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  1. I'm on your toes. This was the first week I played. It's on! ūüėĄ
  2. Cannot believe I got something right. I honestly thought it was too optimistic. Even for me. Even in the loss... The Falcons showed improvement against an even better opponent. Plenty of season left.
  3. Falcons convert in RZ on TDs more than FGs Run game has 125+ yds Falcons sack Brady 3 times
  4. Its the exact one. Take it how you want. Makes no difference to me.
  5. One word. Ego. These coaches and GMs have huge egos. They think they can fix everything.
  6. The engineers for the Titantic felt the same way.... How did that turn out...
  7. Offense with Shannahan, offense after Shannahan... Enough said. Derrick Henry and Titans before Arthur Smith... Titans today? And there are a ton of other examples.
  8. No words. The product on the field, the looks by the coaches, and players speak for themselves.
  9. Correct... But this game he has mixed it in no and where.
  10. Pees... We want pressure coming from everywhere... Actual pressure.... Coming from nowhere
  11. The 2021 season will be Matthews' eighth season with the Falcons after being selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft out of Texas A&M. He has started 110 consecutive games at left tackle ‚Äď the longest active streak by an offensive tackle in the NFL. This marks Matthew's first year as a captain. I know he gets a lot of hate at times for being serviceable and consistent, but that bolded part is impressive. Glad LT is a spot on the OL the Falcons haven't had to worry about.
  12. No reason we can't have all 3 out there with Pitts in the slot or split out wide. Gonna be interesting to see this team as they gel. Im expecting by mid season or later we will see the AS/TF vision taking shape.
  13. Pitts just needs to stay healthy and get reps with Ryan. His natural talent and drive will take care of the rest. He will be an All Pro if he stays healthy. The new breed of TE if you will.
  14. Yes sir... He ain't in the Big Ten anymore. This is grown man ball.
  15. No easy path. I love it. Take your lumps and learn from it or get to the back of the line.
  16. Yes sir!!! And you can best believe AS will do his ****dest to scheme around that monster. Fletcher is a certified *** kicker for anyone.
  17. One thing that I love hearing from players, even though its just talk now, is that they love the accountability aspect and fire. They know its genuine and they respect that. Its good they have seemed to form a team that has all bought in. Now time to see that product produce on the field.
  18. Not just excited that we got Grant, but thought the way TF navigated the offseason and draft was masterful. Perfect blend of vets to teach and young guys to learn and grow. You can definitely see a long term plan developing. Trading back, getting your guy and extra pick was beautiful. Here's to a long brilliant career in the A for Grant and the entire defense.
  19. If you can tell all that from a few meaningless preseason games, then you are wasting your talents arguing with a one eyed guy on a message board. Go get em football guru....
  20. This team is all around new as a whole. That is all. The Titans have been together. Let's see what happens as the season rolls on.
  21. If we lose our final preseason game we will be 0-3 in the preseason. Big whoop. That's all. Nothing more... Nothing less.
  22. Wow. A team that hasn't really had any major changes gelling already.... Shocker. Meanwhile Falcons had a major roster turnover, GM and HC change, and numerous other moves. I am shocked these guys looked like they have never played together.
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