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  1. So, he takes decades of written history, then says that is what we are, and a small sample of change in which we haven't won a SB is proof he is right for acting like a spoiled child? BS. This is not the same falcons I grew up watching. Yes, they haven't won the SB, but they are alot better team over the last decade. It's getting even better. Anyone who can't see it, is a fool. Winning a SB, isn't easy. You have to be good and have some luck along the way. We did last year, but just didn't finish it. If we went on to win the next 5 SBs, he would want to jump on the wagon. No Thanks. I view him no different than kids I grew up with claiming to be a great fan of what ever team is winning. Got to say you pull for the winner to be cool. I was laughed at because I refused to be anything else but a Falcon. Like my nephew's buddy, hardcore Bucs fan, and I bet you can guess what year he became a fan. My nephew excuses it away because he stayed with them since. To me, he's still just a bandwagon fan that stayed with the team to keep from being called that. Besides, he has his one SB to brag about. Same way with 90% of the Saints fans. Im sure if we win one, we will get some too, but it won't be me.
  2. Free is just stating the obvious. He always expects himself to be the best in every game. He always says he wants to be that and that is what drives him. As humble as he is for the most part, he does expect himself to perform at a high level. He respects Tevin, no doubt has no problem sharing with him, but make no mistake.. They both want the ball! Freeman dang sure does. He wants to carry the team and win. I love his fire, emotions , and self confidence.
  3. Freeman isn't worried about it, the team isn't , and they both seem to be on the same page. It's not even a issue. So i don't know why the media and everyone else is so worried about it. It's getting done.
  4. In my 39 yrs as a Falcon fan, I've gotten use to it, some what. Just think of the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a team, watch us walk into it, and watch us get it. If history has a chance to be made, send in the Falcons, the NFL whipping post. Sad, but true. We just suffered the most embarrassing lost in a SB, we top it off by Honoring our most disgraceful player, and bringing up the past. At a time when the Falcons arrow is pointing up, Blank pulls that out of his ***. When better Falcons didn't get it. Bring back another embarrassment, the whole 2007 season, and the mess before it. Saints got to reopen their stadium and make fools of someone, here we come. One more for Elway! Here we come and throw in a player with his head up his butt! 2pts in the playoffs, we are there. GB door mat, that was us. A team that had never had a kick off return, bring in the Falcons. Epic collapse in a season, yep. Giving up 3rd and forever, only us, over & over & over. I don't need to go on, we know the track record. It's almost like a sick joke sometimes. Guess we will hang a 28-3 banner in our new stadium. I figure eventually it has to stop.
  5. Yes, that dude gave it all for this team. Tough as nails.
  6. Defend Vick all you want. I don't care if Roddy defends him. Alot of them would defend him regardless. It doesn't matter. This is not about the dog fighting situation. It's about the fact that Vick did nothing to deserve a special honor. If the dog situation hadn't happened, he did do alot more disgraceful mess , and still wouldn't have deserved it. That wasn't his only fault as a Falcon. The dog fighting saved us from being jerked along by a poor QB and a bunch of possibilities that would have never happened. Vick did NOTHING, but be a waste, poor teammate, and a disgrace as a Falcon. He didn't revolutionize anything! There were better mobile QBs before and after him. He was just an extremely gifted runner with a strong arm. The strong arm didn't help much, because he didn't have it between the ears and wasn't a good passer. If he hadn't went to jail, he wouldn't have ever change, he was already on a downward spiral. Roddy can kid himself all he wants, but vick going to jail saved his career. He would have never became a great WR with Vick throwing him the ball. They brought in WR, after WR. Labeled bust after bust. Noone ever wanted to realize that it wasn't just WR problems. We had a QB problem. He was lazy and just wasn't that great of a passer. Vick admitted all this himself. He finally learned after prison , from Mcnabb, that you have to put touch on the ball. Throw a catchable pass and don't hang your WRs out. He got better at it then, but still not great. He would lead a WR right into contact and get them killed still.
  7. Forgive is one thing. Him being honored by a team he brought so much grief and embarrassment too. That's what people don't get. This isn't a league where everyone gets a trophy. He has done nothing to deserve to be honored. People forgiving him is not the issue, it should be left in the past, and he doesn't deserve to be honored, forgave or not. People think he is being hated on because he hasn't earned that right. It's just a lame way of excusing his poor career as a falcon for a some good moments. No one really hates Vicks, I don't, but this team honoring him is a disgrace.
  8. Happy for Roddy, he earned it. Vick has done nothing to deserve to be honored. Alot Better Falcons never got this and he **** sure shouldn't be honored.
  9. Light i always say, listen to what his peers say about him, it says alot about him. They know how dangerous he is.
  10. I haven't forgave him as a Falcon or anything else. He's dead to me. I was saying if they want to forgive him, that's one thing, but our team shouldn't be doing anything special for him. Personally i think anyone who calls themselve a fan of this team, that alone should be reason enough to hate the sight of him.
  11. Im not gonna even get into some of the stupid things I've seen in here. Just excuses and over exaggerating vick as a falcon. Fact is, its really simple. Give him the same treatment better players have had. Nothing. When Quinn and TD were asked about if they knew of Abe's interest in retiring here, they dismissed it and showed zero interest in the subject. They never gave that to him and he was a better Falcon. Alot of other great Falcons didn't get it. Vick deserves nothing from this team. Him coming back to retire, is just an embarrassment, and we get to see how pathetic our fan base is. We are finally building a great team and fan base. This needs to stop and go away. We have the best QB in our history and bigger fish to fry. He just wants attention and to still seem relavant. He's not. Why would you let the disgrace of your team return to retire with honor? Forgive him yes, honoring him with a special retirement, oh **** no!
  12. True! Roddy ,Abe , Babs , McClure , Ryan ,Julio , Maybe Brooking, and i could go on. Those are the kind of guys that deserve that honor. Im just not feeling it with vick, especially when better their have been better Falcons that didn't get it. Some players left on good terms and didn't.
  13. Vick did wrong. Served his time and tired to do better. That i will give him. I enjoyed watching him play at times. He was a awesome athlete, but not a good QB. Why let him retire here? We got a half *** effort from a guy making big money. Then he caused the biggest black eye in our history. Let him retire here , but they wouldn't even talk to Abraham when he wanted to retire here. Abraham wad a far better player for us . Heck with Vick. Enjoy retirement.
  14. No , you are the one acting crazy because i stated the problem me and yes Others are having. Even though i was speaking for myself. You got all defensive and making lame excuses. Fact is, it is a problem, and we shouldn't be having it. Especially for this long. People shouldn't have to go through all that to get on here. Im just stating the obvious, but you felt personally offended and felt the need to respond to me with a stupid response. Im done wasting my time with this.
  15. Dude, do you have trouble comprehending? The problems i speak of are my problems. And you are wrong. There are Others are having the same problems i am. Does speaking of this board's problem personally offend you? Relax man.