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  1. Or people with a different opinion my speak up. There are some of those on the board right?
  2. Either that or someone has a different opinion on a player that a group of poster dont like. And gets the label. Happens alot here.
  3. In before the OP is called a troll and start getting negative names thrown at him.
  4. Worrilow, HD, Trufant/Alford and Matt B. No one else comes close.
  5. It is downright silly. I would think many have the maturity level enough to understand the post. The guy isnt downing Roddy at all. Reading this thread I think I have added about 10 people to the 'aint too bright' list.
  6. It is amazing that people come into a thread and not read it before they comment. The OP asked a simple question...nothing bad...just a question and people turn it into a typical Ryan thread.No longer should people should blame Swift for what he says.....they need to look into a mirror.
  7. 11. Say anything negative or not in agreement with another poster.12. Can find something negative about any season like the team was perfect.
  8. Respect your opinion. Don't think major and main is much different in this context. Let's see we leave it at that and call a truce on this subject?
  9. Ryan was a piece to the pie. But without Turner and the defensive front that was lined up t ostop him there is no telling where we would be those early years. And we all see that happen with Julio when out. We all see how much help TG was to the team. So to say they werent a major piece i dont know what to tell you.Credit goes around as far as i can see it. Dont get me wrong i dont blame Ryan for taking the money. I would have too.
  10. Not really. Just like you dont get tired of praising a single player.I am really a team person.
  11. Actually there was a few players that help to put the team on 'map'. Should I name them or do you know and just want to give all the credit to Ryan.
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