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  1. Isnt there a reciever out that still has the brotherhoods back? Oh well, one can wish he was 5 years younger.
  2. I know its tough for alot of you but he is Georgia born and I thought he was quoted as saying hes a Falcon fan except for 2 weeks a year. If I was that big I would be as cocky despite my passing deficiencies.
  3. poor guy even had a message board nickname, "High Top Jop" I always thought you had arrived once the fans give you a nickname.
  4. Hey Gimme, Do you like betting on horse races?
  5. Yep, if Daryl Johnston was our GM he would have cut Campbell since he cant cover tight ends. /s
  6. Did you make sure to add in Berman running out of breath before he reaches the end of each sentence?
  7. "Theres a knock at Shmevin's door, Shmev answers door, Its Michael Bennett. UH OH" But yeah, he was pretty dirty last night.
  8. With Mike Smith as head coach Toilolo is a yard short. He has a truck stick too! He threw Thrope outta the way like a child. Thorpe is 6-1 200lbs, so not the biggest for an NFL player but dang.
  9. I used to work with a Kurdish refugee and when they captured Saddam everybody I worked with was happy. I asked the guy what he thought, since his family moved to the U.S. to keep from being killed by Saddam ( FYI: Saddam gassed the Kurds) and he said it wasn't right to get rid of Saddam. I looked at him with the biggest WTF face and it basically killed the whole conversation. It seemed crazy at the time but the guy was right the whole **** time!
  10. Lol, after I saw that on Hard Knocks, I said I'm picking Hopkins up in my fantasy league.
  11. Did anybody see Reed punch Ryan Mallet in the arm after he had a TFL? My first thought was Brooks forgot what team he was playing for, but I think Mallet was just talking smack, jokingly of course.
  12. Im assuming you will do another drawing for our week 6 matchup. Im going to be looking for Ol backup, bottle half empty of course.
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