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  1. Honestly yes I agree, and the first one opened up nicely for like a 5 yd gain but after that it was just needles into my eyeballs... as someone on here mentioned and also Jon Gruden mentioned, their lbs are so fluid and quick to diagnose plays and then they attack that we probably should have tried something different after the 2nd time we lost 3 yds on a pitch play. Then we tried the play action off of that play which Gruden called in the 1st half lol. Seattle knew we would try it as well and Hooper got one yard I think... it was so easy to see that sarkisian was setting it up I suppose.
  2. I wonder what TeCo was thinking in those huddles when “toss sweep” kept getting called lol. I want to imagine him saying “this isn’t madden for heavens sake!”
  3. The Atlanta bar scene is off the hook! Let’s go dirty birds!
  4. Being from Texas I only was able to go to one game and it was during Matt Ryan’s first season. We got the W, I was a senior in high school traveling on the MARTA, had no clue about anything or anyone around me but we all cheered, spilled beers on me, cried foul, cheered loud and ultimately made my heart hum loudly. I’m in Atlanta right now and saw the dome last night and came back this morning after it’s demolition.... very amazing my vacation could be during this time.
  5. Hey again people. Since I'm from Texas, I wanted to see if anyone here has some great insight as to where I might watch the Falcons game tomorrow night here in Atlanta. My wife and I want to get that neat experience of watching the game in Atlanta, but we do not want too crazy of a night. Any suggestions?
  6. I agree entirely. Eco friendly was pretty awesome. And the bathrooms did have a pee smell but nothing more than usual from other stadiums.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/ZDuyv
  8. Well never mind, the pictures I have on my phone are too big... any tips on how to post them?
  9. Being a Texan Falcon fan, I do not get many opportunities to enjoy the Falcons except through DirectTv and with y'all here on the message board. My wife and I are on Thanksgiving vacation and of course somehow I convinced her to come with me 14 hours away to Atlanta, GA. (I used the impressive Georgia aquarium as the main selling point since she is an avid animal/zoo/aquarium/tree hugging type of fan lol. ) Anyways, we were able to go to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium this morning for our tour. While I will highlight the main points here, I wanted you all to know that I am not a hyperactive junkie type of fan. I love the Falcons and always have since they drafted Michael Vick. I went into this tour with having only been to about 5 NFL stadiums including the Georgia Dome about 10 years ago, Jerry's World, and the New Orleans Superdome. So here are the basic highlights; -The Stadium is a modern marvel. My wife was even caught staring for long periods of time. -Very clean and professional. Plenty of people on here have mentioned finding a piece of dirt on the ground, o sad day. Now there was the occasional piece of trash here or there, but we were visiting during a young child cheerleading camp thing so it could have been from them. -There was an event going on this morning so we got to hang out with Freddie Falcon and some cheerleaders for early morning pictures. -The suites and VIP areas are......AMAZING. wow. -Arthur Blank's VIP area is above and beyond anything. I felt like I was on 1st class on the Titanic or something. Walking on Marble flooring.... -So many places to watch the game! The amount of TV's in that place is just wow. The standing room area was pretty cool and the fact that you can buy a ticket for $80 at the stadium on gamedays and stand and watch is awesome. I would totally try this if they were playing here tomorrow. -in regards to the above point, I can easily understand why so many empty seats are available. If you have not been to this place and only comment on this message board about the seats being empty, then get your butt to the stadium and see for yourself. In the meantime, just shut up due to ignorance. The Cowboy's stadium is very open and impressive, but the MBS is much more interactive with the same amount of space if not more. -I love how they put in the football field lines to exact measurements on the 2nd floor. Once in the redzone, the place goes crazy with lights and sounds. On 3rd downs they do the same. When the Falcons score Touchdowns, more lights and sounds. It is quite the experience. -The locker rooms are spectacular. We were able to sit in Matt Ryan's chair as well as Julio's. We learned some of their superstitions as to how they want their lockers arranged and such which was cool. -Every spot we sat or stood, I could see the field with ease. There were a few seats in the front row with the bar in the way, but eh, all of you who complain about these are just wanting to find errors. -The staff was great and helpful. They knew so much about Arthur Blank and all he did to help the churches the MBS replaced as well as giving jobs/vendors full 100% profit with a low rent booth area in the stadium. -Most of all, the stadium was large, amazing with all the works of art from native peoples. Here are some of the pictures. We had a great time.
  10. Takk had a couple great run D tackles including one of them in the backfield. I think unfortunately most of us will compare everything here on out to last year's draft class which was amazing and truly once in a generation type of gold mine strike. Because of this we will always think our drafts right after it will suck if they do not live up to the hype as the 2016 draft class.
  11. Some people just want to see the falcons burn no matter what. We just did pretty darn amazing in having to overcome 2 early turnovers and bad field position. For a primarily indoor team to go in there in a freaking deluge and get a win with our defense really stepping up, it should not be too desolate on this message board as the op wants it to be
  12. Ya but that block in the back call was pretty bad
  13. I mean the bengals fired their o coordinator and it worked for them... should we do the same?
  14. Deflate some footballs for our favor?!
  15. Post this in the other threads that mention the same basic things repetitively.