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  1. Usually a team that looks for a coach needs a QB. Here you have a former MVP under center.
  2. Owners trust him. He has won a Bowl as well. But he has had team go 7-9 3 years in a row as well. Biggest thing is they have built the oline and he is a offensive genius. Period.
  3. @FalconFanSince1970 The post from you is still why you are one of my faves. Sure we have to wade through nickname laced tirades and "Dimitroffed" or hood ornament posts but it's all good to me. Because every now and then , when the dust settles you peck out a gem like this. Cheers brother. Hope we all get that rest. Oh yeah, Go Astros!
  4. I love Delpit if we do not have a shot at Young. Then I am 100% in on him. That kid is smooth in coverage and a beast on the finish. Let him roam and eat. Plus he has the frame to,add a few lbs and not lose any athleticism.
  5. Yes sir. I feel you. That whole Seattle Defense doesnt exist without Thomas roaming the middle. In that same regard but to a lesser extent , as many bad *** players as the Ravens defense had it doesnt stay dominant without Reed. But I am biased. Reed was one of my favorite safeties all time. Instincts were off the charts. Same could be said about Polamalu as well.
  6. Franklin is to Penn State what Mack Brown was to Texas and Kevin Summon at A&M. Ultimate recruiter but not much of an X and O guy. But you can win with that in the NCAA. His recruiting classes have been getting crazy. Especially his defensive line and running backs.
  7. Got to do it since I seen your avi.... "We are!!!......" The boys are balling. Looking forward to the white out vs Michigan.
  8. LMAO! There is a list a mile long that Ryan has done and I could then ask, "Why hasn't Watson done that." Watson is a good player in his own right , but lets not use that as a point to discredit Ryan. Let it stand on its own merit.
  9. NFL experience: Pete Carmichael Discipline brand football: Harbaugh or David Shaw Crazy innovative hire: Lincoln Riley
  10. I wish we had a d line player declining to 2018 stats of 16 sacks and 3 so far in 2019.
  11. No shame in getting worked as a rookie by one of the best d line players this generation knows. JJ Watt is the closest we have seen to Reggie White since he departed the league. McGary will be okay in the long run although he may take a beating Sunday. McGary and Lindstrom will prove to be building block players long term.
  12. The narrative of comparing teams to the Pats is tired and lazy. For one.... Nobody has ever been able to replicate what they do for as long as they have done it. They have had their fair share of mess ups too. Including drafts. But sound coaching and an All World QB has covered up for most of it.
  13. @Vandy thanks brother. No sir.... Not gonna ruin my day.
  14. Ryan isn't beyond criticism, but he is far from the problem with this team right now. Try again.
  15. If you have not followed football long and not understand the CB position and development behind it you cannot be helped.
  16. You have yet to present me anything other than childish comments and your opinion. Don't worry.... I am still waiting for what it is you say I can't handle.
  17. If you think Oliver is lost wait until Sheffield gets in there.
  18. No excuses. Facts. Dispute me with facts. Not lame country songs.
  19. He is a second year player, starting for his first year. At the hardest position besides QB to play. He will make mistakes. Even All Pros and HoF players have made mistakes. If you cannot understand this, you are incredibly ignorant to the game of football or you yourself are in denial.
  20. He has to gain exoerience some how. This logic is flawed. If we applied that logic to all players the NFL would fail to exist. Terrible analogy as well.
  21. Yes. He is essentially a rookie atthe 2nd hardest position to learn.
  22. I almost typed that exact statement. If he kept playing no telling what his final numbers could be.
  23. Barry Sanders. Man with a million moves. As gifted as there ever was and with such a humble attitude. One of the few players that would have made Julio seem cocky. All around beast!
  24. Well said. I am in wait and see mode now. But I fully expect the team to be hitting their stride in time for a late season push.