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  1. I glanced at it but looked like whe was cherry picking 2013 stats in order to fit his argument. He never acknowledged that Chester is a better fit schematically than Blalock.

    Yes he also never mentions how Chester wasn't a fit in the offense he played in last season as a reason for his declining stats. Crap article from a crap writer.
  2. Perfect signing. Wasn't Asamoah a LG for KC? This works out perfectly if so. So happy that we got him. I have this great feeling that Chester will be great for us and that this signing will have the same outcome as the Lowery signing. (Solid and dependable production that for massive raves around the board)

  3. Asamoah is powerful and seems a good fit at LG anyway. But yeah, may as well cultivate as much continuity as possible by keeping the most experienced player in this scheme at the spot he has played multiple years.

    True dat, and get Asamoah and Jake back together.
  4. I watched the first half-dozen plays. I saw a couple of times the QB rolled to his side and he didn't make a play. I saw him get swallowed by a block. I saw a play disintegrate behind his back, and he belatedly dove in at the end of the play.

    Kroy can ALMOST make plays without wasting another draft pick. We need someone who isn't always a step away from making great plays.

    We also need someone who won't spend more time suspended for weed than they spend playing.

    Yea because Justin Houston is now always suspended for weed after failing the Combine drug test.
  5. Not the place, but guns kill people. Not people. Most gun owners are responsible with their firearms.

    LOL at the idea of corrupt officials being only entitled to firearms.

    I'm sorry, but "guns kill people. Not people."? So inanimate objects... right. Not the place. Smh tho.
  6. I work in a steakhouse. All you guys getting well done might as well order the cheapest steak you can find, you're eating leather at that point. No flavor.

    Go medium rare like a real man. The flavor is absolutely in the juices, I know how each steak temperature tastes. For the same reason you don't want to eat a dry porkchop, there's no flavor in that.

    You have nothing to be scared of. If the steak is cooked properly, all the bad bacteria is killed, even if it's cooked at the rare temperature. You get it well done because you're scared of the blood, all of us medium rare guys know that. You don't have to hide that fact and defend yourself.

    A well done steak is a waste of meat. Medium is good enough for me tho. Had medium rare a couple of times, although it was very tasty, had a little too much blood for me lol.
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