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  1. Yeah, Campbell was coming along nicely last year until the ankle injury. Then he came back and struggled, but Quinn and Manual both said he was still hurt. Wasn't able to move, react, and push off as quick until the playoffs.
  2. Campbell has improved, so had Debo ,but the DC and the HC said Campbell was there last year, but playing hurt. He was actually alot better than people gave him credit for, especially through the playoffs (when he was finally getting back healthy.) . Factor that in with another off season of improvement, makes it seem like a massive jump.
  3. Coleman won't last long with a bulk of the carries im afraid. If the oline doesn't block better than they have all season, they will take the beast out of him quick.
  4. The one Free had against TB was similar. He took a direct helmet to helmet side shot because the defender lead with his head. Free was running low and behind his pads. Sometimes its just gonna happen, but ones like that are unnecessary.
  5. Freeman is a great RB, A great falcon, and just a all around good dude. Matt once said that him being on the field, just changes the whole energy of the offense, he is infectious. I have no regrets to signing him to a big deal, because he could have just as easily not had another problem, and he gives us 100%. He's the kind of player you want and great backs like him don't grow on trees. That said, this is getting alarming. Dude needs to think of himself with this, but we all know Free ain't going down that easy. He'll keep fighting. I still wouldn't mind us drafting Royce Freeman this year, not because of the name, just because i think that dude could be good here. Just for precaution. He had a bad shoulder injury, so no telling where he will be in the draft though. He seems healthy now though, but not 100%. So my feeling of that may change before then.
  6. It's beyond me how they can't understand it. Roberts has shown he is a good returner, he just isn't getting much of a shot when people don't have to run far to be in his face. The covering team being there has nothing to do with it, doesn't mean that it won't bounce into the end zone. It's why he waves for the fair catch, because them running down, they probably don't know where the ball is. We see them bounce into the end zone in almost every football game, with the coverage team down there.
  7. Lmao at people missing Weems. He was doing the same thing you're complaining about. Weems made a ton of terrible decisions. I think that it runs deeper, plus like mentioned above, people punting on our side of the 50 doesn't help. At least Roberts is a threat to return one.
  8. They posted a thing up years ago, seeing where Falcons fans are from, and yes more live outside of the metro area. They were a scatter majority over 4 or 5 states. Marta wouldn't be as crucial if the stadium was outside of Atlanta. More room for Parking and dedicated roads. Which like i said, they could have extended marta out to it or Just had there on thing. At the present location you have they typical Atlanta crap hole traffic and roads, plus the Falcons game crowd on top of it. But the City of Atlanta whining is why we have the stadium we have. Funny, same people were complaining about the money right afterwards. So it is , what it is.
  9. No, The Falcons would have kicked their teeth in, in their house, and never looked back. This year... who knows, we are in epic fail mode. and yes,I believe we would have beat the Ravens.
  10. You can thank the City of Atlanta for what we ended up with. If you go back to the beginning, Blank wanted to build a open air stadium on the outside of Atlanta, and the city and the inter city fans cried about it. It would hurt down town Atlanta losing the Falcons and the inter city fans couldn't come to the game as easy. They couldn't ride marta. Which is dumb, because a majority of the Falcons fans base lives outside of Atlanta and alot of people don't want to drive into that traffic crap hole. For every inter city fan they lost, they would have gained more people from outside. The stadium could have had more parking and tailgating space out from Atlanta. Blank looked at places in the city or closer in to build his stadium, looked at extending Marta out to the stadium outside of Atlanta. Then they all got together and came up with the idea of building around the GA Dome area and also came up with this bright idea. All to help poor ole down town Atlanta. Not doing what was best for the team or fan base. Then of course came the fact to do this, they needed a stadium with a roof for other events.
  11. Good lawd... this team is in full epic fail mode.
  12. Either way, im not picking on either team. That said, Winston was way out of line and so was Evans. Both should face fines and/or suspension, Especially Evans.
  13. Thing is, they say there is conflicting evidence. Naturally Elliot's side says no evidence and the Goodell says he has sufficient. It's not based on whether he was charged or not. The prosecutor even said he was sure that Elliot had been violent with his girlfriend. I think there is lying going on from both sides. Fact is, he is suspended for conduct detrimental to the NFL. Goodell and the NFL are well in their rights if "they feel" there was something there. Its their business and the contract supports it. He could have served it and been done weeks ago. Instead this will probably still not work out good for him and he could serve it at a worse time.
  14. He's already been ruled against. Now he wants another. There is something or he would have won the first time.
  15. The fact this idiot is allowed to keep dragging this out is pathetic. Hope it comes back to bite him big time.