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  1. Matt's just tired of the BS. He's tried to make this disfuctional franchise a winner for 14 yrs. He's been a ironman surrounded by soft and fragile players that couldn't stay on the field and no back ups.
  2. I had higher expectations too. It sucks they struggled out the gate. I do think they were depending on Gono and Andrews and that set us back with no money. That said, I see Matt hesitate to throw when he does have time sometimes,throwing late,and throwing in the opposite direction of the wr. That tells me he's not trusting what he sees and not sure where his guys are going and what they are doing. Seeing wrs ending up all on top of each other and bringing other defenders in areas he's not expecting. I believe Matt probably knows the offense better that anyone, though it's not second nature to him yet, but I feel like some of these wrs aren't doing what they are supposed to and it's caused him to question every throw and we know he likes to anticipate throws. So I imagine that's making things worse right now and will get better every week. I know these coaches need to get their guys in here. At least guys of a better quality. I think how this season goes, will depend on how fast these guys grow. If they can make this team of misfits function as a decent team, I'll be willing to think they will go up as the cap situation improves. I'd just like to see them make the playoffs, but if they have a decent season and don't. I'll feel good going into next year. I want to see them start being a sound football team.
  3. I really think the offense will look better , if the oline starts playing better. The defense, we all know what's on that side of the ball. I think peas is doing all he can with them. I do think they will improve, but be boom or bust in the mean time.
  4. I don't think the offense is dog pooh and it's issues really aren't not having Julio. If the oline wasn't struggling, the offense would probably be a lot better. You got two young guys in the middle who are struggling and A RT who has been struggling. The line is worse than last year at this point, they may improve. You also got a new offense having it's growing pains. Pitts may very well end up being being a beast, he's only played two games. Ridley is a excellent #1, but Gage and Oz are not #2 WRs and that's what we are missing. We don't need the next Julio , we just need a good #2 and some blocking.
  5. What about the Falcons bringing in another WR has you all riled up? I think everyone knew we needed more help there, we just can't afford much. We still paying a bunch of overpaid players including that old crab foot up there in Tennessee that didn't want to be here. Ridley is our #1 now and he's doing fine. You do realize Ridley has been drawing a lot of attention and double coverages before this season. He was even with Julio on the field. Smith even talked about this in the off-season. Ridley had been drawing the attention for some time now. Us bringing in another WR is no knock on him or us not being able to survive without Julio. We will be fine without Julio, besides he will be hurt again soon. Julio was surrounded with great players his whole career and still is. Ridley doesn't have much help besides a couple tightends, one being a rookie. We wasn't able to get a good pick before the draft, so we could draft some WR help, because people weren't beating our door down and throwing picks at us for a over the hill crab footed WR that was making to much. I think Tennessee just did Smith a solid and gave us a 2nd out of pity.
  6. Overpaying Trufant Not trading Julio when he wanted a bump Drafting terrible for over a decade If he does better one these three, the team is better now and Ryan's cap hit would be a steal.
  7. You could win the next two or three and be right back to being in it.
  8. He is, but you can't be stuck strictly on that until you figure it out. Our offensive line wasn't that great in 2016, unlike what most think. We couldn't hold up to throw deep back then. Kyle schemed ways to push the ball down the field. He used more blockers some, PA and roll outs or bootlegs to move the pocket. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they were blown up. Our line really wasn't that much better that year.
  9. Yep, you still have to try. Whatever it takes. You got to take shots. The oline had to step up.
  10. We went from stretching the field every play, to never stretching it. If we are going to dink and dunk all day. You have to put fear in them that you will burn them deep.
  11. This... Pocket awareness is how you move around inside of the pocket. If you have somewhere to move. In the Baltimore/KC game, Jackson and Mahomes constantly ran out of the pocket with good protection. Times they just needed to step up, but they flushed and then made a bad decision or throw afterwards. Those two showed some poor pocket awareness. They were being flushed before they needed to leave. They both were doing their best crab legs impressions.
  12. I believe it was after the pick on the throw to Gage. Matt was really pissed after that one. At some point we have to be able to hold up on these rushes and get the ball down the field. You got to hurt them to make it stop. We've showed zero ability to do so.
  13. You're right, the Falcons are cursed, They are cursed with one of the most Ignorant band wagon negative fan bases in the country.
  14. Yep, they are struggling enough and you got a young center. Matt trying to hard count or mix it up, would probably just result in more heartache for us.
  15. Look at the 4th down plays, they moved before our line did. On the QB sneak, you could see Matt wanted the ball snapped and started leaning before Hennessy snapped the ball. It was like he expected the snap and it didn't happen. That probably contributed to him coming up short. The second one the lineman was past Lindstrom could even get started. They definitely had it timed.
  16. I believe he is fighting his butt off to win. Just doesn't stand much of a chance under the current situation. We seem to be improving some though.
  17. I'd just get him a room on the beach and a greyhound ticket. Tell him enjoy his vacation, but he ain't flying home with us.
  18. Coach pretty much told it how it is.. no bs.
  19. And right on cue, Mahomes looking like Crab legs under pressure.
  20. LJ throws a pick in triple coverage with protection ,but people blaming Ryan for tip balls under pressure.
  21. The round you are selected doesn't determine that you are good. Mcgary is bad,LG has been a huge hole for a while, and now Center is bad too.. it's not rocket science dude, you can get by with Mediocre linemen like Matthews, but you can't get by with three guys not touching no one. We literally got guys not blocking anyone a lot.
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