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  1. I could get behind a 6'5 240lb QB. Trask,in the 2nd is a helluva lot better than one at #4 overall. Especially if we trade out of the #4.
  2. I am genuinely excited and hopeful because with the team as bare as it is, TF essentially has a blank canvas to do as he wishes. Of course its not without some challenges. But I truly believe there will be a vision, a goal, and the right people working together to make it happen. TF is always talking about beating the bushes for budget players and UDFA. I think this will always be a mantra. Even after getting out of cap purgatory. No more getting late round guys as special teamers. Getting them to,come in and compete and play. Get em ready to start.
  3. Spot on. Every time I think about short players or safeties for that matter, my mind goes to Bob Sanders. What career he could have had if health was on his side. 5'8" and often times the biggest and baddest man on the field. Same as Darrell Green. He was short but was insanely fast and a flat out bad dude.
  4. The Falcons will make it work and sign the man. He is steadily improving and one of the premier route runners in the NFL.
  5. Keep Matthews. He is more than serviceable. Let the rook learn from him and help fortify the line. You don't get better by offloading talent. Keep what ya got and build on a strength. Then trade him when the time is right. Serviceable lineman are tough to,find in the NFL and are often overpaid.
  6. Same.... Surtain if we are looking at a #1 at pick 4. Samuel for a slot or #2 guy later in the draft. Too me, Surtains technique, bloodline,instincts and awareness sets him apart. As far as CBs to grow into their role I like Samuel as a bloodline and instinct guy. One thing I do like about the top 5 CBs is most all play with a swagger and fire. Plus their bloodlines of NFL dads are there too.
  7. And yet none of those playmakers you listed hoisted a Lombardi this year. Got beat out by a 40+ year old pocket passer with a great defense and run game. Example #4,742 of some on this board clamoring for a playmaker at QB whike the majority of them fall short year in and out. Give me a serviceable QB with a nasty run game and defense all day over the so called playmakers at QB.
  8. I honestly don't give a **** which QB the Falcons draft, as long as it isn't at #4. Ryan will be eventually be replaced, yes, but the team also has more immediate needs than a QB at this time. Ryan will be serviceable for another 2 to 3 years. Just my opinion.
  9. I really believe getting McGary moving in a ZBS like Smith implements will be vital to his improvement. I just remember the oline before and after KS. I think AS will have a similar effect on the oline. We just need Kaleb to be serviceable. Lindstrom is slowly growing into a beast.
  10. Enough of this dead *** arguement. Get the man a RB and a solid playcaller and let him cook.
  11. Yes sir. Really frees Pees up to get creative up front and mainly concentrate on that front 7 more. Just let the back end do their thing.
  12. Same. But I am rooting for that TF connection. All is forgotten once he laces em up for the red and black. Plus if Falcons draft Surtain, vet presence on the back end will be important.
  13. Their Olines also suck. Watson got sacked more , but led the league in passing. There is no right or wrong. Mahomes moves around a ton and is effecient. Brasy is a statue is effecient. I am not saying one is greater than the ther. Just that their is a difference in being mobile vs being a running QB.
  14. Nah. Mobile QBs can move in the pocket and escape sacks while throwing on the run. Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson...etc Running QBs routinely rack up 100+ yds rushing... See Jackson, Allen, Vick
  15. I really believe people get running QBs and mobile QBs mixed up..... They are 2 totally different things.
  16. Kwity Paye, with Rashawn Slater and Christian Barmore still there.
  17. Looking at that Drafttek mock if Barmore or Rashawn Slater are there and they take Paye over them, that would be disappointing. I like the position drafted not the player.
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