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  1. Isnt there a reciever out that still has the brotherhoods back? Oh well, one can wish he was 5 years younger.
  2. I know its tough for alot of you but he is Georgia born and I thought he was quoted as saying hes a Falcon fan except for 2 weeks a year. If I was that big I would be as cocky despite my passing deficiencies.
  3. poor guy even had a message board nickname, "High Top Jop" I always thought you had arrived once the fans give you a nickname.
  4. Hey Gimme, Do you like betting on horse races?
  5. Yep, if Daryl Johnston was our GM he would have cut Campbell since he cant cover tight ends. /s
  6. Did you make sure to add in Berman running out of breath before he reaches the end of each sentence?
  7. "Theres a knock at Shmevin's door, Shmev answers door, Its Michael Bennett. UH OH" But yeah, he was pretty dirty last night.
  8. With Mike Smith as head coach Toilolo is a yard short. He has a truck stick too! He threw Thrope outta the way like a child. Thorpe is 6-1 200lbs, so not the biggest for an NFL player but dang.
  9. I used to work with a Kurdish refugee and when they captured Saddam everybody I worked with was happy. I asked the guy what he thought, since his family moved to the U.S. to keep from being killed by Saddam ( FYI: Saddam gassed the Kurds) and he said it wasn't right to get rid of Saddam. I looked at him with the biggest WTF face and it basically killed the whole conversation. It seemed crazy at the time but the guy was right the whole **** time!
  10. Lol, after I saw that on Hard Knocks, I said I'm picking Hopkins up in my fantasy league.
  11. Did anybody see Reed punch Ryan Mallet in the arm after he had a TFL? My first thought was Brooks forgot what team he was playing for, but I think Mallet was just talking smack, jokingly of course.
  12. Im assuming you will do another drawing for our week 6 matchup. Im going to be looking for Ol backup, bottle half empty of course.
  13. Every time I see Durant out in space with a running back I panic, and the dude always makes the tackle. It shocks me that he always wraps the guy up and pulls him down. Its sad that we, as Falcons fans, suffered through such mediocre tackling for years.
  14. The only thing is Allen is a Exclusive Rights Free Agent in 2016, those other 3 guys are Unrestricted Free Agents in 2017. I didnt know what a ERFA was so heres the definition: Exclusive-rights free agents Exclusive-rights free agents (ERFAs) are players with two or less seasons of service time and whose contracts have expired. If their team tenders a qualifying offer (a one-year contract usually at league-minimum salary) the player has no negotiating rights with other teams, and must either sign the tender with the team or sit out the season. Maybe one of our message board contract guys can explain it in more detail but I guess if the Falcons tender him for 2016 he will be a UFA in 2017 like the other 3. Hopefully his contract will be a non-issue.
  15. Heck, I even like Big Hugh Douglas, that guy says whatever comes to mind and its not always politically correct.
  16. I heard this yesterday half way through the bit and thought, "****! those guys on the falcons forums were right, He is terrible!" then I realized they were calling him "virtual"
  17. I guess they updated Reed, Brooks OLB Groin DNP DNP - -
  18. Nick Chubb tears both ACL's.........We are definitely drafting both Chubb and Gurley. Franchise Beast Tandem for the next 20 years.
  19. I guess Mr. White is enjoying his retirement in Turks and Caicos after taking the fall.
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