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  1. Todd gurly filet mignon and a side of mashed Goff potatoes
  2. First and for most this was meant as a joke. Second stereotyping is a word you should look into not racism. People become so sensitive when it comes to "black culture" but any other race of people is excluded and faces the same if not more racism. I believe it's a media thing where people mindlessly believe everything they see or read. Not everyone is racist or has a hidden agenda. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to call people racist without a valid reason or tangible proof. Food for thought.
  3. 31 Falcons 14 Panties Julio Steps up and shows why he is elite. Screw Carolina im tired of the hype
  4. Wow even with hope people want to complain... Just stop being a fan if you want your team to lose
  5. No doubt specially since it keeps the defense off the field and helps the wideouts not have so much pressure
  6. Okay hear me out every game we've won he has had 50 yards or more that game. The only game we lost is the Detroit game which if we would of just handed the ball off to him and let the clock run down I doubt we would of lost that game... Every other game we've lost is us abandoning the run trying to be pass happy and 3 and outs until it's too late too run. Sure this has been brought up a couple times but looking at the stats really shows.. Look at the stats... http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/schedule/_/name/atl/atlanta-falcons
  7. I don't think y'all understand how clutch he was on certain games, he had some bad games but at one point he was probly are #1 WR and roddy wasn't as good as he is now. I dunno know why people don't like him he has hands.
  8. Yeah I think he was underutilized at Georgia
  9. Well thats with anybody... plus not even trying to be a homer but UGA plays really good OT and competition. Sidbury came from Richmond where the competition is much less. Not knocking smaller schools, but they really do have weak schedules compared to SEC and some other college conferences. Even though he did have more numbers in college i feel like Washington could have easily done that with weaker competition. He also is 2 inches taller than Sidbury and stronger and as fast if not faster. UGA's defense has studs all over I just don't think they are used properly
  10. You never know with TD though, wouldn't surprise me if we get a bunch of players not even on are radar
  11. Yeah i seriously doubt he goes past the 4th round, just by his physical attrubutes alone. He can learn alot though and has a high payoff if coached properly
  12. Yeah he probly weighs the most of the LBS though he weighs 265
  13. Yeah he has the speed to play OLB as well but he could develop to a nice DE too
  14. Yeah before I'd say like 5th or 6th round pick but his combine has been really impressive
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