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  1. I mean....not to try and say the LA Rams are all that, but what they did to the Colts was quite impressive....Defensively speaking...without Aaron Donald....sheesh. (Disclaimer, I do not think the Rams are all that, I was simply saying in addition to the Chiefs and Vikings, the Rams looked impressive.)
  2. Ah the double spacing ruins my life! #MLAisLIFE
  3. I noticed Takk being very pro-active every single play he was in on. I noticed his burst and passion for the game (especially on his tackle on White). Someone mentioned earlier on that same play he tackled White, he actually was about to sack the QB, and still made a play on the ball. I love seeing his dedication to wanting to make every play. I see us having a relentless type of DE in Takk which will result in our defensive front benefiting immensely.
  4. I really do not know if you agree with me or not lol however I do agree with your statement. I suppose what I was getting to with my statement was I don't want overly flashy awesomeness (I wouldn't be upset with this though) or last years week 1 tragedy either.
  5. The realization of this comment is just heart-breaking and yet true. Why can't real life be like madden sometimes.
  6. I expect jitters on both sides due to an unfair but enormous amount of pressure our team could be facing. Slow start with a good solid recoup to see Atlanta winning 30-14.
  7. Yea! And the fact that he is super athletic on that game...Then again...My problem with the game is that even a "70" Overall player is awesome...Especially lineman. My d-line can't even break through an average offensive line rating of 72.... Anyways, hopefully Saubert will show up today!
  8. Saubert on Madden 18 is a force to be reckoned with! Lol, not that he will also be in real life, just simply curious if anyone else thinks the same.
  9. I really am wanting us to come out with great fundamentals and a steady attitude. Last year all we read about at the beginning of the season was "Oh we will dominate" or "Oh we are gonna be mediocre" or "Oh I'm pessimistic in life about everything." I simply want us to come out, play our game, and win with solidity. Just my way of thinking.
  10. Eh, I always just call retention services and get it free every year. So it's free this week and next!
  11. Collinsworth just says the same stuff over and over. His voice makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out sometimes. His basketball references get old, and it makes me happy Tony G. or any other former basketball player turned football player wasn't on the field or else we would have heard even more basketball references.
  12. He needs to rehab by running on a sand dune?
  13. /purple? At least defensively we went uber conservative and offensively we took the foot off the gas, slowed things down, didn't get entirely conservative, but imo I think we played safe. Defensively though, very conservative.