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  1. If Kurt Bounces back this season, He should take the backup role easily.
  2. Go from Trufant to this?
  3. He was pooched by the Bucs, was impressing them in practice, and got hurt. Went to the Jags, had a good year and got hurt.. nevertheless, he was still way better than Owens and was a huge blunder. Owens was nothing but a liability. His career should have never existed. You can't for see injury on some guys, but you can see ability to play. He showed he was better, it was a pure case of draft order and money, not based on talent. While I agree with where you coming from on Poole.. Poole gave them every reason to cut him. Even if he had one year after leaving us, I don't consider him a mistake. Middleton is just a different situation, is where I'm coming from. Who knows how many good seasons he might have had , if not for injury. He never got a shot, Poole was here for a long time and they know him well. Poole made sense to me, at the time that one didn't.
  4. Actually, they should have kept Middleton. He was a far better player than Owens. Not saying much. I said then,they screwed up. They were stupid for thinking they could put him on the practice squad. Middleton was a good player, injuries ruined him. Of course these same idiots kept rolling Owens out there over Grimes. That wasn't even questionable. Anyone with eyes and a Brain could see he was the best Corner on our team, but yet.. he's over there riding the pine. They had no idea, when it came to DBs.
  5. Do you know he will come back full?? No! You don't know ****. He's been on the shelve for two years. You act like I said he won't! I did not. As I said from the beginning of this thread, kazee and Rico would be my starters, he will have to prove he deserves to be on that Field and can hold up. They need to bring in other guys that can play (FAs and Draft picks) and Have other plans. Quinn better not be stupid enough to put his job on and this season on ,Neal being healthy and being the starting SS. They don't owe him a starting a spot and he's the one that has to prove he's back. He got the good will last year and now it's on him to keep his job. Maybe he will, maybe not, but Quinn would be an idiot to just roll into the season with him holding a spot, if he isn't playing full strength. If someone out plays him, he just got beat out. You don't just assume he will get better through the season at this point.. if he's struggling, you move on. Don't forget to breathe.
  6. Don't try to put your ignorance off on me. You're the one that's clueless if you think they are gonna let him sit there and hold a roster spot, if he can't play. Just because of his money. You are doing good to remember to breathe.
  7. If he isn't worth a crap, pay or not, he's a roster spot. You don't just keep a man with two worthless legs, that is done, on your team because of pay.
  8. As it stands, my starters would be Allen and Kazee.. then have Neal,draft picks, FAs .. see where it goes from there... They should have no idea of him being there, prepare like you are trying to backup and upgrade our two starters. Neal would have to force my hand and make me put him back out there through TC. As far as drafting in the first 3 rounds, im not a big fan of early safeties , unless someone just blows their socks off. Don't just take one because you got to. You can find a safety or develop one.
  9. Back up to Neal? They better have move than that..They can't afford to keep gambling with Neal. They better have some other guy's in there and drafted, that can play. Neal just need to be something we can use, if it functions, if not...bye..
  10. I like the signing ,if he's got something left.
  11. They better be looking for a replacement for him. They better not go into the season with him as anything more than a plan B , if on the team at all.
  12. Good! Dude has played well for us.
  13. Im not surprised. She got mad because I told her Sam Baker didn't deserve to be voted for the probowl.. the year Will Sivtek took his job and he sat on the bench all season. She said i was a fake fan ( funny, i been a fan twice as long as her) and i told she was part the reason the pro bowl is a joke. She also thought we should keep Ray Edwards and I was a fake fan for thinking he should have been gone. Which, I wasn't no fan of hers anyway.. before all that .. for good reason too.
  14. He better hope they fix our oline from last year, or he will have the most embarrassing exit out of the NFL ever. You'll be begging for Freeman to come back.
  15. She's an idiot with a boosted ego, thanks to her moronic sheep. She's Dled level, if not worse. I figured her out 7 or 8 yrs ago, before she got all that.