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  1. All good comments Rev! We've got so many guys banged up right now, the most important talent on this team at the moment may be the Trainer! Go Falcons!
  2. How confident would you be if Mike Johnson had not gone down with a fractured leg and dislocated ankle. Frankly, i'd be very pumped about our chances in New Orleans with all our toys at the skill positions. Johnson was not a greatly experience tackle. He was essentially the back up swing tackle who played as the extra tight end in jumbo packages. But he is not the liability and learning curve that we presently have at RT. It shows what a great game the NFL is and how fragile it is putting all the pieces together. And the o-line is that one position group that truly has to work together. What happens at RT affects all five guys on the line. New Orleans is likely to be ugly. But take heart! This will be a good and athletic line by year-end.
  3. Was Pashos claimed off of waivers before he got to us?
  4. How long will it take for Trueblood to integrate into the offense? A month?
  5. The two betting lines i checked has The Saints favored by 3!
  6. Tony Pashos at RT. Played for Koetter at Jax.
  7. God Bless and Godspeed Brian Banks! A remarkable young man with a remarkable story. Very proud of the Falcons for being a part of it!
  8. Class organization with a VERY classy owner!
  9. In the last game at left tackle, Shraeder had an ugly bull rush where he was driven straight back into Davis. But for the most part, he has very good balance and is quick off the ball with his assignments and is pretty decent in picking up the stunts and twists, even getting to the second level. In contrast, Holmes looks big but slow and pretty consistently get beat off the edge and is "split" on a lot of stunts and twists. Holmes ends up on the ground far too much. It looks like his having to take too much time to "think" through his reads. The truth is that both Shraeder and Holmes are projects. One of them might make a decent swing tackle as a back-up but one of them now MUST step up after Johnson's injury. Everyone thought it would be Holmes because of his two years of experience. Frankly, it's laughable that so many had Holmes penciled in as a BIG starter even though in two years he had only suited up for three games (when Hawley was suspended) and only played on seven snaps! The truth is playing tackle in this NFL is TOUGH even if you are Jordan Groass and been doing it for 10 years! It's even tougher if it's your first start in New Orleans on opening day! The only consolation is this o-line will be better in January that they will be on September 8th.
  10. Sam Baker is going to be on an island all year long cause all the help will be going to the RT.
  11. Excellent post Vel and absolutely the right perspective. But i respectfully disagree on Mike Johnson. He was on his way to starting and had more experience and a better understanding of the playbook and blocking calls than Holmes. I think the coaching staff would have loved to see Holmes progress more but his inability to make more progress meant that Mike Johnson was going to start and it would give Lamar more time to develop as the back-up swing tackle. Unfortunately, Johnson's injury means that Lamar has to step up even sooner and a UFA is the swing tackle in Ryan Shraeder. The good news about Johnson's injury, if there is any, is Shraeder, who because of his late start playing football and balance may be a diamond in the rough. In any event, @ New Orleans is a VERT TOUGH draw for this young line and i suspect it will be very ugly for False Starts and Sacks. But, come December, this o-lline will have gelled and be very athletic.
  12. Charles Davis is one of those announcers the seldom is ever throws any player on either team under the bus just to make himself look good (i.e.. see Mike Mayock). Charles is a quality guy and a great announcer. The really great ones make the players and the game bigger than they really are.
  13. Remarkably, Shraeder, an undrafted free agent, may be the better option and certainly has more upside.
  14. God Bless Brian Banks and his Mother! Honored that they could have this experience at the Georgia Dome. if this game is his last, the shadow of his character still makes the Falcon locker room stronger for having been there in the preseason.
  15. Agreed! Whether or not he makes the Team or PS, this guy strengthened the locker room and made every other player in that locker room more mature and grateful for the opportunity. The essence of the word "team"! Very proud of the Falcons! It's not quite Jackie Robinson but it is a great story of courage and class regardless of the result!
  16. The odds are certainly stacked against you but you have certainly beat long odds before! I hope your Mom has the time of her life at the game! If there is one person on earth who deserves it as much as you, it must be your Mom! No matter what happens on Saturdays cut-down, you are already a champion that has demonstrated tremendous class, humility and character! Very proud of the Falcons for their association, for however long, with a man who can articulate courage and grace as well as you.
  17. This is certainly the first time that Mike Smith has ever opened against a Divisional opponent, much less your rival, away from home. He doesn't show much in any preseason but this year, even less!
  18. It's looking good and we've got them right where we want them! Seriously! Four out of the last five years (in the Smith/Dimitroff/Ryan era) we've started out strong with every game being crucial to make the playoffs. Two of those years (2010 and 2012) the Falcons earned a first round bye in the playoffs with the best regular season record in the NFC. During those same five years, every winner of the Super Bowl played in the Wild Card game and had to "improve" throughout the season and four of the five barely snuck in the play-offs: Steelers, 9-7 in 2008; Saints, 11-5 in 2009; Packers, 10-6 in 2010; Giants, 9-7 in 2011; and, Ravens, 10-6 in 2012. The result is that EVERY YEAR THE FALCONS HAVE MADE THE PLAYOFFS THEY HAVE HAD A BETTER REGULAR SEASON RECORD THAN THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. This will be an up and down season. We may barely scratch and claw to make it into the playoffs on a 9-7 record. But if our Coaching stays strong, and this team continues to maintain it's strong character, all these young guys may be firing on all cylinders in January. And for the last five years that has been the formula for Super Bowl Champions!
  19. Tyson Clabo and Todd McClure First game is in New Orleans! Todd lives in New Orleans!
  20. All good positives. Thank you! There is lots to build upon!
  21. Very sincerely, great breakdown of every sack! Thanks so much for taking the time to be objective rather than the emotional opinions, albeit understandable sometimes, that fill this board. So many posters have argued for young guys like Holmes to get their shot! Well, it's not that easy. Unfortunately, the o-line is the one position group that has to work together the most. One weak link on one side can lead to a sequential breakdown. While the focus is on RT now, we miss Mud Duck's experience on the calls. There was a lot of blitzing last night and you can bet we will see a lot to challenge young Mr. Konz on Sept 8th in New Orleans. It's going to get uglier along the way,especially in New Orleans which is a horribly loud place for a new right tackle (whether its Holmes or Shraeder) to have his first regular season start, but if we (and especially Matt) can hang in there on the learning curve, this could end up being a very athletic and tough o-line come play-off time.
  22. It's why our fanbase was ranked 31st in the Emory study.
  23. Interesting! I bet all the guys who were crying to put Holmes in and let him develop are the same guys panicking now!
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