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    Atlanta Falcons! Joined this to talk about Falcons with other big fans such as myself.
    My other teams are the New York Knicks & A.C. Milan.
  1. Nick Rose? Hope they never play a game that comes down to an extra point. SMH.
  2. Well if it benefits the team then what's the problem?
  3. With his age, injury history, recent surgery, etc. I think that's the most he's getting outta anyone.
  4. I know what you mean. I didn't see it as a diss. There's no way we can just make him the default starter. Competition is always good. Especially at the position where the last guy got complacent.
  5. This. Figured this out from Madden lol. They depict it perfectly when you run the scheme.
  6. Sounds truly frightening. Hope you don't go blind, would be very unfortunate to hear!
  7. LOL then go reply to the specific person comparing the two. Haven't seen this comparison until OP brought it up. Y'all are taking this whole Seahawks clone thing WAY too serious. Smh.
  8. Freeman is still the man but I don't think Coleman is a scrub at all. Some rookies struggle.
  9. Not much out there. He's a solid corner tho.
  10. I don't think Elam and Neal ever played a snap together. Could be wrong tho.
  11. Anything's possible. Shelby is one of the most underrated signings this offseason.
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