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  1. No way we acquire a corner with over 50 ints. to let him be a cheer leader. I believe the FO knows Dunta is sliding to the nickel. Until I see what Nolan does in regular season this is all fodder to fill an other wise bleak sports world
  2. Well, we got Asante for Nolan, now its time to get MJD for Cutty. I love Turner, but MJD would be insane with all of these weapons to relieve the pressure from him. But he loves it in Jacksonville and has his family rooted there. I just can't see them parting ways. Until a deal gets done it is merely posturing from both sides. Both are proud people and refuse to look like the bad dude.
  3. My immediate reaction is why is JPW still here and can I have his number so I can get an insurance premium quote. When its Redman I ask how come Davis isn't getting those snaps yet.
  4. I feel the same way Lebron. Davis should get Redman's snaps. I believe the stalled drives may come from more than just Mularkey. I believe it is a reflection on Mike Smith still having his hand in the playbook. Mularkey is no longer here so they need to quit referring to it as Mularkey-esque. Its actually Mike Smith esque. I really wish they would quit with all this may the best player win posturing bs. If that was the case they would cut at least JPW and a few of these useless o line guys. Screen doors on submarines stop more than Jackson and Reynolds.
  5. The reference I made was about Lebron. You go back and read 1970 thread. I posted in there supporting Turner. I am not one who bashes what has been a very vital part to our offense. Like you I cease to be amazed at how people comment before they know what they are speaking about. Carry on.
  6. Like previously stated.. he will prob start initially but start rotating once Peters comes on.. either way I just hope he plays lights out and can be a force to collapse the pocket. Also looks like he is carrying more weight which could be a sign that his knees are stronger.
  7. It's not hating if its the truth. Nut huggers gonna hug. So carry on.
  8. Jake Locker equals over rated. He can't even over take the starting spot from Matt Hasselbeck. Not saying the man won't eventually be a player but he looks less than impressive for now. The Falcons have a qb for now and probably the next decade and a d@Nm good one at that.
  9. I really like the thought of snagging Teo too..
  10. I can see that Vel.. we may just have to take a wait and see approach. Te will be a hole unless someone steps up big. If Peters stays injured or Jerry doesn't flourish this year it may give the FO something to at least toss around the board room.
  11. Ok.. things not faster than Turner.. The time it took Bron Bron to find a team of superstars to help him get his ring. I crack me up.
  12. Thanks Bill.. thats what this thread needed. Whoa.. your avatar looks like a Saints fan after a night on Bourbon street. Maybe that was a little harsh on your avatar.
  13. As much as I would love to have Eifert, I really believe we may go another route depending on the development of Coffman or Brown. I would like to see us get a solid DT or a nice player in our secondary. But with Nolan as our coordinator anything is liable to happen. Well that and TD's penchant for making picks that leave us saying who? What? Why?
  14. What screen game? I thought we didn't have the players for that. . Mean while Mularkey is in Jacksonville looking like Pinnochio right about now..
  15. The creation of Turner and Ryan threads stating how bad and useless they are. .
  16. Where is Gritz with that Lofton funeral pic? This is the perfect place for it. Don't get me wrong he was a solid player when he was here, just not an Urlacher,Willis, or Lewis type. They offered him less and he chose to move on. H3ll, we gave Abe 7 million less than what he wanted and he came back. Based on that alone I will leave you to draw upon your own conclusions as to what his motives to go to a bitter rival are.
  17. Ryan looks like he worked on more than his biceps. He looks sharp even though its just preseason. This is great for his confidence as well as the offense as a whole. If this transfers to the regular seasonwe may actually SEE some of this explosivness we have been HEARING about.
  18. About as useful as a screen play in a Mularkey playbook.. Ok.. ok..I will show myself out now..
  19. @ youngbloodz I will admit my mistake. I didn't realize that they replaced the grass they had in new England in 2006.
  20. One.. Brady doesn't run the ball. Two.. Moss is a straight line runner. Three.. good for you.
  21. Not worried about any of our runners, but rather the continuity of our O line. Turner will be fine once the offense as a whole starts to gel. Even if Turner is slowing down I would like to see it in a regular season game and not a preseason before the Falcons do anything rash like that. I think the screens he caught last night will go a long way to help him get in open spaces and get rolling.
  22. Come November through January when it is snowing the field gets soggy. I never disputed the material that makes the field but rather the weather. Guess I should have been more clear.
  23. I do watch NE play when they come on. To compare Demps to Woodhead is way off. Have you seen NE play? And to say NE is the only team to use a rb like that and be succesful is off base. The Saints ran defenses ragged last year with Sproles including the Falcons d. I merely stated my opinion on the move. But carry on you great NFL scout you.
  24. Great move by the Patriots. Besides being on a great team, can't say I understand this move by Demps. That soggy NE turf is a lot different than the turf at the Swamp. I figured he would have gone to a team with favorable conditions that would cater to his speed. Could you imagine this dude in the dome. He would be leaving scorch marks on the turf. Oh well. We still have a world class athlete in Julio.
  25. They will either ruin the game or some players health. Probably both. Way to preach player safety Goodell without having the proper means to exercise these new implemented rules. These refs are going to be about as useful as a one legged man in an a55 kicking contest.
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