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  1. Great read. Thanks for posting. The more I read on Smith the more I like him. He has actual character and substance. Not just some rah rah coach. He is an actual coach and nose to the grindstone guy with a passion for football.
  2. Reminds me of Tyron Mathieu as far as instincts and stature.
  3. Yes sir!!! The Falcons don't need him to win pressers, they need him to win games.
  4. Complete games. Play hard ALL 4 quarters. No more up by 20+ and blow games in dramatic fashions.
  5. I like when he said we ran it twice and got a sack both times. That's a well designed and well executed play.
  6. RIP to the Real homerrun king!!! The world lost a legend.
  7. And even though I am not a huge Bama fan, it's beautiful to watch when executed with the right guys.
  8. Players are already taking notice. Maybe a few added the A to some of their desired landing spots.
  9. This part right here is what folks were telling me. NFL guys will take notice of Pees, his style, and the propensity of this defense to maximize certain positions. That's a good thing to have for the Falcons. As well as AS scheme to make others better on offense as well. I am genuinely excited to see what the draft and FA brings over the next couple of years.
  10. Buddy looks like he can suit em up still. Definitely a football coach voice. Loud and direct. Good to see AS getting to work putting together some new minds and assembling an interesting staff.
  11. Honestly don't see any game changers in top 5. D or O wise
  12. Sadly no DE or RB is worth #4 in this draft.
  13. Falcons didn't make the playoffs at all. Even with a ""better" defense. How did that work out for ATL?
  14. Who made the playoffs this year. And we have 1 piece that was instrumental in that success.
  15. The problem with this ideology is if a young DC comes here and balls out, they are more likely to get poached and you start from scratch. At least with Pees coming and a possible addition of a co DC, the Falcons will be set up to pass the torch. Not just start over.
  16. Quenton Nelson. 6th overall. Colts. He is an All Pro
  17. Honestly I can see the Falcons staying put and grabbing a QB, best OL they like, or a CB.
  18. As long as you can get ahead of the Steelers. I really feel they are in play for a RB like Harris or Etienne.
  19. 1. Better run blocking scheme and a new RB should improve rushing and pass blocking due to play action and bootlegs. 2. Matt not hanging on to the ball while long routes develop will also alleviate sack numbers. 3. The OL isn't the greatest, but now the Falcons have a HC who is reported to scheme to players strengths. So they shouldn't look like a dumpster fire and now can develop some continuity withan O minded coach while OCs get poached.
  20. Yes sir. Smith is gonna be in that playbook and on the mic like Sean Payton and Andy Reid. At least I hope so anyways.
  21. I'm about an hour or so away, so if you can't I will.....🤣
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