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  1. How do you low ball an injury prone player? xD
  2. We need Kendricks more than ever now. Hope we nab both him and Beasley.
  3. Thanks to Munky, I know to take this article with a grain of salt cause 1. Florio is scum and 2. I dint ******* want Orakpo!
  4. Lol! People on Twitter are talking about how it was a bad move. I don't see what's so shocking. He doesn't fit, he's gone. Plain and simple.
  5. I'm sorry but if you put that ***** in an elevator with me, I'd Ray Rice the living **** outta her.
  6. Rice was already on a decline before he wreck shopped on his wife.
  7. I don't get it... Justin Forsett plays for the Ravens...
  8. Post of the year. Now go tell it to those SaintsReport mofos and make it the post of the year over there too!
  9. Well Brees was defeated. That calls for a cheer right? lol
  10. I cannot believe that I missed probably the greatest Pro Bowl in what feels like FOREVER. I hate work!!! Get Matt a Jimmy Graham!
  11. Why is Gurley even on the list? Smh. You don't draft an injured rb with your top 10 pick. **** 1st round pick for that matter.
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