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  1. New coaching staff. Influx of players. Different ideas. All that is a great combo for a whole lotta change. I know people only see talent as the key, but it takes coaching as well. This year will be telling. And I for one am excited as ****.
  2. I was at first. But my draft board and very limited knowledge of an actual draft helped me realize these guys have a plan. Personally I am gonna roll with AS and TF and trust they have a better plan. Overall I can dig the draft. I see a plan of competition, true competition forming.
  3. Louder for the other folks that think their draft board mattered.
  4. How can you not love this guy? Hope he balls out. His personality is definitely infectious.
  5. You mean you can fall on and recover an onside kick?! Quick, to the Delorean.... We gotta blast back to the Dallas game Marty!!!!
  6. Because this is TATF. Akin to the Twilight Zone at times.....
  7. I don't care where he plays as long as his special teams play transitions to the NFL. The Falcons ST unit and return game needs an infusion badly.
  8. I like it. Fits the mold of what the Saints would do for a returner as well. Hate to,say it, but there is some very Loomis-esque picks in this draft.
  9. Come in and compete for a starting OL position. Win the job outright early in the season. Takes some lumps his rookie year. Then balls out and is a solid piece for years to come.
  10. Until Pitts proves himself it's no contest. TG, HOF player. GOAT TE. Great for the team and raised the football IQ of the whole team. Roddy White one of the greatest Falcons ever. Embraced the Saints rivalry and bled red and black. Loved that dude. Miss his attitude and work ethic. Julio. Straight beast. Came into the league and balled out. Thats a **** of a trio. Julio now is older and his body cannot hold up. Ridley is a silent assassin. Great WR and route runner but is quiet compared to Roddy. Pitts has the potential to be great. Time will tell. He has GIGANTIC shoes to fill to even approach TG status.
  11. No sir. I am actually glad. Restock was the move period. That way the Falcons have a complete team in place when the new QB steps in, in a few years. No counting on a rookie QB to revitalize the franchise.
  12. Stuff folks read from the pundits without watching tape.
  13. The ones who don't know, will know soon. Kid flat out can play.
  14. Yes, Falcons would do that. No I do not believe WFT even entertains it.
  15. His music was raw and real. Just like the person he was. Nothing fancy there. Just him. Sad to see someone struggle as much as he did. Goes to show, that even though you reach others, you still need to find yourself. Be kind to everyone. You never know what struggles they are facing behind a smile and tough demeanor. Rest easy Dark Man.
  16. If he does retire, then happy retirement Larry. You deserve it. Was a pros pro. Probably the best hands in his generation of players. Did it all, the right way. Save a miraculous catch by Holmes he would have some hardware as well. Best of luck in your second career.
  17. Julio won't count. He may be hurt. Ryan won't throw to him while he is on the bench unless the rush gets to him....
  18. See Bob Sanders. Not saying Washington is that, but instincts, heart and talent can overcome height.
  19. Swap Lock for Chubb or Simmons and I'm in....
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