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  1. Elite QB, who has had most of his career wasted by a dysfunctional franchise. Glad he has been here to at least give us a chance every year.
  2. I sure hope so. I like a lot of what we have done. It's just an unknown right now. We know our offense is capable and of scoring with them, if the line holds up and Dirk can find a good game plan. I need the defense to show me they can do it at this point. We have had the same issues for so long. Im hoping the defense can be strong this year.. it will just make our offense better too.
  3. Basically the article is saying that , we will win, only because Brees and Brady suck so bad. This isn't saying anything good about us, just preparing the excuses, just it case. Believe me, they believe they are gonna roll. These games will be just like always, hoping Matt can out score them, having to score on every drive, and praying our defense can get one stop for a win. If their defense is good enough to get some stops against us, we are toast.
  4. It's in the top 40... Including some college teams. We'll see if they get any better.
  5. Mcgary on offense... He's definitely got it in him I believe. Neal on defense, if he's still functional. And Marlon.
  6. Grimes was a great player. Letting him walk was Mistake. A lot of people didn't want him though, he had that knee surgery his last year , and most thought he was worth paying. I remember Chad Johnson and TO talking big, about how they would ball against him, and he shut both down. They were swapping sides to get away from him. Big WRs always thought they could push him around, but he would slam them to the turf. He was tougher than they thought.
  7. He deserves a championship. He's gonna be a HOFer. I won't be shocked if he plays till 40.. he's built out of steel.
  8. Mack has no reason to be.. he will be our center until he he is done. Fix the line around him, he will be fine.
  9. Get rid of the entire replay system. It's trash anyway.
  10. Me and you both! My nephew was on the Grady train too and he was watching with me. Funny , because he was one of the people who told me I was overrating through his college career because of his dad. Then he watch more film on him that off-season and saw what I was saying all along. So we were both screaming at the TV that night.
  11. I Didn't expect anything better from the media.
  12. I love the Davidson pick! I can't wait to see that dude on the line. I haven't been this excited about a lineman we drafted since Grady! I had been wanting Grady since I first saw him step on the field at Clemson. I knew he was special, despite everyone saying, I just wanted him because he was Tuggles son. Dang I didn't know he signed with the Browns... I've only half been keeping up with everything, mostly just what we got. I hope this don't end up like last time, us wishing we had kept him , and him wasting away on another team.
  13. If AC still wants to play, I hope we can find a spot to squeeze him in. Although it's getting packed. He was always disruptive. Even if he didn't get the stat on paper, he moved the QB, he just had no help. Im sure someone will clear themselves out along the way.
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