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  1. Jog around and hope the saints forget to cover you or fall down. Maybe our QB will still be alive by then.
  2. Rehiring Dirk Koetter alone, should have gotten him and Mckay in the street.
  3. He could watch them from now to next November. He still wouldn't have a clue or be any more creative.
  4. Everyone was saying this same crap when Dirk was here before. Then Kyle came and he won a MVP. Here we are again... I don't know what worst, the Ryan haters crying the same crap or the fact our front office rehired this moron. You get a better more creative offensive coach, Ryan will be fine.
  5. It's either hold it hoping someone gets open or just throw it away 3 times and punt.
  6. You could put Vick in his prime behind that line with Dirk as the OC.. it would be the same result.
  7. This is the same **** offense we got rid of 6 yrs ago. Same ole crap... Only the Falcons would want to go back to this.
  8. Not with Dirk in charge of that offense. Peyton's creativity is making them better.
  9. If Peyton and Dirk swapped offenses this week, the Saints would be blowing us out right now.
  10. Regardless.. every one of our guys were bullied out of the way.. so typical for us.
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