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  1. What the failing Browns organization does with picks, is irrelevant, to what the Falcons could have done with them. This team needs to build and load up on talent, especially along the lines. Yes, those picks could have helped with that process. No worries, all the foolish highlight fans we got, will be happy. TD will throw more money at Julio for no reason and cripple the franchise. Everyone will be Happy when we can't stop noone, can't run the ball, and Matt can even get a pass off. But hey! We got a Julio! May have to cut some more players , so bye Debo, we will probably have to give julio another bump next year, if someone gets more.
  2. Yep. All those picks we gave up could've helped filled all the holes we had then and still have alot of them holes today. People can't comprehend ,that a freak WR is not what you need to win a SB,even though history shows different. Especially one on a monster contract. The money is better invested in other places. You can find good WRs that will work. Build the trenches.
  3. He needs to go. Bring in a cheap young guy. Matt is a Vet, he don't need him holding his hand and we are screw if Ryan goes down anyway.
  4. Problem with this question is, you cant just look at what a player did with another team. Either player may have performed better here. Our Dline was alot softer without Poe in the middle. Clay helps both inside and out. We should have kept one of them. Losing both was a huge loss, especially when we did nothing to soften the blow. I think keeping Clay , could have been possible for us, I'd took him over McClain. I understand we didn't want to pay Poe a big of a contract, but losing him definitely hurt. With the injuries we had, it probably didn't matter though.
  5. You let Mack play until he can't go anymore. We don't need another situation like last time.
  6. He's not worth 15+ million, but i believe he will get it. He's a good player, not great at this point. He may get there. He definitely deserves a nice contract, but i believe it is bad business for the falcons to over pay him. He's not even close to Donald. They need choose between paying him or Julio , not both. You can't top pay Everyone. Julio is a aging, injury prone WR and Grady is a another overvalued Falcon at this point. If we are gonna sign Grady, i would let julio play his contract out. Though I like both players and would like to keep both.
  7. It's real simple. Anyone we let go, has no trade value. Anyone we have ever had with any trade value, we fall in love with them, and Don't know when to let go. We overvalue and over pay for alot of our own players, then wait to late to get anything out of them. But it's not like we've had a whole lot to trade anyway.
  8. He told the truth. We have some of the most ignorant fans. Some just pure garbage. Alot of teams wish they had Matt for all these years.
  9. I have zero complaints with Matt Ryan. We always know our QB is going to do everything he can to win. He works his *** off and is always prepared. is he perfect, nope, he's human. Like every QB. Everyone has good and bad days. The reason we haven't won a SB , isn't because of him. He should have one, if not two.
  10. You might be on to something there!
  11. Maybe more outside interference for their headset scanner to sift through?!
  12. She's not wrong and I understand how she feels. I don't blame her, but i don't blame the Falcons, it's a good move for them . If they focus money on building the team. Not drastically over paying players.
  13. I think cutting Bryant could be a good move, as long as the freed up money goes to actually improving this team in a great way, and not used to just over pay for what we already have. If it's not,it could really come back to be a terrible move. They have got to make it an improvement.
  14. It's ok man. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Im not responsible for anything you did, that you aren't man enough to take responsibility for, so you don't want people blaming you for. You have to face your own issues.
  15. Dude, don't live in denial. Face your underlying issues and take responsibility for them.