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  1. You're greatly underestimating the difference in a well coached team. A offense that their coordinator knows exactly what they want, how they want it, and knows how to prepare a team to do that.
  2. Players make mistakes, but good coaching will minimize them. How many more seasons are you willing to waste while Sark figures this out and learns? You're wanting the talent to go out there and continue to perform in spite of the coach. Which they have done at times, when they are just that much better than who they are facing. I want the coach to have the talent prepared to execute and perform no matter who they face. I want the coach to put them in a position to succeed. It was obvious Sark's first year, that wasn't happening, yet people like you continued to blame the players. Then Sark and Quinn both admitted Sark was in over his head, although not in those exact words, he struggled with the things that everyone tried to say he was struggling with. Even in his best games, you can still see it, but a loaded offense kept performing. He's lost some valuable pieces, I'm willing to give him a pass on that, but I need to see a confident prepared offense take that field. He may eventually get it figured out, I just wonder how long it will take. In the meantime I guess y'all can continue to excuse it away , till he finally gets it, then finally get to say he ,he did it , like you were right all along. Which is as stupid as people trying to compare his first and second year to Kyle's. Kyle had to rebuild an offense and teach it. Sark came into a loaded offense and broke it down. Stupid comparison. I just want to see some direction in this offense from sark, something that hasn't happened since he's been here, and I want them prepared.
  3. Well, I'm sure things don't work out as good in a game ,as it does in practice, when your opponent is actually trying to stop you. This team and this offense especially is making alot of mistakes that are screaming coaching. Like I said all along, I think sarks problem is he don't know how to teach the little things. This ain't college, where your 11 is just better than the other teams 11 and the little things in execution really matter tremendously.
  4. You think he just shows up on Sunday to call plays? Poor coaching leads to poor execution. You play how you practice.
  5. Tru and Free aren't going any where anytime soon. Alford is toast. I believe they may work a new deal with Beasley, if not he's gone. Fusco isn't any better than any of our other Guards, I see no reason to keep him. We need to replace both kickers with younger options. Same with Schaub.
  6. 100% fact.
  7. The whole team does from top to bottom. front office included.
  8. People want a quarterback to throw harder and complain about Matt noodle arm. Brick hand Julio can't even handle Matts zip.
  9. Horrible missed tackle by Matt Ryan. Worse than that holding he was doing on the GB line a few plays ago. I hope Ryan calls a good defense here. So maybe he can drop back and return a punt. We may lose this game, but we'll find out in the press conference how Ryan plans on holding practices this week. After he's scouts next year's players and cuts everyone else's checks for doing absolutely nothing.
  10. When it rains, it pours. This season and all our players are just cursed this year. Everything is off and no breaks our way.
  11. We sure can't afford all that, with all these issues. Lol
  12. They trying to get Julio some Garbage TDs to justify him crying for more money and them foolishly paying him. He's under contract , let him play it out. This team needs alot of help.
  13. With the remarks I've seen from you and your circle jerk buddy, I would question if you know anything about football, that's the better question.
  14. Julio is getting old, broken down , and slowing. They better not give him no more money. That DB wasn't even to trying and he couldn't get there. Bum. Lmao
  15. Naturally we make a play in comes a flag.