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  1. I don't believe Terry is half as worried about the Cap as the people on here. Yet those same people want a QB at #4 and really waste more space... with all the holes on this team and that's what they are worried about. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Uh oh, I heard something about "the process"... Lol 😁 Jk, I really like both these guys. TF isn't wasting his breath on Dled.
  3. I hope you're right. People think we can just scrap what we have and the next couple of years. This is the NFL, you don't build over time, you build to win a superbowl every year. If you aren't trying to win a SB, you're tanking. You don't just go into a season without an attempt to win it all.
  4. If they take a QB at 4, they are tanking this season (maybe more) and I won't waste my time or money on them. There will be potential great QBs in every draft and a bunch of bust. You ride with Ryan until he's done. Then you draft one and pray. You don't draft one with all the needs we have and money tied up in our current QB. Stay off the QB carousel.
  5. Not happening..... Tom don't like getting hit. Whenever Tom has been allowed to take the kind of pressure Matt has played under, even though he rarely has, he has looked horrible. He wouldn't have survive the constant hits Matt takes.
  6. The Falcons would be stupid to trade Ryan. He's our best chance of winning right now. The next QB we draft, could very well bust, so it's no guarantee. If our new QB is actually good ,when we draft one years from now, I want to take full advantage of the rookie pay. No huge cap hits. Ride with Ryan until he's done and walk away clean to start over. Even if it 5+ years from now..
  7. No.. I'll ride with Ryan. The Falcons bringing Brady in at his age and has already win SBs with two teams. That has humiliation and disaster written all over it. We would probably lose to Ryan on a new team, in the most embarrassing way. That's got Atlanta written all over it.
  8. Sewell, but I would rather trade down and load up on picks. We need as many as we can get.
  9. He said he was interested if we got things fixed, but when TD was asked, he shot it down. I don't look up links for those who don't pay attention. Besides, I wouldn't have no idea where to look now. It doesn't matter, because we were still hot garbage in 2014 and it wasn't happening anyway. I believe Tony was asked about it again in 15 or 16 and he then dismissed it, but the Falcons had no interest anyway.
  10. Gronk said word for word that he would come back if Brady left the Patriots. Tony would have came back. He expressed interest in coming back if we got the issues ironed out after he retired, but like with McClure, TD said we wasn't interested and was moving on. So , if he wouldn't take him back after he retired, he **** sure wasn't in 2016.
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