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  1. I can promise you, this isn't even in question , Mack will be here unless he retires. TD isn't gonna let that same black eye get him again.
  2. I still wish they had gave Matt Lafleur the two shot instead of Sark. He had been Kyle's right hand man for a long time, would have been a better chance of keeping things rolling. We may still have still been with Dirk now, but it would have been worth a shot.
  3. They're hard to come by
  4. He's hardly ran for two years. He will be fine. He did bulk up some, but he is still fast enough.
  5. I'll pass... Even though I know the Patriots will just get him like always.
  6. Yeah, i think you're right. Taylor Grabiel and Coleman hit the low 20's before I believe. Seems like Freeman's long run against the saints peaked at 20, because everyone was shocked, they didn't know he could turn it on like that. Seem like I remember Julio having faster speeds before.
  7. He's a really tough dude! Glad we drafted him.
  8. So many choices! I picked Tru, dude played great, that's the Tru we needed back.
  9. If you remember, most of those INTs were on the WRs in those game too. That's when our WRs were trying to set a NFL record for drops. Alot of those INTs hit the receiver in the hands and they dropped/ deflected them to the defense. Especially that first game. Tony G even caused one.
  10. I was proud of collinsworth tonight, I didn't once hear him say " As a former NFL player I can tell you!"
  11. Im not worried about Matt. If we can win a game with him having a day like that, we should be fine. Anyone with a little bit of sense, knows Ryan will play better, he always does. No one is madder than he is with himself right now. Believe me, that dude is gonna turn it around. Wouldn't surprise me if that's the last INT he throws all year. Every QB in the league has games like this, but we always forget how good he is the instant he does. Other teams don't turn on their QBs that fast. It's pitiful.
  12. That was a brawl. Wasn't pretty, but it's nice to see us win a game like that.
  13. Great tackle there though.
  14. Quinn and this defense at the end of games... Smdh
  15. Quinn don't blow this with soft coverage.