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  1. Before they said ,if you went to the ground in the process of a catch,you had to maintain possession. I don't think this is a bad rule ,but more so the way it was being applied. If you Jump or dive to catch the ball and lose control hitting the ground, it should be incomplete. Which i know still leaves some of these so called controversial non catches incomplete. There are alot of them though, like the Freeman catch, that should be touchdowns. It was a touchdown even by the old rule!! Freeman clearly caught the ball on his feet running, turned still moving forward, and dove for the endzone. He had 2 feet down running, he became a runner and dove. That is not going to the ground in the process of a catch. It's a TD period, under any rule. That is just poor application of the rule. They needed to clarify it, stop mess like that from happening. I know some want the plays where the receiver dives to make the catch, gets the ball in his hands, manages to reach for the endzone in the air, but hits the ground and loses it, also to be TDs.. but i don't think those should.
  2. While I do see alot of reasons this trade would make sense, i also know the Falcon's, and so betting they won't do it. He would be a good insurance policy because we don't know what Duke will do. All the reasons I've seen here for us not doing it, really don't hold any water, and just seems like people hunting explanations for their gut feeling. That feeling really just comes down to the fact we ALL know the probably aren't gonna do it. On the rare occasion they do surprise us. We do know the Falcon's had interest in the past, so obviously they like the dude. Some want dismiss it by using the Cap hit as a reason. I don't think that would be a issue and it's only for a couple years. There is also the possibility they may have a new deal in place if they did do it and may change everything. Then there's the giving up picks reason for not getting him. First, the same people saying this, also feel like we are in a good position with few holes. So why would we need so many picks? Especially if they got the guy they want, thought he was a upgrade, and it would probably be a low round pick if they actually did it anyway. I just don't see the Falcons giving up anything that amounts to much. Personally, I don't think it will happen. Most smoke around the Falcon's is BS anyway. I normally hunt for the silver lining in everything the Falcon's do. I have lied to myself about them for decades. Sometimes they surprise me. Even when the Mack deal happened, deep down i figured they wouldn't, but i kept being excited because it made alot of sense. Kyle was the big driving force behind that though. I've been let down 99% of the time,when i thought the Falcon's would make a move, but I kept hunting the positive for why they didn't. This year im having a hard time and just don't feel good about what we are losing vs what we will get back. Hopefully that will change Soon. LB is definitely not our biggest need, DL is, but it is a Question mark. Though I don't believe this will happen, i can see why they would. We have about let the good DL FA's get down to slim pickings. I think at this point, we may still sign someone cheap, but still over pay for them in the process. I just don't believe all our Holes on the Dline can be filled in the draft. I guess you can stick any warm body there. I just don't feel good about it, Between that, Duke the unknown, TE, FB, and WR. I believe the Falcon's need to sign a few guys before the draft and the pickings are slim. In the end, none of us can see the future, but hopefully it will end up with the Falcon's winning. That will make us all happy.
  3. 2016 was by far the best.
  4. Franchise QBs get paid, mainly because they are harder to replace than the rest of the team. Heck alot worse QBs than Ryan, get paid big for that reason.
  5. No one wants them to spend money like drunken sailors. People just don't want them to spend all of FA with their fingers up their butt. This franchise has earn every bit of flack and distrust they get. Better question.... Why do people continue to believe that Shanny's year 1&2 are and excuse for Sark's? That's Apples and bananas. Not even comparable. Kyle had a depleted offense, a center that couldn't snap the ball, a ok defense, and yet we moved the ball well with Kyle. When he got his guys, we exploded. You could see promise. Sark had a good D, a loaded offense, and yet they looked lost and horrid at times. The talent still shined at times naturally. No way that offense should have been in that bad of shape and Yes, he is the OC, it's on him and DQ too. Will he get better, maybe, but there still is no excuse for that offense collapsing that bad.
  6. Smh at this pathetic franchise... No excuses for letting him walk for a extra mil. We aren't that broke by everyone elses standards, only by Falcon's standards. Do just enough to keep someone buying tickets.
  7. Might as well not even worry about it. You will see TD is not interested. Some here will say he just doesn't want to come here, that's why we didn't try... All the BS will be floating around about all the reasons we didn't even talk to him.. as always..
  8. I would be ok with this. Dude is a play maker. We aren't broke, you can make it work, if you want to. We are just always broke by Falcon's standards.
  9. **** No to Graham. I'd rather have Dickson or ASJ and that ain't saying much. If ASJ really wants to come here, with his physical abilities, and if he really wants to get his life straight. I'd at least throw a little something at him. Just to see what he can do.
  10. I don't know what Wes will do. I do know that Olinemen are not plug and play typically. Alot of good ones come from later rounds. They take time. I want it fixed now also, but fact is, i do believe the coaches will give Wes a chance to develop. Truthfully, I have zero faith in the Falcon's ability to draft or develop Olinemen. I did see some hope in Wes last year and i just hope he does develop. I think he is our guy right now, like it or not. Thinking they are going to trash him after one year starting, is just crazy.
  11. I think so too.. It's funny how everyone assumes he had to be replaced. It was his first year starting. I don't think the coaching staff are as ready to give up on him.
  12. Im afraid We are watching another good team slowly die. We get close and die.
  13. I saw alot of just lazy WR play. Yes that's part of the coaches fault too. There were times Ryan Escape pressure and the WRs just lazily quit. Never saw them fighting to get back and give him somewhere to throw. Like we have in the past or you see other teams WRs do. We had alot of drops, but we had lazy route running, and just low effort in general.
  14. I wouldn't blame Matt if he did and even if he took less money to go to another team. He's got the numbers of a top QB in his career. He's had to suffer with a crap franchise around him. A franchise who will never get the calls to win it all, there will always be some embarrassment. Wouldn't blame him if he went somewhere else and won a ring. He deserves it. He bust his *** for this team every year. That said, i doubt he ever goes anywhere. Matt is just to loyal.