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  1. Could have just been a typo? Either way, I was kinda hoping that's why we drafted him, but wasn't the case. He would be a instant upgrade over Allen, just from pure physical ability. Allen shouldn't have been in the league. Dude was always late on everything. If it's true, yay... , If not, ok...
  2. #2 WR doesn't mean #2 option in the offense. Ridley, Pitts, Hurst , and Davis will all be in the mix... i feel good about it.
  3. Even with Brady at his best, I still believe we can win it. We played them great last year, we should be a lot better, they probably will be the same at best. I like our chances.
  4. I believe he hit the nail on the head.
  5. Roddy is still the #1 Falcons WR to me. Yes I know Julio passed him in yards, but it's just more than that to me. Roddy brought a lot more to the table than just just stats. Just my opinion and how I feel, no one has to agree. He is still #1 in my eyes.
  6. If I was a betting man, I'd say the new guys came in and stepped on his toes a little. Probably hurt his feelings, probably not meaning to, but just being honest about where he stood. Sometimes the truth hurts.
  7. There's no pressure for Ridley, he's already a star, and he will work well within the new offense. That's all he has to do. He will have a good season.
  8. They also like to ask about filling the hole in the offense left by Julio. There is no hole, Julio was never in his offense. He has no adjustments to make, because he never had a offensive plan with him. I know he's got to be sick of it.
  9. The last time a Falcon visited a hooker, it didn't go so well.
  10. "Run vick run" That tells me all I need to know...
  11. Im actually good with what we have done with the secondary, Im more concerned with the dline.
  12. No, I think ring of honor is good enough.
  13. Yes, every team is a contender. That's why they play the games. We aren't as far off as some think. You never know what will happen.
  14. Add.... Collinsworth: As a former NFL receiver, I can tell you, they miss you when you leave.
  15. Yeah, they are very similar. He seems like he would be a physical dude. I don't know what Darby will be, but he just reminds me of Roddy. Would love to have another tone setter like Roddy. Dude was physical on another level.
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