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  1. We only ned to do one thing to win. We must score more points than Green Bay. Follow this lead and I promise we will win.
  2. I want to start hearing more about Quinn being 100% in the playoffs as a head coach rather than matt being 2-4 (soon to be 4-4)
  3. Don't let them cause you to bring dishonor on your family. Be a man f your word....Drink that piss.
  4. He sure is making us wonder through the wilderness forever like the Israelites before we make it to the promised land. To answer the question, I HATE it. 4 est is 10 where I am. So, by the time the game ends it is extremely late/early here
  5. I know power rankings don't mean anything and blah blah blah, but I feel like every time people start to take us serious as a team we start sucking. So, this makes me nervous lol.
  6. So, how did the Panthers become so bad so quickly? I don't keep up with any other team besides ours, but I mean they were in the superbowl last year and now they are close to going 1-5? How did that happen?
  7. I don't think we are allowed to post links to the game....so inbox
  8. So, I keep seeing everyone get on Beasley for sucking, but he is (technically) the only one our team with a sack and the leading sacker from last year. So, if he's (technically) the only one doing anything (stat wise) on defense why aren't the rest of the defensive ends getting more hate than him. Note: I just like to watch the game don't know the ends and outs, so I'm genuinely asking and not being sarcastic. Why so much hate on our sack leader, but not the bums who can't even out sack someone who apparently sucks so bad.
  9. I'm with you. I'm in South Africa for most of the season, so anything after 1 annoys me. Shoot the aints game next week is 2 in the morning here.
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