't allowed on TATF. I'm simply stating if a white player were to call a black coach/GM the "n" word this whole situation would be so dramatically different with the white player not only being suspended, but released and probably his NFL career revoked from the record books. Not to mention how the media would spin it and cause more of a chasm in this great nation. That is the double standard I was referring to and how it is grossly one sided.