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  1. Julio won't count. He may be hurt. Ryan won't throw to him while he is on the bench unless the rush gets to him....
  2. See Bob Sanders. Not saying Washington is that, but instincts, heart and talent can overcome height.
  3. Swap Lock for Chubb or Simmons and I'm in....
  4. Lee Smith is the type of dude you want in your group when you are having a beer at a bar and the ish goes down..... Just a real dude. Straight up. What ya see is what ya get.... No BS. He is a beautiful addition to the AS blocking scheme. Time to put some ***** on the ground Falcons!!!!!
  5. I think he was a part of a good team. How large of a part, time will tell. But he was enough of a part that Loomis named him the heir apparent. It takes more than the GM though. Coaches, salary cap guys, there are many involved. So I am confident and optimistic in the pairing of AS and TF along with the others they have broight in so far.
  6. Correct. Vernon Davis was the highest followed by TJ Hockenson I believe. But if Pitts is a true game changer that at #4 it would be justified.
  7. I think that is about to change with AS. Same as we saw the OL change with KS here. Now the Falcons have a schemer. An actual play caller to strengths. No more identity crisis and fitting round pegs into square holes.
  8. Sadly for the Falcons this is an offense heavy draft. But Pitts or Chase at #4 makes it easier to move on from Julio. Not to mention gives the eventual new QB a prime safety blanket. I wouldn't be upset. I would be upset if they reach for a defender at #4 when the true BPA could be an offensive player.
  9. I couldn't care less about the cap and big FA signings. I would be happy if the team drafts better and quit designating some as untouchable that shouldn't be. The Falcons have brought in TF who,is a known pro scout and will find some bargain ballers. The kind that teams need to win. Glue guys.
  10. I don't think Houston and a few others would be. He is older and in that second and 3rd wave of FA now. Those guys are getting cheaper by the day in FA.
  11. Houston would eat in the Pees system. Come on down!!!
  12. Let TF work his magic. His magic being scouting pro bargain bin talent. Plus I am sure Pees has vouched for him too. And, Davidson played his role well. He was not an issue on the line but an asset.
  13. The one I really wanted got tagged. Hoping for at least Washington, Grant, or Moehrig in the draft.
  14. I'm not either. But as I said already, gonna root like **** for whoever they decideto draft.
  15. If they take a QB early it will be Fields or Lance at #4. If they wait until the second it could be Mac. If the 4th or so it may be Newman, Mind,or Ehlinger.
  16. Regardless of my opinion or other Falcons fans opinions, if Terry and AS believe there is a truly elite QB at #4 they will pull the trigger. They have too. I personally don't see any as elite. I see fans and folks wanting to make them elite because of how QB starved the league is and the talent they have shown in spurts. Talented QB prospects yes. Elite, I feel that is a stretch. Just my opinion. But I digress. If TF feels one is elite and drafts him at #4.... I will root like **** for em.
  17. Happy Birthday to a real one... May you be blessed with many more....
  18. Out of all the canidates to restructure Matthews and Jarrett made the most sense to me. Oline players are hard to,come by in the NFL. Especially durable ones that are solid and dependable.
  19. Same if they move on from Julio. Pitts adds an elite playmaker if they lose Julio, while filling a void left by Hurst if he leaves as well.
  20. Vincent is very instinctual and physical. He can be baited at times like all dbs, but he looks like a player. I love the physicality and versatility. Not much hesitation when he makes his mind up to go for the ball. Let him get in here and learn some nuances to the Pees system and develop. I'm down.
  21. This I can get behind. Hard to win with a QB sucking up so much payroll. But its a double edge sword. Gotta have a QB worth a ****....
  22. Yeah I mean poor Mahomes. Andy Reid designing plays with Watkins, Hill, Kelce, CEH, and others on offense. Poor Mahomes has so little to work with. And still looked like a scared schoolboy in the Superbowl.
  23. Believe it or not, the majority of the populace in Texas are not Cowboys fans. Cowboys fans, unfourtunately, are widespread through out the US.
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