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  1. Sucks for him. Too many injuries. Time for him to move on from the game and time for the franchise to move on from him.
  2. Yes he also never mentions how Chester wasn't a fit in the offense he played in last season as a reason for his declining stats. Crap article from a crap writer.
  3. Never ceases to amaze me how ****in' stupid that guy is. I facepalmed myself twice after reading that crap on BR.
  4. Babs was in a completely different situation. Like a pit bull known for unprovoked attacks and his child's life was on the line different. I have a dog, love him to death, and hate animal cruelty, but I don't put Babs at fault for what he did.
  5. Perfect signing. Wasn't Asamoah a LG for KC? This works out perfectly if so. So happy that we got him. I have this great feeling that Chester will be great for us and that this signing will have the same outcome as the Lowery signing. (Solid and dependable production that for massive raves around the board)
  6. True dat, and get Asamoah and Jake back together.
  7. Lol you pissed him off so bad that he had to pull out a comeback from back in his junior high days. xD
  8. Those are the ugliest creatures in the world and they frighten the **** outta me.
  9. Lol right?! I love that they said that cause right after, Vic Beasley admits his lifelong dream of playing for the Falcons, I think Bud Dupree said he wanted to be a Falcon too and now Bruce Irvin, there were probably others that I can't remember.
  10. I love that he's passionate aboutbplaying for us and all but he better not get us in trouble or investigated for tampering. *angry face
  11. Give me Bobby Wagner too and they could call us the Atlanta Seahags for all I care!
  12. I remember Houston being suspended in 2009 actually. Look into it.
  13. Yea because Justin Houston is now always suspended for weed after failing the Combine drug test.
  14. This was worth EVERY second. Thanks for posting.
  15. I'm sorry, but "guns kill people. Not people."? So inanimate objects... right. Not the place. Smh tho.
  16. A well done steak is a waste of meat. Medium is good enough for me tho. Had medium rare a couple of times, although it was very tasty, had a little too much blood for me lol.
  17. Do we actually get one in this draft for him?
  18. Ok way too many Spoon threads.
  19. Didnt Spoon strip him back in the 2012 Playoff game?
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