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  1. Geez, you are trying to hard.
  2. There are a lot of people on here in denial and being very naive. TO influencing him a good thing??? LMAO really?!??? Come on guys, you're trying to hard, you know better. TO isn't influencing Julio? LMAO! You know better. You are , what you surround yourself with, whether you notice it or not. People effect the way you think and what you feel about yourself. This isn't a coincidence. I promise they have discussed it. Ask yourself what would the Patriots do in this situation? TD came from that mold.. are the Falcons truly trying to follow that in any way?!? Questions..... questions... Questions... We will get answers eventually
  3. Eh, it's not grinding a Ax when you're just stating the obvious. He didn't say anything bad about Julio. He didn't say Julio didn't deserve more money. He just reinforced what people have been saying from the beginning. He even said things to support Julio's side. Julio just picked the wrong time to complain about wanting another contract. People think that's hating on Julio, but it's just the nature of it all. When you complain With 3 years left on a deal that made you a top paid WR, teams just aren't gonna baby you. Unless the Falcons just love him so much and are feeling extremely generous, in which he may have been better off to show up and try to talk to them in good faith.
  4. Grimes had some great seasons after leaving us. He was a probowler. I think Miko helped talk him out of town. Lofton was slow as a tank. He never was fast, but his best years were behind him. Dhall and Crumpler were the first two Smith got rid of when he got to Atlanta. I just don't think it was a case of hard ball with any of them, I think they just let them go, they didn't want them.
  5. It hasn't been said either way.. but dude , he wants more money. If he didn't, they would probably have already took care of this. They may give him something like more guaranteed money or move some around to just help him look like he got something and make y'all feel like that's what he wanted.
  6. Sanders was different ownership and just a different organization all together. Hall was told to hit the bricks, Smith didn't want him anyway. Lofton was toast. Grimes was a special situation, I think other things played into that.
  7. Pat Dye Jr.: "my guess is the Falcons stick to their guns" with @TuneInSports. #NowPlaying
  8. No. His agent spoke on the radio and said they are just waiting for the picks in front of him to get signed so they know where his Guaranteed money should be in year 4 of his contract. It's pretty much done other than that. He also said he doesn't think the falcons will cave and give Julio more money. He will be expected to play his contract out like Ryan had to. Pat Dye Jr.: "my guess is the Falcons stick to their guns" with @TuneInSports. #NowPlaying
  9. Awesome Quinn is such a awesome dude
  10. In other words... The Falcons signed Julio, a injury ridden WR with a lot risk, to a market setting long term contract with a ton of guaranteed money. Now with three years left on said contract and Julio having collected his Guaranteed money, he now wants more guaranteed money. So the team can get stuck paying the crippled entitled Julio, who they just made a very rich man, for the next three years (even if he can't even do his job anymore and earn it). The Falcons already took a huge risk signing him to the deal, now the risk is on Julio, and he has to actually be able to play and be a part of the team for the rest, he cries. Got it.. sad, I hate to see a poor man stuggle. We should all chip in and send him some money.
  11. It is though. You would have paid me what you promised. The rest is just what you owe me if I continue to work for you through those years. If that is how the contract is written, you are only obligated to what the contract States. I might not be a good enough employee, so you may not want to keep me, and shouldn't be obligated to. All you owe me, is my guarantee. The rest is just the structure of my pay if you keep me on through the full contract. If you paid me my guaranteed money and I never worked a day for you because I got sick and you didn't have a clause in the contract to protect you from that. So you still had to pay me that chunk and hire some one else to do my job. You would feel you had been had. That's the other part people aren't considering. Julio is a walking egg. Dude stays nicked up and his feet are a serious risk. He spent last year in a boot early on, couldn't practice. It showed on the field when the season arrived. He was second in the league in drops. Now this year he pulls this, with 3 yes left on his deal, the very next year. He knows the Falcons take care of their guys, usually in the last year. They made him the highest paid WR.. Why all of a sudden the strong stance? From a guy normally about playing and letting that take care of itself. Could it be possible Julio knows he has issues with his feet. He feels it and wants to get another chunk before it manifest itself to the team. They haven't seen him on the field. I can bet the Falcons have considered that. It's something they have to think about too. Though if he only wanted some more of his money guaranteed to protect him, the falcons might work that out. The fact it's came to this, shows it's probably more. The Falcons would be nuts to throw another huge contract at a guy they haven't seen on the field, won't show up, and just a can of worms the team shouldn't open. Not even for Julio.
  12. it's part of NFL contracts. Players can be cut. We can cut Matt Ryan today if we want, but it would be a disaster for the team. They honor the contracts by paying them exactly what the contracts stay they owe if they cut them. If they didn't honor contracts, they could have told Sam Baker to stuff it and not paid his worthless *** a dime. If we didn't honor contracts, they could have told Jamaal Anderson they were not paying him what they agreed to, because he wasn't worth it or ordered a refund. Years of the contract have nothing to do with honoring it. It's not written in stone the player won't get cut or that said player will be healthy enough to ever play a snap of it. What if Matt has a career ending injury tomorrow? The Falcons still have to pay him what he was guaranteed. It's all part of the contract and honoring them. The Falcons take care of their players, they made Julio the highest paid, and he's just dead wrong for the crap he is pulling at this point. He's not due a contract. If they gave him one, in two years it would be the same mess.
  13. Teams do honor the contract. Its not like teams can cut a player and not pay him what he is due by the Contract! The contract is what gives them the ability to cut a player and what is due if they do. They are going by the contract. In situations like this, everyone forgets the terrible contracts teams get themselves into. It happens everyday. Teams pay players way more than they are worth and/or get nothing in return. Could be said that is what got us in this situation, teams overpaying.