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  1. He played great for a Rookie. He looks like a future play maker.
  2. Well, I was like, we'll be alright. This team is dropping players, we need to make a move. Time for TD & Quinn to pull their heads out of their butt and make a move. Bring in some decent help for the defense. Not a udfa or some ps journeyman.
  3. The hit was a little late and helmets touched. Penalty was called for, the ejection was BS. All of you wanting to support how it was handled and throw Kazee under the bus. You keep your moronic pie hole shut when Ryan gets hit just as bad or worse with no penalty or ejection. Don't say nothing the next panthers game when Cam runs down the field and Kazee or someone else thinks he is gonna slide, then he trucks them and goes on for a crucial first down. Then Cam gets up smiling and doing his superman dance. Don't open your mouth. A penalty was plenty in that situation and disserved. Y'all act like Kazee has a bad habit of this, because of the Lee injury. That hit 100% clean. Free, Coleman, Hooper, and many more have been tackled the EXACT same way. Bunches of tackles just like that have happened every game. Only difference, Lee's foot got caught and his legs didn't go freely. Just unfortunate. Like I said penalty, yes, the ejection was overboard. It is a tight line defensive players walk. Especially with Cam and him trying to run like a FB. Should've just been a penalty and move on.
  4. We'll get ready for the wanting and not receiving. Matt will probably get one before the years out, with no penalty, or ejection. He's took them before without a penalty. Plenty of times. I don't blame Kazee. Cam is a big QB who likes to run like a full back. You have to come at him hard, assuming he's gonna keep running or try to run over you. You can't have it both ways, sometimes these things happen at gam speed. If his slide had stop and Kazee did that, yeah, but it was almost simultaneously. I think that's why Kazee went to his side and barely hit him. He wasn't trying to be malicious.
  5. Matt ran a good many times last year to keep our stagnant offense moving the chains. I have no problem with it. Ryan is tough and smart. Just have to make good decisions about when to get down or out of bounds.
  6. That is becoming common, but like it was said above, that's still leading with the helmet. Same thing Kazee got flagged for. Hoop took one last week also. I've seen alot of guys in multiple games limping back to the huddle because of it.
  7. His running style or frame isn't the problem. All Freemans concussions wasn't caused by his running style, but by shots to the helmet that everyone is prone to. His first was from a side shot , nothing to do with how he was running, but a result of a LB going head first into his helmet. Been the same with all of them. They weren't a result of his running style. Then this knee could happen regardless. His size is in line with a big chunk of NFL running backs. People confuse height with size. Free is short, but he's not little. Don't get me wrong, I'm concerned with his knee at this point. I wonder if he needed surgery, but we will see. Maybe he gets back to 100%. Of course it could be unrelated to the previous injury, we just don't know at this point. I don't want him back on the Field until he's got his speed and explosiveness back.
  8. He had to get rid of it and Julio didn't get inside to cut to the center like they wanted. I think Matt put it where they wanted it.
  9. It's route running, timing, having time to throw and being able to actually step into it.
  10. Wasn't it just a few years ago that he had to drop is pants on the sideline for them to fix it. Think in 2016. He's had it though, since early in his career,been wearing it since.
  11. Yeah, I imagine Sark was like... Well, that play is a bust, wait, what Matt doing?!? Ok.. that'll work too ..
  12. Ryan has took those in his career without even a flag at times. Sometimes it happens when the QB waits to give himself up. If Kazee pulled up thinking he was and Cam trucked him for a long run, y'all would want him benched. These will continue to happen as long as the QB has a option. That defender is coming hard. Should Kazee had pulled up? Yes,But you're making it more than it was. I bet Ryan doesn't cry after the game about it. He knows sometimes it happens. Kazee went to the side of him and barely hit him.
  13. People keep saying Matt is throwing ugly deep balls, I think he's putting them where he is supposed to, Julio is just failing to winand get inside and get to where he is supposed to be. Some of it is lazy, but today he was held and cut off by Bradberry, from getting to that one. People always blame the QB, but forget Matt is putting it up and expecting him to get there. It's a timing thing. The oline also has to give Matt the time to hold it and throw it later on a different trajectory. Matt may feel he won't have time ,so he puts air under it, to give Julio a chance. He just didn't get there.
  14. Coleman had several runs today where he was tackled, but a Healthy free is still running. Cole gets chunks when he can use his top end, but several of his runs today ended short of where Free would have took them. He still falls easily. His speed is his main strength, a healthy Freeman still has him everywhere else. People act like Free is slow, when Free is healthy, his speed is not far behind Cole's. He can scoot pretty dang good. I bet if you could get the truth from Quinn, there are runs that were scrapped today with Freeman out. The game plan was adjusted to Cole's strengths. You act like I'm dissing Cole, I know you love him, but reality is, we are a better team when Free is healthy. He would have had a nice day today. I'm excitingly curious about Ito. If Free can't bounce back, he is showing good potential. See, even though I like Free, I like Coleman also, and I see reality. I'm really concerned Free won't be back to normal for a long time, if ever. Im concerned about the team losing a Back of his skill set, not trying to boost someone into more than they are. Ito shows promise of being that guy who can run in heavier traffic that requires alot changes in direction.