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  1. Year before Smith is almost 1000 yds less of offense and close to 100 points less on offense. He constructed an organized offense. He has gotten the most out of Tannehill and constructed an offense around him. Regardless of his time in Tenn he has managed to do more and construct a complete offense. But you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Cheers.
  2. Yes sir. Leave the trash on the curb for the garbage man.
  3. His work,with Tannehill and his play calling to the offenses strengths have been stellar.
  4. Enter Arthur Smith. He loves that brand. See Titans football now. He knows how to construct that style. I think a Louis Riddick or Dodds and Arthur Smith combo puts together. Physical players drafted and put in the right spots.
  5. DK is terrible. He got outcoached and that isn't very hard to do. It is time for the Falcons to find a coach who can and will make adjustments. Yesterday was pathetic and bad for the eyes. Like a "How to" video on how to fail in every facet of the game from coaching on down.
  6. Matt Ryan is good. Russel Wilson is better. No shame in that.
  7. And this is what these elementary *** coaches drew up on bye week. 🤣
  8. And if those throws into tight windows get picked off he will get blasted the other way. The Oline is easily the group playing the worst for Falcons today. Coaching gameplan as a whole looks like trash too.
  9. Koetter has to go. No screens, no quick,passes, constant garbage 3rd down calls. Matthews getting exposed.
  10. I wished they would seriously consider Riddick. But with them not interviewing anyone now tells me they may have their eyes on someone with a contending playoff team. That or they don't want to show their hand yet with a GM hire that would give away a potential HC canidate. People are pretty good at connecting dots.
  11. I think Riddick would jive with Morris. Bith intense, no nonsense kinda guys.
  12. I would like to see more screens to the RB personally. His first stint with the Falcons he loved them. Now they seem to be a distant memory.
  13. No the standard is if you want to be a distraction, go do it somewhere else. Getting traded or released doesn't always work out for said player. I.e. Antonio Brown
  14. Yeah I don't get it either. Lebeau was well past that age and still coaching effectively. ****, Pete Carroll is 69 and still going strong. When you are good at what you do and its a passion, it can actually help you live longer.
  15. Should have snagged Winfield Jr. last draft....... I was eyeballing Javon Holland from Oregon, but that TCU safety has me intrigued.
  16. Happy B day.... To one of my very favorite posters..... Need a nickname for Raheem now..... Or state line for you old timer! 🤣
  17. Yes sir. Team looked inspired and creative. Most of all they were having fun and executing. Maybe Quinns aurora had become stale witht the team. Maybe he was too nice? Whatever it was, it was nice to see the boys playing loose and inspired ball.
  18. Doesn't get much more simpler than that. I felt it when he said that.
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